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A quick one today, from Tangledeep ~Arrange~ - the second mix off the album from Chimpazilla (Kristina Scheps) is an upbeat hybrid orchestral/pop instrumental that provides a wonderful interpretation of a strong original melody:

"And here's my other Tangledeep remix, finally being submitted. This remix is based on the "Easy Dungeon" source. I was happy to choose this source to remix since I just adore orchestral mixes in 3/4 and "Easy Dungeon" is such a lovely arrangement. I was very happy to be included in zircon's Tangledeep remix project."

Very lush & diverse instrumentation, here, as Kris works bells, solo woodwinds, solo & ensemble strings, piano, synth, & sound fx into a cohesive whole, embellishing the source and channeling a "Thomas Newman meets modern RPG OST" vibe at points; Rexy evaluated:

"There's something about the relationship between Kris's sound library and a calm 3/4 source like this that makes them stick like glue. Arrangement-wise, she kept it simple with one run-through and back to its intro, but plenty of things here are engaging in both the background writing and sound design that allows it to stand on its own.

The bookends are calm enough to steadily bring the listener into the main beat and bring to a close, so those are sweet, subtle uses of dynamics. The amount of added melodies (0:29, 1:24) threw in additional depth, plenty of grace notes got used on the legato-free leads (0:58-1:24), and the E section run-through at 1:51 changed up some of the pitches from the original mass of lead instruments - that's many different ways of transformation. And the technical side is also no slouch - fantastic articulations on all the more organic parts, a clean and well-balanced mixdown, and as mentioned, a charming palette that allows her mixture of synths and orchestration to breeze by. It's a delicate treatment of one of zircon's original works, and a demonstration of how well Kris can adapt to a much calmer source!"

What she said; the details are here, everything's pleasant & inviting, but it also commands attention with an evolving palette that's put to excellent & effective use. Superb work from Kris that, especially when paired with her preceding Tangledeep arrangement, shows range, maturity, creativity, & technique. Would be right at home on a contemporary RPG score; bravo!



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Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Tangledeep (Impact Gameworks , 2018, WIN)
Music by Grant Kirkhope,Hiroki Kikuta,Norihiko Hibino,zircon
"Pastoral Excursion (Tutorial Area)"

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Bells,Orchestral,Piano,Sound FX,Strings,Synth,Woodwinds
Time > 3/4 Time Signature

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