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Black Ace (Alexey Bakhmetyev) hits us hard with a d'n'b/liquid funk ReMix of the "Foot Clan Base Theme" from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the NES, complete with catchy "Turtle Power!" and "Heroes in a Halfshell!" clips (tuned, no less!) & an unexpected-but-welcome silky sax solo:

"Теперь о самой идее трека. Как обычно, я пытался сделать что-то в том стиле, который никогда не пробовал. В этот раз я выбрал liquid funk. Мне хотелось сделать что-то похожее на трек «Pendulum - Still Grey», при этом добавив в него ретроигровой тематики. Мелодия для ремикса была очень быстро найдена - я взял «ночную» тему из пятого уровня первых Черепашек-Ниндзя для NESденди, так как это вообще одна из моих самых любимых 8мибитных мелодий (хоть и была она внаглую слизана с хита Битлз :-D). ОСТ действительно создаёт таинственное, тревожное и ночное настроение, так что мелодия идеально подошла (хоть и изменил я её до неузнаваемости :-)).

Ну вот, так как-то. Слушайте, оценивайте, комментируйте, РЕПОСТИТЕ, живите, любите, пишите больше каверов и ремиксов, гуляйте по ночам, ищите технодром, но берегитесь вертушек фут-клана!"

...or, courtesy Google Translate:

"Now about the very idea of ​​the track. As usual, I tried to do something in a style that I had never tried. This time I chose liquid funk. I wanted to do something similar to the track "Pendulum - Still Gray", while adding a retro game theme to it. The melody for the remix was very quickly found - I took the "night" theme from the fifth level of the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the NES dandy, since this is generally one of my favorite 8-bit tunes (although it was insolently licked off the Beatles hit :-D). OST really creates a mysterious, disturbing and nocturnal mood, so the melody fits perfectly (although I changed it beyond recognition :-)).

Well, somehow. Listen, rate, comment, REPOST, live, love, write more covers and remixes, walk at night, look for a technodrome, but watch out for foot clan turntables! "

That's life advice, right there :) I'll confess, the major genre differentiators between d'n'b and liquid funk are fairly elusive to me, but it sounds great, either way. If Kenny G got drunk and stumbled into a party where the DJ had decided to throw down some high-speed chip-infused TMNT d'n'b, and was subsequently inspired to jam along, this might be something like the end result, cleaned up in post. Black Ace has proven his production chops many times now, along with flexibility to work in multiple genres, but I especially like the reverb application, here - beats, bass, & certain synth bits occupy a louder, cleaner realm, while sax & more ambient elements float out in the ether. I'm thinking that's the "liquid" part, and if it is... I wanna drink it. Judges were 100% on production but there was some back-and-forth on source usage; Emunator was on board with approval, and spoke to this point, specifically:

"Another angle I like to look at source usage from, when we're so close to the 50% mark, is how it is distributed throughout the arrangement. If there was 100% source usage for the first half of the arrangement and absolutely none in the second half, I would judge that more harshly than what I see here, which is a recognizable motif that is used frequently throughout the remix. Although the source is not strictly present at any given moment, you revisit it frequently enough that I never forget that I'm listening to a TMNT remix."

Yes; fully agreed. MindWanderer adds:

"Lots of great stuff has already been said about the arrangement and production, but not so much about the creativity: This is a short, repetitive, unmemorable part of an otherwise stellar soundtrack, so for you to take this and make something 5 minutes long that doesn't sound overly repetitive, and more importantly sounds good, is a coup. Bravo sir."

Bravo indeed - short source chunk, fully explored & repurposed as a liquid funk banger, with the icing on the cake being well-integrated vox clips & a sax solo that makes this a sultry Night Walk to remember. Yes, that's a mixed Throw Momma & Nicholas Sparks reference, so I'm collecting my bonus points on the way out. Alexey continues a trend of creative, inspired, and absolutely electric EDM takes on classic VGM themes, and each one's been a treat - enjoy!



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on 2021-11-09 16:42:27

I love how the vocals match compliment the groove. Very hypnotic

on 2021-11-03 23:49:07
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Primary Game:
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Ultra Software , 1989, NES)
Music by Kozo Nakamura
"Shredder's Base Inside the South Bronx"

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Drum and bass,EDM
Chiptune,Choir,Electronic,Saxophone,Sound FX,Synth
Arrangement > Extended Soloing
Time > Tempo: Fast

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