ReMix: Mega Man 4 "Flight of Rock"

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Mega Man 4

DR.WELI (Ville Touronen) follows up his 2013 debut with MOAR FOAR, as he again turns his attentions to Mega Man 4 with another uptempo, energzied EDM arrangement:

"I started making this remix over a year ago and finally had some time and determination to finish it. I must say, I've never spend this much time on any other track. And the experience was quite painful as I've got accustomed to using Ableton Live and I had to finish this with the good ol' FL Studio. Totally worth it though! I hope it pleases all you Mega Man fans. :) Enjoy!"

Nice stuttering breakbeats on the intro, with synths chirping about before the bass drops in with some subtle wobbling. This is older-school EDM, but solidly-built, and I especially liked some of the background feedback/distortion that accumulates towards the conclusion. OA writes:

"Pretty classy amping up of the source; I am a bit disappointed you took the cool 'hot potato' section from the source and put it all into one synth, but it still sounds good. The variation of sounds is interesting, and the energy is used well, with nice drops. The drums are intense, the mixing is solid, and the energy is incredible. The other additions are really solid too, and the overall song arc is pretty satisfying. Overall I'm feeling this a good deal."

Judges had some additional critique on levels & drum variation/repetition, but the overall consensus was a thumbs-up for the energy levels, development, and overall approach. I feel like certain production decisions really helped this mix along, specifically some of the processing and "dirt" that get added as things progress. Good second outing from Ville, who again shows that the blue bomber's fourth NES title had some great tracks!


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Venom Fighter X
on 2016-02-07 16:27:49

Great percussion and great mix quality.

on 2016-02-04 21:24:11

This arrangement struck me as a little safe. Sure there was a change in music genre, but it struck me as strictly an updated version of the original song, only slightly remixed. I will say that the percussion was really good, and I did love how the ending was produced, which sounded more remixed and arranged than the rest of this track. Not bad, not great, but decent.

on 2016-02-03 02:22:04

Nice energy and beats, some nice stuff and detail on the background. I have to say, I was really, really hoping for some variation on the lead sound before 2:30-ish (very nice stuff after that!), it would have improved this track considerably!

on 2016-02-02 10:40:38
20 hours ago, Liontamer said:

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Finally, a legit Cossack Stage 2 ReMix. It's good to see this underrated song get some lovem

on 2016-02-01 14:36:22

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