Album: Donkey Kong Country 3: Double the Trouble!

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Disc 1

1. Road to Double Trouble (Fanfare) 0:55
2. Let It Beat (Dixie Beat) 3:38
3. Joe Elm (Crazy Calypso) 2:49
4. Unbearable (Brothers Bear) 3:50
5. The Submap Emissary (Sub-Map Shuffle) 4:38
6. Purewater Pressure (Stilt Village) 3:24
7. Bash the Bastards! (Bonus Time) 3:40
8. Funky's Joint (Hangin' at Funky) 2:52
9. Unfinished Business (Swanky's Sideshow) 3:00
10. Thrill of the Chase (Hot Pursuit) 4:35
11. Epic Bananas (Treetop Tumble) 3:58
12. Don't Drink the Water (Enchanted Riverbank) 3:56
13. Banana Revolution (Live in Kongcert) [Cranky's Showdown] 4:35
14. Permafrost (Frosty Frolics) 4:51
15. Kingfisher's Stream (Cascade Capers) 5:00
16. Deep Sea Lights (Water World) 6:33
17. Exploration C (Cavern Caprice) 5:54
18. Shenanigans Bananigans (Jungle Jitter) 3:23
19. Cliffside Clamber (Rockface Rumble) 5:40
20. mojo gogo (Jangle Bells) 3:00

Disc 2

1. K'ReMispheric Pressure (Northern Kremisphere, Krematoa Koncerto) 3:47
2. Wonderfall (Cascade Capers) 4:51
3. Winter (Frosty Frolics) 3:56
4. Low Life (Treetop Tumble) 5:16
5. Blast Beatdown (Nuts and Bolts) 3:42
6. Intoxica (Pokey Pipes) 3:35
7. Water Warped (Water World) 3:09
8. Can't Boss Us Around (Robot Anarchists from Hell Mix) [Boss Boogie] 3:28
9. Krematoa Inferno (Mill Fever) 3:59
10. Wrinkly's Nightcap (Wrinkly 64) 4:00
11. The Mighty Junglol (Chase) 3:48
12. X-Y-X-X, B-A-B-Y (Crystal Chasm) 4:21
13. Breaking the Crystal Key (Mama Bird) 4:15
14. Afterburn (Rocket Run) 3:11
15. Bring the Noise (Big Boss Blues) 3:12
16. Friendships Through Dark and Light (Crazy Calypso, Crystal Chasm) 6:19
17. Return to Kong, Bye-Bye Baddies! (Baddies on Parade, Crazy Calypso, Pokey Pipes) 5:12
18. 'Til We Meet Again (Game Over) 3:43

Disc 3

1. Knautilus (Title Theme GBA) 4:54
2. Treehouse Campfire (Treetop Tumble GBA) 3:04
3. Piña Kremlada (Northern Kremisphere GBA) 2:36
4. Thump Brothers (Brothers Bear GBA) 2:40
5. Accident! A Mountain Rescue by Skies! Glory! (Frosty Frolics GBA) 2:18
6. Party's Over There (Bonus Time GBA) 3:12
7. Ripsaw Boogie (Treetop Tumble GBA) 4:33
8. The Paper Chase (Chase GBA) 3:09
9. Funky's Tricks (Funky's Game) 3:10
10. All Mixxed Up (Hot Pursuit GBA) 6:12
11. Arichnophobia (Arich Boss) 4:13
12. Vext (Pokey Pipes GBA) 3:48
13. Post-Apocalyptic Society (Boss Boogie GBA) 2:27
14. Nutz in the Head (Nuts and Bolts GBA) 6:35
15. Tangerine Fever (Mill Fever GBA) 4:58

Disc 4

1. Undercurrent (Enchanted River GBA) 3:01
2. Aquatic Transformations (Water World GBA) 5:01
3. Heart of the Cave (Cavern Caprice GBA) 8:21
4. Cranky's Mojo (Cranky's Dojo GBA) 4:04
5. Chasing Waterfalls (Cascade Capers GBA) 3:26
6. Corn-fed Kong (Rockface Rumble GBA) 6:02
7. Spanish Jitters (Jungle Jitter GBA) 5:43
8. Sea Breeze Concerto (Stilt Village GBA) 4:40
9. Beneath the Moonlight (Stilt Village GBA) 8:55
10. Distant Dreams on Stormy Seas (Game Over GBA) 3:48

