Album: Arcadia Legends

A free arrange album, published by OverClocked ReMix on 2018-12-21

Featuring the music of...

Skies of Arcadia and Skies of Arcadia: Legends

Game: Skies of ArcadiaGame: Skies of Arcadia: Legends

  • Catalog Number: OCRA-0069
  • Published: 2018-12-21 by OverClocked ReMix
  • Media: 4 Digital



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Mr. Hu
on 2019-04-10 12:08:08

THAT is so awesome. Wow. Warms my heart, haha. One of my all time favorite games, and really probably my favorite game ever that never got a sequel (okay, it got a remake, but still!). Hopefully the composers of the game will get their hands on a copy somehow.

on 2019-04-03 20:51:29
Aaron Webber @RubyEclipse on Twitter, Social Media and PR guy for SEGA of America was delivered by us, over 70 copies of the physical Arcadia Legends album! They also sent over copies with personalized letters from us to SEGA of Japan where a copy got into the hands of REIKO KODAMA, the producer of Skies of Arcadia! She was VERY pleased! We did it guys! They appreciated all the hard work and effort we did to make this a reality!
It may not make a huge difference in getting a Skies of Arcadia 2, but I'm willing to take whatever we can get! Thanks again to everyone who contributed and supported us!
on 2019-03-21 12:38:10

Thanks for having me on this journey. It's literally a dream realized.

It was every bit as hard as I thought it would be, plus a little extra (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

@Levi04 I will seed when I get back home.

on 2019-03-21 12:18:39

Job well done, DFW!

on 2019-03-21 12:08:20

Oof... $250 later and all the international shipments are done! Everyone who has been owed a copy has been shipped out! And...I'm still left over close to 200 copies... x_X For those expecting, I'll be emailing you shortly regarding tracking number so you can track packages to your home. And with that, my role in directing Arcadia Legends has come to a final end! Thank you one and all for contributing and following this album and I hope everyone continues to enjoy the music!

on 2019-03-20 12:11:39

Are the torrent links working for anyone else? Alternatively, is there another place to download/buy the flac version of this file, such as Bandcamp? Sorry, new to this forum. Thanks!

Edit: download worked fine for me today, so it was probably on my end

on 2019-03-20 08:34:37

Okay, all American/USA based contributors have had their copies sent out to them yesterday. Already sent out your tracking numbers as well to your emails/DMs. I am currently filling out customs forms for the international shipments (and waiting for my next paycheck to hit this Friday) before I gather together the copies to send out to my foreign contributors!

Was funny at the Post Office, I literally cleaned them out of all boxes/packages that'd fit two copies of the album. They were like, did you need that many? ME: Yes, yes I do and I'll be needing just as many when I come back to do this again! :D

on 2019-03-18 16:27:45
1 minute ago, Gario said:

Those... look incredible.

... almost edible! So yummie!

on 2019-03-18 16:26:24

Those... look incredible.

on 2019-03-18 16:22:35

That looks fantastic!

on 2019-03-18 16:17:16





Guess what came in?

on 2019-02-10 17:00:00

I'm not sure where else to ping for these folks, but for those wanting physicals who took part in this album and I'm pinging you here, please check your DMs on these forums. Important information is there for you. @Garpocalypse @shredd @Chadlee @bluelighter @Juke @GlacialSpoon @OceansAndrew @YoshiBlade @Deedubs @fxsnowy @Ophanin @Rotten Eggplant @Silent Ice

on 2019-01-03 15:17:05

@Darkflamewolf hahaha. you just made my day! There isn't much better praise to be had than that.

on 2019-01-03 15:08:18

@TSori, I will give you a nice, warm fuzzy. Out of all the tracks on the album, my two boys absolutely love and adore your 'Better Days' track. So much so that when it comes on, they instantly recognize it and forbid us to change the song or even stop the car and get out if we go anywhere until the song finishes. lol :D

on 2019-01-02 18:06:15

@Mr. Hu Thanks for sharing your thoughts on every track. It's really cool to see someone take the time to do that. I'm also glad you liked "Better Days"! Like you, I didn't remember what Drachma's theme sounded like either. It may take a bit of a critical ear, but I'm sure if you go back and listen to the original you'll be able to match the melodies up with "Better Days." It was a lot of fun trying to tell a part of the character's story from a very different angle.

I've listened to whole album through 3 times now, and I just love every bit of it. There isn't a track on it that isn't great. I'm thrilled beyond belief that I got to make my first foray into remixing in such great company. That said a few of my standout favorites were:

"Secret Bass" - In addition to having such a wonderfully punny name, it was a completely unexpected take on what I honestly had thought was a pretty forgettable original theme. It's slick in production and pulls no punches. Incredibly creative, unique and fun remix

"Il buono, il brutto, il pirata dell'aria" - I had been looking forward to hearing this since the project thread first showed "genre: spaghetti western". My brother and I were doing our first listen to the album while traveling over the holidays. We had been watching this track getting closer and closer on the playlist and then the first notes rang out.. We looked at each other and he said exactly what I was thinking "wow...they just kind of dove into that headfirst didn't they..." There's something to be said for setting out to craft a very specific "feel" for a piece and JUST NAILING IT. The arrangement is nothing short of fantastic and the production quality is superb. Way to take a great piece of source material in a completely new direction and own it 100%.

"The Darkness Is Already Here" - I would in many ways have expected a dark rift remix to have a threatening/intimidating kind of vibe, but what we get here is much more eerie. When I listen to this I feel like I'm floating through a graveyard of ships. Everything is calm around you, too much so....and every so often you silently and unceremoniously drift past another wreck that reminds you of a formless, unseen danger. Zyko's choice of instruments adds a lot of texture to the sound that I think really drives this remix. awesome.

"Coding Angel" - absolutely hilarious, catchy as can be, and interestingly enough, virtually unrecognizable (at least to my ears) fromt he source tune. I would love to know how Jason Covenant decided Gilder's theme needed to be done this way. Whatever the reason, the end result is a finely polished, smile inducing, unforgettable standout track, that i'll be involuntarily siniging for days.

"God's Ambition" - Deedubs was great to work with on "Better Days". I'm really glad to see him getting some well deserved accolades. All of his tracks are great. This one in particular took me right back to an epic battle in the skies, and reminded me just how great this game was. With this and many of his other tracks, Deedubs found a way to bring back everything you felt when you heard the music for the first time in game, and dial it up to 11.

I could pick so many more great entries on the album, but these 5 have probably been the ones I have repeated the most over the past few days.

Great job everyone! This project was a blast. I can't wait to do more.