ReMix: Streets of Rage "Elevation [groovepump mix]" 4:01

By ambient, DragonAvenger

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"Violent Breathing"

Primary Game: Streets of Rage (Sega, 1991, GEN), music by Yuzo Koshiro

Posted 2008-09-19, evaluated by the judges panel

Hopefully by now you've seen our announcement of a recent interview I did w/ Martin Sargent on Internet Superstar. Martin's been a fan for awhile, having pimped the site wayyyyyyy back in the (glorious) days of TechTv, circa 2001. Larry and I ran into him at the ROFLCon afterparty where, strategically stationed next to the open bar (with Maker's Mark!), we shot the shit about the good old days, etc. He looked us up for an interview many moons later, and the rest is history. I think he did a pretty awesome job of covering the basics, and while I (tragically) stumble over pronouncing Uematsu's name, after watching the whole thing over I think I did okay for my first video interview. I suppose on some level it's objectionable in that I'm not really a "superstar" - it's more about the site/community itself than any one artist, or even the founder - but whatever.

I get asked about my favorite mixes from time to time in interviews, and Mr. Morse seems to think my answering such questions is contrary to the site's policy of not picking favorites or doing numerical ratings... let me emphasize that *I* am not "the site" - like anyone else, I can have favorite mixes, and my personal opinion only carries the weight people grant it. The site policy is designed to prevent formalized, aggregated favoritism i.e. ratings/rankings, which devolve into a popularity contest pretty quickly. The policy is not intended to prevent me - or anyone else - from having mixes they like a lot, and saying so. Sorry if that's tangential; I'm sure there *are* instances where I'm hypocritical, but this ain't one. I get asked this question pretty often, so I thought I'd clear that up since it's likely to happen again.

Right then, greener pastures: this is a REALLY fun mix. Like, stupid fun. Not fun that's stupid, but rather fun that's SO fun, it's stupid just how fun it is. ambient teamed up with DragonAvenger for some classic Yuzo Koshiro action, w/ vocals. Alex wrote quite a bit on the sub letter, but it's all pretty juicy so I'm going to lazily copy the whole thing:

"I know, I am submitting another mix, even though last year I was convinced that I had pretty much retired from mixing, and I indicated that in my submission of Back 2 Skala. And I actually didn't touch anything related to music until a couple of months ago, when I felt this craving to do something creative. Not so easy to give it up, remixing is quite addicting. Unfortunately, I noticed that my skills got rusty even in such a short time, and I couldn't start a mix from scratch. Or maybe I was just lazy. Either way, I decided to dust off an old mix of the elevator stage from SOR that was rejected back in Jan/Feb 2006, and fix it up. I replaced the drums, gave them a lot more pump, added some transition (including a section from SOR2 - Dreamer), and was pretty much ready to submit. But, somewhere in the middle of that, I started listening to a little more of vocal house, and started kinda digging it. So, to make a long story short, I got in touch with DragonAvenger, who very kindly agreed to help me add some vocals to the track. She was great to work with and I'm looking forward to working with her again soon. Here is what she had to say about the mix:

"This was a first time for me doing a song like this, so it was difficult at first to come up with something that was short and sweet. I knew the basic idea of what I wanted to go for, but finding the right words took some time. It was pretty sweet to see how my voice could be manipulated in the end."

I am very happy with the result, and I hope you guys are too. This is a fun little track. It is not quite as edgy as B2S, but I hope you find it funky and energetic. Once again, zircon helped a great deal with this remix. His advice pushes my work beyond what I would be comfortable with. Tamer also had some useful advice that I have implemented. Special thanks to Skryp for hosting the submission file, and Nina V. and Will H. for exposing me to some good house music.

Rad. This isn't a mix that'll change your life or elicit introspective revelations... it's dance house. Which, more or less, is basically designed to be groovy, not overly complicated, and have as low a threshold to danceability and enjoyment as musically possible. Which is not to say it's easy to make - common pitfalls include monotonous repetition, going too far off the cheese-o-meter, or involving one too many vocal snippet samples of soulful (ok, fine: black) people shouting one-liners like "Can you feel me?" or "Move to the rhythm!," etc. I'm happy to report that none of these faux-pas are an issue with this track, which remains true to the synth/dance energy of Yuzo's original while prompting the 90's to call and ask for their production back - in a good way. Though there are certainly some common meat-and-potatoes elements, not everything is staple foods: the dissonant sweep transition starting at 1'52" struck me as rather cool, in particular. Vinnie (who saw David Byrne with Anna and my friend Joi Wed. night in Baltimore, which rocked) is far more of an authority on dance house than I am:

"Oh I really dig this one. Has that club banger sound and the filtered pads and synths all fit together to make swirly goodness... I was waiting the entire song for DA's voice to get glitched and I almost thought it wouldn't happen. Then it happened."

Brief gating effect, really, but it still fills the gratuitous vocal glitching quota admirably. Fun stuff from ambient - very glad he couldn't stay away - and a nice vocal collab w/ DragonAvenger that really brings the genre to life.


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on 2013-11-13 19:11:51

Pretty standard trance, but that's not a problem for me. Fun and groovy remix you guys put together! I'm really enjoying the vocals, well done Deia!

@Thin Crust: Wow, really? You only came here to say that? Man is that sad.

on 2010-11-01 20:19:32

I remember this song now - this has a nice electronic soundscape and vocals you'd expect from trance.