Disc 5

1. Take the World Back (Northern Kremisphere SNES) 5:59
2. Jitterbug System (Jungle Jitter SNES) 3:05
3. Rocket Rave (Rocket Run SNES) 6:26
4. Treetop Intense (Treetop Tumble SNES) 3:44
5. Joyful Jungle Jig (Jungle Jitter SNES) 2:46
6. Heart of Darkness (Cavern Caprice GBA) 4:22
7. Canopy Crawl (Jungle Jitter GBA) 3:05
8. Banana Revolution (Flexstyle's Slam-the-Breaks Edit) [Cranky's Showdown SNES] 4:49
9. Cranky's Christmas Mojo (Cranky's Dojo GBA) 1:59
10. Can't Boss Us Around (Original Mix) [Boss Boogie SNES] 2:54
11. FrosTronix (Original Mix) [Frosty Frolics SNES] 5:41
12. Dive (Water World SNES) 5:00
13. The Crystal Key Is Broken (Mama Bird SNES) 5:51
14. Footloose Falls (Cascade Capers SNES, Cascade Capers GBA) 3:45
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on 2015-08-27 17:13:49

Listening through this one again and I can't believe how well it's aged. I still love it. So glad this was my first in-depth participation on an album on OCR, because I'm incredibly proud to have helped with it.

on 2014-06-17 16:56:50
! I cant believe I hadnt posted in here.

Im listening to the wonderfully violent Treetop Intense and now everyone must listen to it. ^-^ It rocks. Go now. Seriously, it has a great sound and aggressive drive. The cries of the apes await us all! Really sets the mood.

The album seems to be a mix of tough tracks with lovely calming pieces and some funk. Really, how did you do it? I know sometimes albums take years to complete... but this is enormous! Sheesh, well Im not going to complain. XD You guys are awesome. :3

Epic Bananas comes across just as powerful and in your face than Treetop Intense. Theyre both great takes on the source, although I dont have the knowledge to say how theyre different but both still great. Both have have impressive outros. :D

Bring the Noise is more menacing, like theyre trying to avoid the fight at first. ^-^
Thrill of the Chase also has that great edge. There are subtleties here that Im unable to clearly identify. Great track. c:

Afterburn is just so damn cool. I could almost see it in Perfect Dark alongside Crash-Confrontation.
Arichnophobia is almost an F-Zero track. XD Its great. It combines the anger with a little bit of violence. ;)

In Intoxica, the trickling at 0:45 and I love the melody most at 1:08, while 2:15 is also pleasant.
Heart of Darkness has a mix of danger and inspiration. The squeeking noise does put me on edge. n.n

Distant Dreams on Stormy Seas is simply beautiful. Sad but beautiful. The hum does add an ominous touch.

Sea Breeze Concerto is more uplifting. The sound effects at 0:28 are my favourite. Great melody from 1:20. The animal calls make this good piece even better. :)

Footloose Falls has so many wonderful sounds, the first being at 0:08 (a swirling echo?) followed by a star-like impression at 0:33. The beat coming in at 0:55 is great. At 2:16, another type of swirl sound comes in. Its fantastic when everything comes together at 2:40. Wonderful piece. :D How... just... Id need to know more about music to express my appreciation.

Beneath the Moonlight feels a bit sad. Reflection after the game is finally over. How is it so long and good, though? Theres a lot going on that its hard to believe its 9 minutes. The ending alone lasts a minute! :D

Purewater Pressure. So nice pleasant one! ^__^ More pleasant than chill. Until the xylophone at 2:00, it reminds me of a Ys-ish town theme.

Jitterbug System. What a beat, man! :D Use the ratchet. ^__^
Unfinished Business provides a similar feel at 0:59. :)

Kingfishers Stream. A pixel-like start... and that sound effect starting from 0:14-0:15 / 0:50 really adds another layer to the piece. I love hearing it in the background. Your melody at 2:00 is my favourite. :3
Despite having the same source, Wonderfull is definitely set apart with its chill theme.

"Spanish Jitters", huh? Title sounds odd... and its bit crap. :p
Jking -- its spectacular! ^__^ You go listen now. ^-^
on 2013-05-26 22:31:03
Having never played DKC3, I came into this album unfamiliar with the original OST. I am, however, rather familiar with the OSTs to DKC and DKC2 and loved both( In both standard and OCR treatment fashion). That sort of atmospheric gutteral feel to those osts are what make those games for me. The SNES DKC series has consistently had great tunes and I can say that without the goggles of nostalgia that this DKC3 album hits all the right notes. It helps cement the DKC series as perhaps a close second in terms of favorite soundtrack following closely behind the Metroid series (Which OCR did a fantastic job with).

