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For something sounding so serene, who'da thought it was made by a one-man army? Chromatic Apparatus takes you "On the Beach at Dusk", performing all of the instrumentation - six parts in all - for his captivating Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky tribute! For the full experience, don't skip out on Chrom's music video! Eric was also kind enough to delve into a gear rundown via his equipment notes:

While requesting forgiveness from those who consider the above a bunch of gobbledygook, we're here for the gear, thanks to Chrom-A's key insights. Obviously, Chromatic Apparatus's skill is a huge part of why this sounds so lush, but every little bit of technical edge helps too. :-) As we bask in the opening sounds of the surf, Chrom guides us down the arrangement's origins, imagery, and structure:

"This is my arrangement from "On the Beach at Dusk" from the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers series for harp and cello sextet. This was originally made for the Pixel Mixers February 2024 Cover Contest Competition, the theme being "animal games". This arrangement is meant to mirror the arc of Explorers of Sky in microcosm. The main game starts and ends on the beach, with the tumultuous, emotional moment dividing the two. There are two harps and four cellos (live recordings) performing in this piece with additional sound effects.

The opening section (0:00-1:33) takes the original theme and reduces it to the two harps, with the celli providing an occasional bed of sound for the harps to float on. 1:33-1:55 is the storm, with the celli in tremolo and a single harp improvising on the atmosphere. From 1:55-onward, the storm abates, the key rises a whole step, and, with buoyed spirits, the celli take their turn with the theme. It starts with a solo cello playing the main motive, and picks up more celli along the way. 2:39, the celli slowly change to pizzicato (think rain drops), and we end, hearing the ocean surf on the beach."

As mentioned, this intros with the sound of the waves and some relaxing vibes. I appreciated the backing pattern of the source tune functioning as the ever-present base of the arrangement as well until 1:32. Besides the exquisite performances, judge Flexstyle particularly shouted out the impeccable production, which was sounding ALLLLL the way live:

"Hot dang, this is some ridiculously beautiful playing here. I mean, harps + cellos is a combination that is gonna be a winner when executed well no matter what, and this is well-executed for sure. This feels like everything the original wanted to be, just that the original was limited by things like "file size" and "sound palette" and we have no such issues here. My studio monitors are VERY happy playing this back -- sounds clean and clear to me, and every little piece has its place in the mix. My sub helps me feel the low rumble of the cellos without sensing any mud at all. Source tune comes through just fine for me, obvs, and so that makes this an EASY YES"

Chrom's musicianship knocked the breath right out of the normally long-winded prophetik music:

"i get caught writing too much sometimes. this doesn't need it. you've crafted a beautiful rendition of a great example of why EoS is one of the best pokemon soundtracks front to back. please write more arrangements of game music using this level of arranging, performing, and recording skill."

Dayum, CA's got us Js flat out begging for more music! You're hearing this track now too though -- is proph wrong??? On top of the earnest superlatives from the others, fellow judge Emunator has a knack for saying what needs to be said:

"This is stunning and immaculately produced on every level. You were able to squeeze a lot of mileage out of your instruments to not only carry the melodic aspect but also contribute texture to the piece as well. A very fitting solo debut to showcase your wicked level of talent with your instruments. CA, you are a treasure and the community is so lucky to have you involved in it!"

After a baker's dozen appearances as a performer, it's incredible to hear Chromatic Apparatus genteel yet strong OC ReMix debut as an arranger! Delicate, powerful, precise... this is a thing of beauty... until the very end. ;-)



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on 2024-05-26 03:20:02

Very immersive! And quite impressive that this is all recorded live. Bring us more!

on 2024-05-26 00:00:36
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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky (Nintendo , 2009, NDS)
Music by Arata Iiyoshi,Hideki Sakamoto,Keisuke Ito
"On the Beach at Dusk"

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