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What the phonk do we got here? We're posting some themed tracks in belated celebration of All Hallow's Eve because, well, OCR's founder djpretzel stepped down leading into Halloween, so we were squarely in the trick mode of "trick or treat" this year. :-D Before we're swamped by the 100+ high-quality vidya game music arrangements we're swimming in, let's officially kick off the catch-up phase of OCR with "DRWNXD", a speedily spun up Majora's Mask phonk tribute from a pair of Trevors, Ridley Snipes & Treyt! Ridley describes how a silly mood led to transforming "Stone Tower Temple" into something so cronchy.

"Last-minute spontaneous shitpost turned banger? Let's find out. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So you may or may not have heard "RAVE" by Dxrk ダーク. This is just that, but Zelda. Phryigian cowbell phonk house nonsense crushed into oblivion. A polarizing genre perhaps, but 300+ million Spotify plays says a lot.

While initially just a dumb idea, it sort of became a personal production challenge learning how to crank out ridiculous loudness while still maintaining some semblance of dynamics. Takes a lot more than a clipper on the master if you want it done right, and there are plenty of artists that take the concept to an even further extreme (cough Kordhell). It could have been worse, sorry not sorry Hemo! :'-D

I don't have too much else to say; the source is pretty simple and I wanted to keep this simple as well. Spooky, tribal, visceral. Props to Treyt for being so readily available and helping me crank this out in 8 days; he's a certified gamer.

something something Ben Drowned creepypasta"

If you've been around OCR for anywhere approaching as long as I have (two decades), and you've listened to as many genres of VGM arrangements as I have (thousands and thousands), then you know keeping an open mind should be the name of the game. Judge Emunator exemplified that open mindset, pulling a "How do you do, fellow kids?" and embracing the newest musical trends (OK, I'm joking; Emu's a young person -- for now...):

"I was wondering how long it'd be before this goofy niche meme genre made its way onto OC ReMix! I'm fascinated by the recent explosion of phonk as a genre - it feels like a haphazard mashup of big room house and trap with the production quality of witch house, so nothing is REALLY that unconventional here that nobody has ever heard, but for some reason it almost immediately landed squarely in the category of "meme music." If I wasn't personally familiar with the phonk phenomenon, I wouldn't have even identified it as a unique genre at all. But y'all clearly found inspiration in this niche subgenre and, shitpost or not, did a really great job of translating Stone Tower Temple into this style, and even improving upon it in a lot of ways. It's short and doesn't really veer too far away from the source material, there's plenty of personalization that ensures this arrangement lands as a fully-realized idea and not just a 30 second TikTok shitpost that was lazily stretched to make it ready to cash in on those streaming royalties.

I actually think that the production quality here does a good job embracing the quirks of phonk while making something that sounds like it was mixed and mastered by professionals. The textures are thick and rich, the bass is booming, and the distortion and compression feels clearly like a stylistic homage and not an oversight. I once again find myself diametrically opposed to Larry on the "too much distortion?" argument and will fight to the death on this point."

One of my definining traits is my sterling sense of magnanimity with those who are wrong. And make no mistake, Emu probably needs some Q-Tips. ;-P Seriously though, the judges (including yours truly) were actually unanimous, so dive in, and don't let a lil' thing like a distorted kick shake you loose. The stylistic influence of Dxrk ダーク was well adapted here, and this joins GSlicer's "Inverting the Tower Temple" as another creative and catchy vision for a wonderful Majora's Mask theme.

prophetik music recommend these bros take on the group name Too Many Trevors, but I felt Two Many Trevors was too punny to pass up. Even better, Too Many Trevs is catchier and would open up a TON of collaborative possibilities. What will these guys phonk up next? :-D



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on 2023-11-17 11:16:39

Absolutely loving this. Could handle a whole album of it…just saying ?

on 2023-11-13 14:22:22
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Primary Game:
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (Nintendo , 2000, N64)
Music by Koji Kondo,Toru Minegishi
"Stone Tower Temple"

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