ReMix: Donkey Kong Country 3 'Thump Brothers'

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Donkey Kong Country 3: Double the Trouble!Donkey Kong Country 3

Mike's all over this album - in addition to doing a great job producing it (gapless = lots of work for something this large), he's got more than a couple excellent contributions, with this funky concoction of beatboxing, synth jams, harmonica, retro chip textures and PURE FUN as a highlight - reminds me of Konami TMNT tunes for all the modulation & the overall attitude, which is definitely a good thing. He writes:

"Well, as many people know, this particular tune was originally gonna be a super-awesome rap collab by Diggi Dis and other various folks, but that whole deal kinda fell through toward the end of the project. When that didn't pan out, I quickly swooped in and had LOADS of fun taking a bluesy source and warping it into a jubilant, phat, bouncy electro-dance track (insert obligatory "and this is also how I like my women" joke). I'm kinda-sorta-totally ripping off an older original track of my own called "Chain Reaction," which had the exact same kind of feel -- driving beat, quirky bassline, and stabby synths which stab things...And yes, I did the beatboxing m'self. Enjoy!"

That's awesome. While I certainly would have liked hearing the planned rap collab, I definitely ain't complaining with this upbeat, carefree, funky jam - brings a smile to my face, a tap to my toe, a bob to my head, and other nouns to other parts. Emunator corroborates:

"Flexstyle is one of the most happy-go-lucky people I know. Throughout the course of the album's development, I've gotten to spend a lot of time with him, both online and in person. This track is the absolute embodiment of Michael Birch — bombastic, fun, and unabashedly larger-than-life. It's rare that you'll see an individual's personality come through in a remix more than you will here. If you can listen to this track and NOT have a huge smile on your face by the time it's over, we'll give you your money back. Guaranteed."

Nice. I like happy, upbeat people. Once in awhile, I am one. Fellow happy person OA writes:

"Pretty cool sound here, and some creative ideas that end up sounding polished and well executed."

halc simply offers - along with his approval:

"ahh, the bass. it's massaging my brain."

Indeed. I love that Flex did the beatboxing himself; it's just the type of tiny detail that shows true craftsmanship and love of the game. Beyond that, the energy is high, the synths they are a'plenty, things dubstep around a bit, and all the bass are belongs to Flex. Great stuff!


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on 2012-12-15 10:36:14
This is a great mix! It's headed straight for my favorites playlist :D
on 2012-12-07 10:38:32
This is badass walkin' music, let me tell you. The funky beatboxing intro was so good in setting up the tone of the ReMix. Yeah, really, the chiptune bits and pieces that followed the melody along with the beatboxing, just great arrangement ideas all around. Amazing ReMix, Flexstyle!
on 2012-12-04 10:34:18
This is groovin.
WillRock likey.
Awesome work bro! :D
on 2012-12-03 02:14:53
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