Chiptune: Space Station: Silicon Valley

USF Format, 30 Songs, 0.80MB

Published 1998 by Take Two Interactive for Nintendo 64

Music by Stuart Ross

Nintendo 64

  • File: space-station-silicon-valley-n64-[USF-ID11871].zip
  • MD5: fb8ebb534350c2b290075ef79ebc96e0
  • Format: USF (ZIP)
  • Extracted Info: Space Station: Silicon Valley | Stuart Ross | DMA Design |

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Chiptune Contents

This chiptune archive contains the following subfiles/songs:

1. Introduction
2. Title Screen
3. Leaving Earth
4. Roger Meets Flossy
5. Roger Gets Smashed
6. Level Select (Smashing Start)
7. Have A Nice Day!
8. Honeymoon Lagoon
9. The Battery Farm
10. The Engine Room
11. Fat Bear Mountain
12. Rat-o-Matic
13. Give A Dog A Bonus
14. Snow Joke
15. Ice 'n' Easy Does It
16. Penguin Playpen
17. Jungle Japes
18. Jungle Doldrums
19. Swamp of Eternal Stench
20. Jungle Jumps
21. Evo's Escape
22. Fun In The Sun
23. Punch-Up Pyramid
24. Final Battle
25. Big Celebration Parade (Credits)
26. Level Clear
27. Level Lost
28. Unused 1
29. Unused 2
30. Unused 4


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