Album: DooM: The Dark Side of Phobos

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  • Catalog Number: OCRA-0005
  • Game(s): Doom
  • Published: 2005-08-08 by OverClocked ReMix
  • Media: Digital Release (2 discs, 23 tracks)
  • VGMdb ID: 5368

Disc 1

1. Welcome to Hell (Intro) 1:10
2. Hangarmageddon (E1M1) 4:08
3. The Red Moon (E1M4) 4:58
4. Industrial Strength (E1M2) 4:12
5. Mystery Meat (E2M9) 4:46
6. The Leaning Tower of Babel (E2M8) 4:42
7. Reprocessed (E1M6) 3:37
8. Ghosts of Mars (E2M4) 5:02
9. The Chemical Imps (E1M3) 4:57
10. Demon Con Gusto (E3M3) 4:08
11. This Can't Be Good (E2M2) 5:16
12. Jade Spawn (E2M7) 5:04

Disc 2

1. Intermission 0:57
2. Infiltrator (E2M1) 3:40
3. Infected Lab (E1M7) 2:40
4. Secrets And Lies (E1M9) 4:24
5. The Glass Moon (E1M8) 6:24
6. Ocean Pollen (E3M2) 4:31
7. Aria of the Damned (E2M6) 3:38
8. Iron Cathedral (E3M8) 2:13
9. The Dark Side of Phobos (E1M5) 3:55
10. Darkness Dawning (Text Music) 4:13
11. ElectroCute Bunny (The End) 4:07
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on 2011-04-09 02:09:40
Im writing this here because I really dont know who to talk to about. I tried to send a private message to DJ Pretzel about this but I couldnt find his name in the user list.

I know this is an odd request and its going a few years back... I contributed the album art for the Dark Side of Phobos remix project. At the time I was nervous about sharing my name on the internet because I was 15 or 16 so I submitted my name under the pseudonym "Marco Rossi." Whenever I happen upon the project on Wikipedia I smack myself because a character from Metal Slug gets the credit for my one minor contribution to the project and I guess it kind of bugs me.

I was wondering if it was possible for you guys to change the name from "Marco Rossi" to my real name, "David J. Firth" I cant really prove that I made the designs because that was 3 computers ago for me and at the time I had a "Portfolio? Whats that?" sort of mentality.

Its not a big deal, because as a design its really flawed and its not going in my professional portfolio, so I wont put up a fuss if you guys dont wanna hear me out. Its just a nostalgia thing but I would truly appreciate the effort.
on 2009-11-25 23:11:16
After hearing all the albums to games I recognize, along with parts of albums where Ive heard of the source game, Id say The Dark Side of Phobos was my favorite album.
Mr Azar
on 2009-10-26 17:03:00
I actually quite liked Demon Con Gusto.
on 2009-07-29 05:23:46
Verry neat album :D
Love it!
on 2009-07-27 01:23:43
This is the first OCR Album I got, and I LOVE it! OCR FTW
on 2009-04-09 13:48:07
Uow! excelent work! the best rock I eard in years, and also brings a lot of memories about the game, than you.
on 2008-12-26 02:11:34
i absolutely love the glass moon.
i think that should be put on and reviewed on this site.
one of the best songs in the whole project, in my opinion.
on 2008-08-25 06:22:20
'Grey Ninja' wrote: These are great songs, but this is like the second collaboration project in a row that I have to manually retag the FLAC files... Would be REALLY nice if the .flacs came pretagged. I dont want MP3s, and if the FLAC files were tagged...


great songs but flacs should have been pretagged. now all the people who listen to flac version of this album dont scrobble the songs properly and dont give it [url=]deserved credit [/url]

i had to remove flac album from seeding after i downloaded torrent because i wanted to tag them, because i couldnt tag them since the files cant be modified to seed.. and i dont want to have 2 huge duplicates of same thing on my hdd
on 2008-08-20 09:16:40
WoW,big thanks to everyone involved,i always loved the doom music but this is something else! i now have a DooM OC remix playlist that i use like coffee in the morning,wake up mr.brain!
on 2008-02-04 19:01:49
God I love this remix project.
on 2008-01-31 16:48:53
Wanted to post a quick thanks to the talented composers and remixers who created this fine piece of fan-generated multimedia. This is beyond dedication to a game. This is art.

Doom: The Dark Side of Phobos is my fuel during my workday. Gets me through even the toughest forum threads, heh. Again: my thanks.

3 OC Remix
-- Scapes
on 2007-09-16 21:18:40
Someone IMed me about the links to the covers not working. If someone can fix it thatd be awesome. I dont have the info for accessing the site so I cant update that.
on 2007-06-02 00:49:18
you my friend are now one of my favorite people ^_^ thanks a million
on 2007-06-01 15:33:43
Night is near, beginning ending
Dawning dark the skies are sending
Cry of black and cry of sorrow
End of light and end of morrow
From without the night is calling
From within the night is mauling
Single sign of darkness dawning
Wretched light of darkness morning

Evil hears and evil watches
Evil knows and evil judges
Brings to bloom the darkest flower
This will be the darkest hour
From the dust and soil awaken
spirits lost and souls forsaken
They will rise from over yonder
They will fly and they will wander

Through the flames I see them coming
Through the flames I see them longing
They have come to end the living
Unforetold and unforgiving
They are here, they crave, they hunger
With the damned the nights grow longer
Twisted limbs and twisted faces
Demons from the darkest places

But have no fear, Ive come to save you
Trust in me thats all you can do
I lay to rest your fear and worry
Come to me! Come on, lets hurry!

This is where you find your ending
Welcome to a death so mending
You try to scream, your life is dimming
cause Im from Hell and DOOM Im bringing!
on 2007-06-01 05:03:43
I was curious if anybody out there has the lyrics for the song Darkness Dawning by Larsec: Featuring Elsa Persson. From The Dark Side of Phobos Disk-2 Track-21. Ive been listening and writing them down as I go, but Im not sure if all I have so far is correct, for its kinda hard to make it all out sometimes. Im not bad mouthing it at all, I love to song and thats why I wanna read the lyrics, its just my ear isnt as amazing as it used to be... so if anyone can help, that would be more than amazing.

Thanks in advance ^_^