ReMix: Phantasy Star Online 'Lobby Static'

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Phantasy Star Online

Though this is his first ReMix posted here on OCR, Quinn Fox has been mixing game music for awhile now - do check out his site and the other great stuff he has to offer, including several originals. Our first piece from Phantasy Star Online (can you believe it's being ported to the Gamecube? I'm all for cross-platform friendliness but something about Phantasy Star on a Nintendo console gives me the oogies something fierce), this is a short take on the lobby music, breakbeat style, with extensive audio mutations. Layering evolving synth textures on top of breakbeats that are themselves layered, panned, filtered, and otherwise tinkered with, the piece has a very spacious feel to it, never really establishing a central motif but instead acting as a sonic changeling, morphing several times in an ambient beat-sleepwalk, then fading out. I won't over-exaggerate - there is a melody, a bassline, clearly distinguishable musical passages, etc., but Quinn has phased them in and out and surrounded them with clouds of clustered pads and very organic rhythms such that the whole piece sort of breathes - exhales. Very impressionistic, unique, and definitely recommended.


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on 2009-10-16 11:05:19
Short and sweet, bottom line. Very chilled mix in a strange way. The kick is very subtle and might use a boost, but I know this is Quinns first addition to OCR. It still has a cool lush sound to it that I heartily enjoy. The drums getting a little repetitive, but the filtering helps a bit. Cool synth choices that give it an OCR retro feel. Since the piece is short, theres not much more to say but good job!
on 2008-02-12 12:13:52
But decent, despite its length. The grooves are strong with this one, and though things sound somewhat lofi due to the effects used, its still an enjoyable track. The bass is pushed super far back though and it makes things a bit on the weak side.

Basically I think this would be a lot stronger if it was cleaned up, the bass was increased, and maybe some additional sections were added. The source is a good track, but as is, the mix is good but not great.
on 2007-10-05 15:36:49
Ah man, I remember this one vividly. This was around mid-2002 when I finally listened to all of the ReMixes available. At the time, this was newly posted, and when I checked it out, I found a new favorite ReMixer.

In retrospect with Quinns style, probably heavy on some looooopz, but Quinns the best at making any drumloop fit well in the bigger picture and not seeming slapped on. He really crafts the rest of the arrangement well, and there was nothing else like it on OCR.

A brief ReMix, but it definitely got me interested in not only Quinns work, but also the Phantasy Star Online soundtracks in general. And THAT is what a successful arrangement can do. Old-school hotness. Remember to kick Rob for his evil leadoff review.
on 2005-05-04 06:17:40
This WORKS. Its rare that a composer can find an alternative style (break beat in this case) and make it mix so perfectly, well done :) Get working on your next PSO mix!
on 2005-05-03 21:03:42
heh Ive been longing for a PSO mix but I cant even tell what song this is. I can faintly here the Lobby theme in some parts but I guess thats good enough for me. The rest is all sweet fuzzy noise which I highly enjoyed! Quinn goes a bit too far on changing around melodies but this is still a great song if youre not familiar with PSO music
on 2004-12-05 23:11:13
it rarely got bold or soft... just kinda in the mddle... it can be awkward at times...
however, it is still good
Quinn X5
on 2004-09-09 19:33:03
Thanks to all who have checked this out.... its an older tune, but Im glad to see that it holds up moderately well. This mix was a blast to do about three years ago, and I guess Im still slightly proud of it...

Anyway, thanks again!
on 2004-09-09 05:47:34
This song uses colours Ive never heard before, and achieves eternity in under three minutes. It defies music and reaches cosmological proportions. It is not music of this Earth, but of some distant inhabited planet resembling the scapes of Dali, only with flying cars or something.
The percussion track is a little over the top in terms of manipulation, but thats quite alright given how magical (in the mycological sense) this mix is.
Ethereal and preternatural.
on 2004-07-15 18:11:29
maybe its just me, but this song is much quieter than the other OCRs i have on my list.
on 2004-02-20 01:26:01
Well, its not quite a Slashdotting, but its definitely something. ;)
on 2004-02-18 20:27:40
on 2004-02-18 17:25:55
Oh, wow. This song should see a lot more traffic, since it was just linked to from the front page of Penny Arcade.

Been on my playlist for a long time.
on 2003-10-03 00:04:01
I dunno. I pretty much thought this was good, if a bit soft...

If theyd used this in teh lobby on that game, I think it wouldave been an improvement.

on 2002-09-06 11:42:58
forgot to install the bass. Gave my sub a much needed break but not my ears. A little more range on both ends could be useful too. good melody tho, came from good material.
Not too fond of this mix. :cry:
Paix Vraie
on 2002-07-13 01:55:30

:? Well done...

Well, being a huge PSO fan I am very bias, but I would like to express that I think the mix is excellent. I like it because there is a hidden deeper level that you have to listen closely to, and it gives me a certain feeling. Its kind of like listening to someone whisper. Though its not the greatest remix I obviously liked it. The problem is, it is too short. It should have broken out into something more later in the mix. That would have been sweet, but its still dece. :wink:

My Rating 3.5/5 Short, but sweet. Being a PSO fan, thanks for the coverage, more please!