This is pretty standard stuff as far as trance goes, and song sounds a bit thin in the mid frequencies, but otherwise this has a nice soundscape to it.

on 2010-10-27 13:09:33

There isn't one SOR mix on this site that I fail to find completely and utterly awesome. This is certainly no exception! DA and ambient take an already incredibly catchy beat and make it downright infectious!:

Thin Crust
on 2010-10-17 18:52:41

I find it sad that you feel you need to post an entire paragraph justifying that you can have an opinion.

on 2009-12-24 21:44:55

I actually found this buried deep within my OCR playlist, and I can't believe I forgot about this. Like djp, said this is just so incredibly fun.

I love DA's vocal work here. :3

It's so airily uplifting. Whenever I listen to this I smile on the inside. It actually reminds me a lot of the vocal tracks from Sonic R where everything was so peppy and energizing yet carefree and whimsical.

This is a really wonderfully breezy mix no one should miss.

on 2009-11-26 02:12:03

OooOOooOoOoo. A dance mix. With vocals. Nothing wrong with that concept.

This is pretty damn solid stuff. Production is great, if a little on the conservative side. The lyrics are some of my favourite, if only for their high impact simplicity. As for the vocals however, I thought they were operating from the sidelines a little. Don't get me wrong, they do everything they should, hit all the right notes perfectly and gave the mix a unique accent it was in great need of, but for me, if you are going to do a mix such as this and have a female sing vocals, it's gotta be sexy. That's not the vibe I was getting from the singing, and thus I wasn't seduced as heavily as I usually am when a siren is beckoning me. I don't want to imply all female singers should use their come-hither voice to appease their male audience, but in the context of a dance remix, anything but sexy voiced vocals begins to feel out of place. My one and only complaint, which pains me because DragonAvenger obviously has a lot of talent and a great sound of her own. It just had a slight clash with my wants and expectations this time.

I still love the genre, and I still love how this mix turned out. Yet another ultra-successful collab. Keep them coming.

on 2009-03-12 20:02:22

I can't believe I didn't check to see if the lyrics got posted. That's pretty odd of me.

"Feel the rhythm of the night,

Hold me close and let our hearts collide.

Feel the rhythm of my moves,

Let me show you what my body can do.

Your voice takes me higher,

Makes my heart accelerate.

My soul is flying,

'Til you bring me down again."

Thanks to everyone who reviewed. This was a different and enjoyable experiance for me. I look forward to working with Ambient again, he did an awesome job.

on 2009-03-12 02:39:38

Deia, how about some lyrics? (!!)

Shadow Wolf
on 2008-11-03 22:56:22

I'm gonna be a hater and say I didn't really care for this, but only because I hate the genre, it's nothing you did. The whole techno/groove genre reminds me of the 70s, old James Bond movies, and Gran Turismo all at the same time, three things I dislike extremely. Still, it's a well put together and catchy mix. Production and mastering are well done. Don't change anything for me.

on 2008-10-20 00:05:24

Awesome track, this should definitely get more attention since it solid through and through.

on 2008-10-17 12:02:08
The elevator music was always the weakest and most (only) forgettable track in the game to (perhaps intentionally true to the style of elevator music?)

WHAT?!? God, no. :tomatoface:

patella femoral syndrome
on 2008-10-17 11:59:37

Glitzy. The track is completely transformed--I barely even recognize it. The elevator music was always the weakest and most (only) forgettable track in the game (perhaps intentionally true to the style of elevator music?), but this mix is fabulous and probably the best piece of music I've discovered this week. My love to the two who made this--it's rarity and a gem to see Yuzo's music built upon like this.

Martin Penwald
on 2008-10-15 15:10:07

Catchy is the right word. Once you listen to this mix, you won't get it out of your head anytime soon. Very nice.

The vocals could use more effects/filters/etc, though. Maybe I'm spoiled by all the French House from the 90s (and current J-House), but I think that this song would've benefitted from more effects like the one at ~1:02 and 3:37.

Anyway, this is a great song, and I hope we'll get to hear more of this kind of music here.

on 2008-10-10 13:34:04

This is one of my favorite songs from the first SOR.

That being said, WOW. I love this mix, I find it to be incredible in music, and equally impressive with the vocals. Very, very impressive.

on 2008-10-09 18:39:10

Love this mix! You know what this sounds like? Richard Jacques. Listening to this gets me all nostalgic. This song wouldn't sound out of place in Sonic R, and I really do mean that in a good way.

I encourage you to do more in a similar vein, marry Sega beats with that voice and recreate a lost era of late-night 32-bit Sega dream music!

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Primary Game:
Streets of Rage (Sega, 1991, GEN)
Music by Yuzo Koshiro
"Violent Breathing"

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Electronic, Singing, Synth, Vocals: Female
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Feel the rhythm of the night,
Hold me close and let our hearts collide.
Feel the rhythm of my moves,
Let me show you what my body can do.

Your voice takes me higher,
Makes my heart accelerate.
My soul is flying,
'Til you bring me down again.

You bring me down
You bring me down
You bring me down
You bring me down

Feel the rhythm of the night,
Hold me close and let our hearts collide.
Feel the rhythm of my moves,
Let me show you what my body can do.

You bring me down
You bring me down
You bring me down
You bring me down

Feel the rhythm of the night,
Hold me close and let our hearts collide.
Your voice takes me higher,
Makes my heart accelerate.


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