Album: Mega Man X: Maverick Rising

A free arrange album, published by OverClocked ReMix on 2012-03-14

  • Catalog Number: OCRA-0033
  • Published: 2012-03-14 by OverClocked ReMix
  • Media: 5 Digital

Disc 1

1. (MMX - Title) 0:38
2. Super Fighting Robot X (MMX3 - Opening Stage) 3:48
3. 21XX War Was Beginning (MMX5 - Opening Stage X) 3:10
4. Stealth Lizard (MMX - Sting Chameleon Stage) 3:00
5. Insecta Robotica (MMX6 - Commander Yammark Stage) 5:19
6. Spin Gator (MMX2 - Wheel Gator Stage) 3:12
7. STING (MMX3 - Opening Stage, Blast Hornet Stage, Neon Tiger Stage, Pass Word) 5:18
8. Congregation of the Fallen (MMX2 - Morph Moth Stage) 6:23
9. Cybernetic Coelacanth Submarine (MMX2 - Bubble Crab Stage) 4:29
10. Anoplophora (MMX3 - Gravity Beetle Stage) 5:37
11. Tuck 'n Roll (MMX - Armored Armadillo Stage) 3:45
12. Just Like You (MMX3 - Tunnel Rhino Stage) 5:31
13. Sigma Opus (MMX - Sigma Stage 1) 4:00
14. Vile Needs to Galvanize (MMX - Vile 1, Vile 2) 4:49
15. End of the Beginning (MMX - Ending) 3:17

Disc 2

1. Zero and the Plight of Iris (MMX4 - Opening Stage Zero) 4:16
2. On the Highway (MMX - Opening Stage) 5:24
3. String Chamellotron (MMX - Sting Chameleon Stage) 4:41
4. Thorn in My Slide (MMX5 - Spike Rosered Stage) 4:38
5. Glorious Crystal Gleam (MMX2 - Crystal Snail Stage) 3:54
6. Deep Sea Harmony (MMX5 - Duff McWhalen Stage) 4:42
7. Primulaceae Rosa (MMX8 - Primrose) 3:49
8. Put Ya Guns On (MMX5 - Zero Stage 2) 4:02
9. Dusty Dune Devil (MMX2 - Overdrive Ostrich Stage) 3:10
10. Stay Frosty (MMX4 - Frost Walrus Stage 1, Frost Walrus Stage 2) 5:22
11. Let There Be Light (MMX - Dr. Light, Get a Weapon, MMX2 - Dr. Light) 3:28
12. Repliforce's Honor (MMX4 - Final Weapon Stage 1) 6:28
13. Shadowclimber (MMX - Sigma Stage 4) 3:36
14. Duality (MMX5 - X vs. Zero) 5:31
15. The Paradise of Everlasting Peace (MMX - Cast Roll) 4:59

Disc 3

1. Doppler's Madness (MMX3 - Opening) 1:46
2. The 4th Coming (MMX4 - Opening Stage X) 4:30
3. The Leidenfrost Effect (MMX3 - Blizzard Buffalo Stage) 3:23
4. Noble Creature of Snow (MMX3 - Blizzard Buffalo Stage) 4:36
5. Bullet Fists of Lightning Fury (MMX - Spark Mandrill Stage, Boss 1) 3:59
6. Armadillo Armageddon (MMX - Armored Armadillo Stage, MMX5 - The Skiver Stage) 4:39
7. Towering Revolution (MMX - Boomer Kuwanger Stage) 4:40
8. Bibamus, Moriendum Est (MMX3 - Boss 1, Boss 2, Doppler Stage Boss) 3:06
9. Crawfish Crackdown (MMX3 - Crush Crawfish Stage) 3:14
10. Crushing Gravity (MMX3 - Gravity Beetle Stage) 4:13
11. Intruder Alert (MMX2 - Magna Centipede Stage) 3:47
12. Countdown to Infinity (MMX5 - The Skiver Stage, MMX6 - Infinity Mijinion Stage) 4:08
13. Hunter (Maverick Hunter X - Opening Stage Vile) 6:04