Keep up the good work guys and gals.
on 2013-04-28 14:40:44
I was pretty much amazed by the number of tracks. Really massive album here. Its a good one too. while not as good as the DKC2 remix, ive still enjoyed many of the songs. Good work guys!
on 2013-01-28 17:31:23
Judging by my response and Flexstyles, it seems it was rather unclear.

But yeah, when you finish that pester Emunator. I had to to get my bonus package.
on 2013-01-25 13:12:56
Not sure if I made it clear, but I actually was planning to do a Disc 5 review. Im just not sure when Ill get to doing it, is all.
on 2013-01-25 03:05:09
Come on, I reviewed Disc 5, and there are tracks by folks whod love to see it be reviewed.

It just wouldnt be fair if no one else reviewed Disc 5 and received the bonus content even though I did.
on 2013-01-24 12:35:37
Did you review Disc 5 yet? :-P

EDIT: And yeah, may want to touch base with Emu, although I betcha hell see this very shortly.
on 2013-01-24 11:06:30
Also, I do not mean to sound impatient or demanding, but when can I expect to receive the bonus content? Should I PM Emunator about it?
on 2013-01-22 10:12:59
Lets finish this on up!


Oh hey, Pot Hocket. I remember the piece like this that was on Voices of the Lifestream. This one is very nice and relaxing, mellowed out and overall pleasant.

So weve gone downstream into the ocean, then. This song is not as "busy" as the original, but its definitely similar to both it and the originals base, Aquatic Ambience. Guitar work is pretty cool as well.

Neat little cameo from Super Metroid in the beginning. This song is quite a long one, and it takes a little while to really pick up, but it is worth the wait. Even so, when it does, it isnt over the top or noisy, but more subdued and "present".

This song, the intro especially, makes me think of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, mostly because that game had you fighting different Kongs that seemed like martial artists. I can picture a montage of Cranky Kong training and sparring, trying to get back his skills from his heyday, and maybe preparing to go off on a sightseeing adventure of his own. The jazzy portion is unexpected, but pretty neat. Overall, a good pick for one of my personal standout tracks.

I like the groove this one sets. Cant exactly think of the words to describe what I like about it, but I like it all the same.

I will be honest here, and say that I was never a huge fan of country music. Nowadays, I dont hate it, but it isnt my favorite genre, mostly because I have not listened to a lot of it, and a lot of it sounds very same-y. Same issue with rap. I want to think Im getting better with both, though. Anyways, this feels very cheerful and adventurous, like youre going somewhere, but enjoying the journey more than worrying about the destination.

THIS song. THIS is how you start an album flood, no question about it. I cant imagine how fun and rewarding it must have been for you all to perform with Mr. Wise and Mr. Beanland. The song itself, very very nice. Im a sucker for jazzy, big band pieces, so this is right up my alley. I can definitely imagine this playing at a party or some other event. The "80s section" is a nice breakdown, and makes the piece that much more special. Top notch job, folks.

If you look at the sprite banner for this piece, youll see Donkey Kong on saxophone, and Diddy Kong on guitar, just like on the artwork on Kong in Concert. Ah, how time flies. Anyways, this just overall is a nice jam session. Monkey Kong, you guys are lucky getting to work with Mr. Wise, but this is really your show, and it is a great one. That said, the sax solo is very nice. I also love the ending referencing the startup theme from the original Donkey Kong Country.

I can tell just from the start, this is the albums baby right here. 9 minutes long, and all of it awesome. Its very atmospheric, and just overall an experience rather than just a song. Great job.

So the story ends with Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong stranded in the rain likely to die of exposure and cold? Thats rather sad :(. Also, thanks to somebody posting a certain rendition of the main theme of DKC 1 in the album thread, I can hear a certain rap artist sadly singing along to this with his..."famous" lyrics. Joking aside, this feels like a somber yet fitting ending to the album. Perhaps its signifying the end of the SNES era as the series moved forward into the N64 era. But either way, its the end of the main four discs, and this is a good way to send it off.

In contrast to the last discs impression of doing the adventure again, this one feels more like an actual vacation, a hard-earned reward of relaxation. Great songs all around, especially with David Wise and Robin Beanlands involvement. Its been a great trip listening to all four of these discs, and Im grateful to everyone who worked on the project. Ill try to do a review of the bonus disc at some point. Thanks again, everybody :).
on 2013-01-17 09:00:13
Cant get enough of Cliffside Climber. Its quite faithful to the original and really takes me back, yet is refreshed enough to be its own work. Also Im pretty sure I heard the snow level music from DKC1 thrown in there at one point? Cant remember if that happened in DKC3 but it made me smile. Epic Bananas is another favourite, taking one of DKC3s most haunting melodies and turning it into an energy-filled beast. In many ways it would have suited the treetop level where you have to outrun the ginormous saw.

