ReMix: Final Fantasy VI 'The Atomizer'

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Final Fantasy VI

Whoa. Double whoa. This ReMix is INSANE. Not insanely good, although it certainly is good in my book, but just purely INSANE. Cycling through musical styles like no one's business, with strange, inventive transitions, Mr. Mustin's FF3 opus is not for everyone. But anyone that appreciates the concept - staying up playing FF so late the game begins to seep into your skull - should appreciate the ReMix. Note that Mustin plays a fairly wicked distorted guitar AND saxophone on this track. At the end there's this classic part where you can hear . . . oh, no, I won't ruin it for you. Aptly named 'The ATOMIZER', this ReMix is sure to frighten young children, drive even the sanest squaresoft fan into shrieks of sleep-deprived madness, and add a little spice to your mornings if you play it with the volume at II ^^


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on 2013-07-19 18:14:20
I appreciate this track for what it was in 2000, and that was, and still is, inventive ways of using soundclips and effects to make a funny and entertaining remix. I would like to see it updated, though. I bet Mustin could beef up the quality, the hilarity and just about everything else today.
on 2013-07-19 14:24:34
Way too dated and poor quality. It sounds like a kid playing with a soundboard for the first time. I hope this one gets buried.
on 2010-08-27 11:22:14
Too much random stuff going on for my tastes. Sorry Mustin ;_;
on 2009-12-10 20:48:56
No doubt the curveball samples and draconian nature of The Atomizer are hilarious attractions for a lot of people, myself included. But I also appreciate how calmly interpretive nuances between the insane parts tie the mix's shoelaces and balance it out. Examples:
- orchestral guidance in the beginning
- The Fierce Battle beneath the menu sounds around 1:11
- tambourine's playful accompaniment starting at 1:45
- rapid flute cameos of Kefka's theme at 2:15-2:24
- trumpet-led section at 2:27
- percussion around 3:01+
Mindblowing overall, but also a gold mine of nifty nuggets if you listen closely.
ella guro
on 2009-12-05 20:14:17
I really liked this when I first came to the site for it being all wacky and crazy.
Now I'm kinda split. It's a pretty basic arrangement at heart that heavily samples from the spc and some sound fx. I wouldn't call the placement of those fx and spc random, but I wouldn't call them well thought out either. On the other hand, it has a nice intense feeling to it, and the guitar and the sax are very cool. It pushes things to the silly extreme in a way that a lot of mixes don't, which I admire. And the ending makes me LOL.
But I guess it hasn't aged as well. There are other remixes that do the "crazy" thing better, I think. But I can't deny that I still enjoy it, call it a guilty pleasure. I would like to see Mustin do a mix like this today, but he doesn't seem to do any of this kind of stuff anymore.
on 2007-05-02 16:12:39
I always find this song awesome. It painted a pretty cool visual for me when I listened to it like the third time.
on 2007-03-13 18:40:40
That's the last straw!
Now I use my secret weapon!
aw, crap
*shuffle shuffle*
stupid game
on 2007-03-13 18:30:32
that is my favorite song on the site
it has daffy duck
on 2007-03-13 01:17:14
but then i realized it was an OCRemix and i wtf'd
Final Fantasy 6 TheAtomizer was the track name or something
it sounds like the stuff i make kind of except it hurts more to listen to
though it doesn't quite have as many explosions as my tracks do
on 2006-11-12 06:07:20
Confusing, scary, and silly. I played sax in 8th grade and owned...makes me happy to hear it so well in a mix. mixture of old to new works for me. All said and done, i know what it feels like to experience the song in the game. awesome.
on 2006-09-29 02:05:03
This remix, while being awesome, scares the HELL out of me. I first heard it while sitting in my room at 2:00 in the morning, and during the song, I had to constantly check behind me to make sure that a monster wasn't in my closet. All of that aside, I absolutely LOVED this song! I'm looking forward to hearing more like this from you!
on 2006-08-03 04:01:06
Normally this isn't my style, but it made me lol irl!
If you like a laugh, listen this one :p
"Stupid Game" xD
on 2006-07-17 16:05:54
Personally, I didn't enjoy the remix that much. The random noises and sound clips just aren't my cup of tea.
on 2006-03-28 13:50:50
dang this remix owns. especially the saxophone from 1:45 to 2:02. trumpet didn'd sound too good though
10 thumbs up :P
on 2006-03-17 20:52:53
Totally insane, crazy remix that jumps genres like trains in the wild west. If that doesn't explain it in detail, then I'll just come out and say this is made of awesome and win. Four or five thumbs up, depending on how many I can find.
This is not the place for such an arguement. However, in casual defense, if you listen past the random (yet funny) sound clips, you'll notice an excellent remix.
I mean, it put (for a moment) a saxaphone to Atma Weapon: The Fierce Battle. What is that, other then awesome?