Disc 4

1. I Am the One Who Designed and Built Mega Man X (MMX4 - Dr. Light, MMX5 - Dr. Light) 5:03
2. Sweeping the Storming Skies (MMX - Storm Eagle Stage) 3:22
3. Inferno: Unleash the Flame Stag (MMX2 - Flame Stag Stage, MMX - Storm Eagle Stage, MM2 - Dr. Wily Stage 1) 4:16
4. Minutes of Hypothermia (MMX - Stage Select, Stage Start, Chill Penguin Stage, Dr. Light, Boss 1, Boss 2, Get a Weapon, Pass Word) 10:17
5. Spiral Shark Rodeo (MMX6 - Metal Shark Player Stage, MMX5 - The Skiver Stage) 3:35
6. Slashing Through Cyberspace (MMX4 - Cyber Peacock Stage, Slash Beast Stage) 5:07
7. A Flea and His Giant (MMX6 - Infinity Mijinion Stage, MMX4 - Opening Stage X) 4:21
8. Catch the Eagle (MMX3 - Blizzard Buffalo Stage, MMX5 - The Skiver Stage) 3:40
9. SparkPlugs (MMX - Zero) 3:45
10. Zero's Plight (MMX5 - Zero Stage 1, Opening Stage Zero) 5:30
11. X-Hunted (MMX2 - X-Hunter Stage 1) 5:12
12. First Form Slayer (MMX7 - Our Blood Boils) 3:43
13. Iron Will March (MMX8 - VS Lumine ~ The First Form) 3:07
14. Winged Reploid (Revelation) [MMX8 - VS Lumine ~ The Second Form] 5:03
15. affirmation (MMX5 - Ending) 4:21

Disc 5

1. On the Highway (Race Mix) [MMX - Opening Stage] 4:33
2. Into the Rebellion!! (MMX4 - Opening Stage X, Stage Select) 4:02
3. Braving the Storm (MMX - Chill Penguin Stage, Dr. Light) 6:26
4. resolut(-ion) [MMZ4 - Esperanto] 5:06


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on 2021-05-19 13:45:47

I'm getting tired of scouring the entire internet for very specific tracks that no one wants to remix for whatever reason. I have a YouTube channel where I'm trying to make three complete remastered playlists for mega Man X 1 2 and 3 but no matter where I go what I do I'm always missing tracks like the stage intro themes, or the doctor light capsule themes, or even very basic themes like the x Hunter cutscene theme. Not only does it make it impossible since there aren't any remixes of these at all (or even good ones for that matter) but it's frustrating because that means that all three of my playlist will be perpetually incomplete except for the first mega Man X. Let me know if any of you find remixes of the specific tracks because I could really use all the help I can get.

on 2013-02-24 21:02:15

Correction for the song "The Early Crow Gets the Snail (Wind Crowrang vs. Crystal Snail)" on the The Grand Maverick Remix Battle 2010 portion:

Composers are Noriyuki Iwadare Yuki Iwai.

Noriyuki Iwadare specifically composed X7's Wind Crowrang stage theme (listed as "Higher The Air~Air Force Stage" on the OST). and for details.

on 2012-11-16 14:47:14

I've gotten into contact with Teruo Konishi via Twitter (it's the first thing that comes up in a Google search for him btw) a week ago and he replied that he did the two Sigma battle themes for X7, one of which (Our Blood Boils) is the game's sole representative.

With that you can completely remove Makoto Asai and Shuichi Mizohata.

Additionally, given that Hasegawa was in charge of Maverick Hunter X and did all the cinematic music (which naturally includes allusions to Vile's Theme for his story), you can also get rid of Shinya Okada and Seiko Kobuchi.

on 2012-08-23 23:24:45

If someone else wants to direct such an album, I'd give my full blessings - such posts make it tempting to start such a project, but I think the allure of doing other game soundtracks grips me more.

on 2012-08-17 11:06:05

Maverick Rising also missed most of the boss themes, so there is material for a sequel!

on 2012-08-17 02:54:53
Thanks everyone for the comments so far! I read them every now and then :) , and appreciate them greatly (even any negative commentary).