Winter has a lovely atmosphere, although could use a little more variation to make it truly memorable. Intoxica runs along a similar line, and is exactly the kind of electronica I often listen to outside of the VGM world this might sit beside artists like Bonobo and Emancipator in my playlist. Breaking the Crystal Key does a great job of retaining the source tracks haunting feel whilst giving it a burst of adrenaline, and the oriental influences make it something very unique. Could have gone so wrong if it were any more electronic than it is.

Friendships Through Dark and Light is wonderful, although strangely immediately evokes memories of Banjo-Kazooie rather than DKC3. Perhaps an omen of where OCRemixs top musicians should focus their attentions next? ;) Til We Meet Again is a great way to round off the bulk of the SNES music, I always was very fond of that short piece of source music.

Moving into the later discs, Joyful Jungle Jig is a toe tapper thats fun to listen to although is another track that needed a bit more variation to really fulfil its potential. FrosTronix (Original Mix) is fantastic, really nails the DKC atmosphere I wont even try to quantify any self-respecting remix should strive for and I liked the (perhaps unintentional) nod to Serious Monkey Businesss Roller Disco track towards the beginning.

Dive. This one caught me off guard as I subconsciously expected the tracks stuck on the last disc to be inferior b-sides or something, but this is one of the albums finest. Great mood that does justice to one of DKC3s strongest source tracks, with some quality sax (or whatever) incorporated; I was very pleased when the piano bit I remember most from the source made a proper appearance a few minutes in. Random, but this piece makes me think of Homelands title sequence music a little.

The Crystal Key is Broken is the winning Mama Bird interpretation for me, surpassing the previous one which was already superb. The bass is so masterfully handled in this track that the relatively unchanged melody is given a whole new lease of life, and therere endless details to listen to and appreciate ultimately evolving into a beautiful cacophony that reveals some serious skill behind its composition.

So, great work guys! Thats as far as my track-specific reviewing will go as I really am a busy person nowadays, but it was fun thinking and writing about why I love some of these tracks so much. An incredible way to end the DKC remix album trilogy, and I agree with the sentiment that this is the most consistently high-quality one yet. I hope this isnt the last I hear from the talent involved in terms of interpreting classic Rare music.
on 2013-01-15 06:53:04
Went through all the GBA tracks too, some good stuff there. I was pleased to hear the jungle tune from DKC1 pop up a number of times (look out for the ones with Jungle Jitter as a source, as well as the first Treetop Tumble track), some brilliant interpretations of it. :) I was otherwise unfamiliar with most of what featured, although I think I heard the DKC1/2 Cranky theme pop up at one point.

Still seems strange to me Wise chose to completely recompose rather than reproduce, as I see what an earlier poster meant about the atmosphere of some tracks (and consequently stages) being transformed somewhat. Not sure I can say its a good or bad thing, just a curiosity. :)
on 2013-01-12 12:42:45
'Thrik' wrote: Might try and find time to do a track-by-track review of at least the SNES ones. Ill listen to the GBA tracks when I have time, but as I never played that version I have no appreciation of the source material whatsoever. Are any older DKC themes incorporated into it (as with both DKC2 and DKC3 SNES) or is it completely fresh stuff?

You should really check this stuff out. Hey, its Dave Wise returning after all. And yes, you will hear some familiar melodies in there! :)
on 2013-01-12 06:21:43
Got through all the SNES tracks, absolutely splendid. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole album apart from a few inevitable ones I didnt appreciate the genre of so much. That makes three fantastic DKC albums Ive seen mature and be brought to beautiful fruition now, although this seems to be the most accomplished album in terms of sheer quality and quantity of music. Almost makes me want to see a second edition of the earlier ones. ;)

Might try and find time to do a track-by-track review of at least the SNES ones. Ill listen to the GBA tracks when I have time, but as I never played that version I have no appreciation of the source material whatsoever. Are any older DKC themes incorporated into it (as with both DKC2 and DKC3 SNES) or is it completely fresh stuff?
on 2013-01-10 17:45:20
Who is Graeme Norton... surely that must mean Graeme Norgate! :D