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Niiiiiice, it's one of those demake tracks! Wait a minute... /gets to :23... Heeeeey, hold the phone, Zack, why you fakin' me out? Thems grounds for a duel. /glove slap... EN GARDE!

ZackParrish -- who unknowingly arranged Nobuo Uematsu according to his submission comments -- follows WillRock's old gold with some buried treasure of his own, a variation of Uematsu's Super Smash Bros. Brawl theme with instrumentation combos that'll surprise you! This remastered track's originally from a Shinesparkers Harmony-series release, going after one of Uematsu's modern classic compositions, but since Zack didn't even realize who he was arranging, there was no external pressure:

"Took a 20-second loop and turned it into 3 minutes of... whatever this is. Hodgepodge of chip, guitars, trumpet, and whatever else I used. I don't remember anything about producing it because it's been several years since then. Was part of the Harmony of Heroes album."

You know, I've genuinely never eaten olive loaf, but I like deli meat and I like pimento-stuffed olives, so why *not* see how they go together in a sammich??? In other words, Zack's track is a mixture of multiple tasty things you wouldn't have necessarily thought to put together, so why shouldn't it work? :-) Judge DarkSim didn't hesitate:

"There are some nice flourishes in amongst the melody and different instrumentation to keep it interesting. Trumpet is fantastic - I mistook it for a live performance, and it's definitely the highlight! Excellent original break section from 1:20, would have been perfect for a more elaborate trumpet solo, but alas, I'll have to make do with what's there! [...] I quite like the ending with the filtered reprise of the chiptune theme as well."

Nice lil' bookends, the opening and the outro. The waiting room variation of Brawl's main theme is certainly a lower-stress, intentionally laid back version of an epic track, so the source's relaxed sound gave Zack the creative runway to have his own fun here, an approach judge Emunator thought would have fit perfectly in Brawl itself:

"Definitely feels like something that would play in a training arena before the actual big battle, but for what it is, it works! It makes me feel like the lack of more chiptune-hybrid arrangements like this in the actual Smash Bros. soundtracks was a missed opportunity, because this would fit right at home in game."

Quite the seal of authenticity from Emu, as compared to how I likened it, to Oscar Mayer lunchmeat. (Positively, HEY!) I can imagine Zack's reaction to this writeup already: "He called my track a slice of olive loaf?!? Hey, that's nasty food, thems grounds for a duel. /glove slap... EN GARDE!"



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on 2024-04-07 17:42:06

This is a neat venture from the orchestral I usually know from ZackParrish, but he still brings that in around the middle which is cool!

on 2024-03-23 20:09:57

This remix is very cool, it has so much style. I knew I was going to like it when that guitar came in at 0:25. Smooth as butter.

on 2024-03-15 23:40:41
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