ReMix: River City Ransom 'River City Rammstein'

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River City Ransom

Oh my, my, my . . . Mazedude drops an industrial bombtrack on us all with this heavy-hitting River City Ransom ReMix of power. This is just some formidable shit - ain't no other way of sayin' it. I'm impressed - it's above the level of even the high mark Mazedude sets for himself, at least in terms of raw energy and sonic muscle. Fans of Rammstein (i.e. "Du Hast" and what not), your mix has arrived. Fans of River City Ransom, don't wait another second. In fact, fans of music in general - this piece comes highly recommended. It's got a sound comparable to both Rammstein and KMFDM, mixing heavy guitars, shred-style programming, ear-bleeding beats, and just an overall weight and presence that dictates attention and respect. Guitars, numerous synths, a great wah-wah lead, panned+filtered synths - this piece would serve as a great textbook example of techno-industrial done well. Saying much more would be pointless - Mazedude sets a high benchmark with this impressive RCR action, and has created a ReMix that I have to guess many were waiting for in terms of genre and execution. All time greats material? You bet. Highly, highly recommended.


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on 2011-12-15 05:05:56
This is really more EBM than industrial (think God Module, Das Ich, and so on), but River City Rammstein really IS the better name. Everything hits true and hits hard; I havent been able to wear it out after almost ten years of trying, with tight crunchy synths slamming from every direction around a rockin melody propelling it forward, in a well-mastered soundscape. Every time you get a handle on where its going, it turns a corner. As always, a masterful contribution.
on 2010-05-05 12:39:13
Everything about this track is excellent except that weaksauce rhythm guitar sample. The percussion, filtering, effects, synth leads, gates and arrangement itself? All amazing, A+. This is the kind of track that would really benefit from some Sixto love. Itd take him all of 5 minutes to do too. :-)

I really do like the track, but I think its being held back from its full power.
on 2010-04-04 00:14:17
This is a song I listen to at least once a day, sometimes more. Seriously, its that awesome to me. Id be listening to, minding my own business; and then I hear this. Its a really awesome dance track that I could just imagined being played at clubs and whatnot. Truly a masterpiece, and with it being done by a veteran like Mazedude, its no suprise.
on 2009-11-10 18:52:36
On a scale of one to amazing, this mix is a killer. Never played the game but I do like Rammstein. Till Lindemann would be proud of this mix. My only beef with this track is that it probably could have been a little louder/heavier. Maybe Im just saying that because my ears are plugged from the flu. Either way, good work Mazedude
on 2009-06-15 23:53:38
Awesome. Shame Ive never played the game though. :sad:

Guitars are nice n gritty, just the ways I likes them. :razz:
on 2009-05-07 09:01:30
This one is just so cool.
on 2009-04-29 03:25:52
I havent really heard anything by Rammstein save for Du Hast, which I gotta say sounded absolutely nothing like this mix. Certainly, Rammsteins reputation isnt for Mazedude-ish synth style rocking. Which is a shame, because the world can never get enough.
A very well produced hardcore track here. Has that new Mazedude smell to it, which all good Mazedude mixes (and all those mythical bad ones) possess. And I say new, but in truth, I was pretty surprised by how old this actually is. Its not like the samples are amazing; I think it has more to do with the fact that Mazedude has stayed consistant throughout his OCR career and never got stuck on doing the one genre/sound. Therefore, I had trouble pinpointing when this mix was actually concieved, which is nice because it means longevity.
*sigh* And since Ive literally been typing all day, I think thats about all I have to say on the matter. Great mix, great game, great mixer. Im out.
on 2009-01-18 22:26:12
Im only a little familiar with Rammstein through what Ive heard in German class, but still this is excellent, awesome, and everything else. Great job. :nicework:
on 2006-03-12 11:46:52
This receives my rating of "TB," which either stands for "Total Badass" or "Tuberculosis," Im not sure. Its definitely good, though.
Jack the Ripper
on 2005-06-15 13:19:30
In all honesty, theres about only one sound thats obviously Rammstein-evident. KMFDM comparisons really dont seem to ring true either. Its a very nice mix, but its certainly been a bit mislabeled. This definitely screams OC Remix by Mazedude.
on 2005-05-03 21:27:39
Another great one from Mazedude! It just keeps going only getting more intense! Definatly hyper and loud but in a good way, however Mazedude doesnt do his all-famous, tempo change technique in this one, well thats not a bad thing. Anyways, nice job on this one Mazedude!
on 2005-04-17 14:08:44
My God, words fail me.

Im one of the few guys lucky enough to have stumbled across RCR in my childhood, and that was my absolute favorite beat em up game ever. Double Dragon had nothin on RCR.

And this remix? Well, honestly, amazingly enough, I cant find a single flaw in it. It lacks nothing, not even some small, tiny aspect that would normally make me say "great remix, but if only..."

This is an epic work of art.
on 2005-02-12 13:04:17
"Hold it! Rocko says punks cant pass!"

This is my favorite remix ever. Im too young to remember the NES days, so with the power of emulation Ive been able to play this masterpeice of a game. The boss music is my favorite, second only to the River City High music when youre near/in the building.

on 2004-12-30 21:51:09
this song is sweet

its got a taste of prot in it

and theres some trance sounds in there

its all great
Red Light District
on 2004-11-12 21:26:44
Whoa...whoa, dude.