Album: Perfection. Original Soundtrack


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Disc 1

1. Fall In 2:32
2. Closer 2:20
3. Mandala 2:34
4. The Looking Glass 2:36
5. Drifter 2:46
6. Dat Funk 4:48
7. Free Fall 4:24
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on 2014-03-31 14:46:27
Solid, pleasant offering of ambientsy material. Very nice work!

on 2013-07-13 16:56:27
Lovely melodies! :) Everything feels calm and pleasant. The sounds are smooth, nothing harsh... contemplative.

Free Fall and Dat Funk have stronger drives to them, but theyre still relaxed. Fall In, Closer, Mandala, and Looking Glass share an uncanny quality with Eccos soundtracks. Even Dat Funk could be an alternative to the normal Broken Machine level music.

Reminds me also of Dan Froelichs Jill of the Jungle soundtrack! ^_^
on 2013-06-11 16:25:56
Ive been maxin and relaxin to Corys work here for a while (and Teras guest performance), so Im glad weve finally put this out, and also have it coinciding with Perfection. being featured by IndieCade at E3! :nicework:

Definitely get the game if you havent already. Ive been watching Banovs Twitter feed, and hes continuing to add to and improve it, all while planning his next stuff. One to watch. :-)
on 2013-06-10 17:05:23
Perfection. Original Soundtrack (OCRO-0006)

Perfection. by Dumb and Fat Games, compatible with Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Mobile & Windows
Omni-Psyence (Cory Richards) - Composition, arrangement, mixing
TeraCMusic (Tera Catallo) - Track 7 violin and vocals
Banov (Greg Lobanov) - Game creator, artwork
Contact: [email][/email]

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Perfection. A minimalist, zen puzzler about cutting shapes.


01 Fall In (2:32)
02 Closer (2:20)
03 Mandala (2:34)
04 The Looking Glass (2:36)
05 Drifter (2:46) - Bonus Track
06 Dat Funk (4:48) - Bonus Track
07 Free Fall (4:24)
• Featuring TeraCMusic (Tera Catallo)
• Arrangement by Omni-Psyence of track 1, "Fall In"

Composers comments:

The Perfection. soundtrack is a collection of pure tone, meditative ambient-synth soundscapes with an evocative, slightly Eastern melodic patchwork. This was composed to support the minimalist and zen-like aspect of the game; this is all about relaxation and taking your mind away from everything else. The two additional bonus tracks seek to explore the emotional qualities of the soundtrack but in differing arrangements that are of higher intensity to be suitable for the game.

I want to thank Greg Lobanov for allowing me the opportunity to write music for his excellent creation, and OC ReMix for supporting video game music as strongly as it does. Long live VGM!

7. "Free Fall"

Omni-Psyence: This remix is something I wanted to do ever since I first started on the soundtrack for Perfection. Im already a huge fan of chillout/psybient music with acoustic instrumentation, and Ive been listening to a lot of that lately, so it was just natural for me to take this approach. Teras violin and vocal additions to this track definitely imbue a strong and soulful spirit to this work.

Cory Richards

TeraCMusic: The melody for this mix was inspired by the works of Lindsey Stirling, but was made with a unique twist. The vocals near the end help create a fuller, richer sound, while the harmonies blend together to establish an unforgettable theme.

Tera Catallo


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Dumb and Fat Games (Greg "Banov" Lobanov)

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