Posted 2023-08-22, evaluated by the judges panel

It's been a bit since I've written one of these, but I reckon it's just like falling off a bike :) Larry has been doing a fantastic job with writeups and giving me some much-needed extra time to focus on backend development (API is nearing completion!), and has also recently been recruiting other staff to contribute some as well, so expect to be hearing from an expanding variety of voices in the future! Gaspode (Peter Köller) hits us with a revised version of some old gold, providing an immersive ambient/atmospheric cinematic arrangement of "Temple of Droplets" from The Minish Cap:

"I released the first version of this remix back in 2011 on my YouTube channel. But, for the OC ReMix submission, I reworked parts of it and tried to optimise the production. The source song is one of the best dungeon themes in all Zelda games. It creates a dark, oppressive atmosphere from the beginning and sets the tone for the dungeon. In my remix, I tried to emphasise the feeling of water constantly dropping and the vastness of the music of the original."

Mission accomplished: feels wet. At the very least, damp, and in a perpetual, deep-dark-cave sorta way. Lots of chromatic percussion & bells, plus a watery piano, ensemble strings and choral pads, and even a synth, make for a satisfying array of textures & timbres; judges were unanimously on board, but also felt the piece a bit static, with some EQ/production critiques. Liontamer writes:

"I’ll say that this could evolve more, so I could see someone else feeling that the track was ultimately too repetitive or at least droning. That said, I dug it. It’s indeed a great source tune, and Peter’s treatment was very lush with subtle textural changes, and a crystalline sound that demands your attention. It’s a great piece to veg out to."

This is more about a vibe/environment than a story, which I think explains the continuity and certain elements being pervasive throughout, but my interest was held & I specifically enjoyed the diversity of attack transients and layering of mixed instrumentation. Good stuff!



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on 2023-09-08 17:22:31

I've had pieces that I didn't fully appreciate until after they were posted. It'll sound like I'm saying I don't listen to ReMixes to enjoy them; lots of times, the role of a judge is more analytical and detached from pieces, determining if something meets our arrangement and production standards. Now that I've had the opportunity to really loop this, I'm just blown away by this piece's atmosphere. It's a crystalline gem of an arrangement. Absolutely beautiful work, Peter, this is a treasure. :-)

on 2023-08-23 09:01:29

Another awesome piece by Mr. Gaspode, I really enjoyed it. I look forward to listening to your next Mix.

on 2023-08-21 15:08:01
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Primary Game:
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (Nintendo , 2004, GBA)
Music by Mitsuhiko Takano
"Temple of Droplets"

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Choir,Chromatic Percussion,Hand Drums,Piano,Strings,Synth

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