Here's a little random tidbit - the name of the album Maverick Rising came out of me recalling the Judas Priest song

, and just the thought of a maverick assault rampaging through made Maverick Rising such a natural name to me.

As a testament to how great Maverick Rising was (everything I'd hoped for, but I can't judge it in comparison to the public hype), I came up with another pipe dream... a Maverick Rising volume 2 that includes, but is far from limited to, ReMixes of Launch Octopus, Flame Mammoth, Wire Sponge, Toxic Seahorse, Volt Catfish, Web Spider, Storm Owl, Split Mushroom, Jet Stingray, and Magma Dragoon. The project would require all of those 10 Mavericks to be ReMixed in either 1 or 2 tracks, with free selection amongst the other tracks, with not yet ReMixed pieces encouraged, and a total of 3 discs (30 to 45 tracks) if a 4th disc would make things too difficult.

on 2012-08-17 00:23:13

Thanks everyone for the comments so far! I read them every now and then :) , and appreciate them greatly (even any negative commentary).

Here's a little random tidbit - the name of the album Maverick Rising came out of me recalling the Judas Priest song

, and just the thought of a maverick assault rampaging through made Maverick Rising such a natural name to me.
on 2012-06-04 21:11:05

Oh, my, god, Iron Will March, is so amazing.

on 2012-04-14 09:38:15

Just downloaded, and wow this is an incredible collection of arrangements. Near perfection... like 99.9999%. I can't say 100 because Toxic Seahorse's theme from X3 wasn't included!

on 2012-04-09 21:46:27

I almost couldn't believe when I looked through the playlist at the project's website. I think that all the remixes I've been waiting for showed up in this album. I'm freaking out with each tune, man. The songs are really epic, and I'm really grateful to you guys, who worked to create this. As a Mega Man X fan, I'm really happy I can listen to such quality music based on a part of my culture. Thank you guys from OC Remix, and thanks to Capcom as well, despite they abbandoned the franchise and left the fans with nothing but reasons to lose the hope on seeing/controlling Mega Man in new and nice titles.

on 2012-04-06 09:42:50

This is easily my favorite OCR album (though I do have significant bias, Mega Man X is my all-time favorite series). So many good songs and a few tracks that are unexpectedly awesome despite my dislike of some source tracks.

on 2012-04-04 16:09:54

An insane soundtrack, with awesome sounds. Well done! But there is enough here to keep even old fans busy with playlists. =D Nice

on 2012-04-02 19:11:20

Wesley Cho ‏ @BahamutWC

"@KinuyoYamashita Hey, I directed a Mega Man X series tribute album which includes X3 music that I think you'd enjoy!"

Kinuyo Yamashita山下絹代 ‏ @KinuyoYamashita

"@BahamutWC I really enjoyed it."

Right there is the composer to Megaman X3 as well as a few other games approving of this album, you can't do much better then that.

on 2012-04-02 02:17:46

Hmmm, It didn't feel as good to me as most of the other albums on this site to me. It felt almost empty on some of it for me, even. I don't know why. There are some great tracks on it, though. I look forward to the next album.

on 2012-03-28 21:06:55

Congratulations guys on a staggeringly awesome album.

This album took me 2 days to listen to due to so many songs.

First of all i gotta agree with kyle below about Cyril the wolf in crushing gravity, dude i gotta say when i heard that scream, it blew me out of my chair, i was stunned, well done sir.

There's many great songs from this album but the greatest thing about this album is that it includes remixers who don't seem to have any posted remixes on OCR, such as BONKERS, ergosonic and M-H who i know from DoD, as well as those who seem to be newcomers such as washudoll, krow, brandon snell and devastus.

As for the use of soundclips, i personally feel they add to the songs

This albums greatest achievement however is bringing the plaid muffins back together, guys you don't realize how additive that song is, i end up randomly singing it at work.

All in all a great album all round, so great that it makes me want to go through the entire series, to experience it myself, and to me that is a mark of a truly inspiring remix album.