Chiptune: Valkyrie Profileヴァルキリープロファイル

PSF Format, 79 Songs, 10.93MB

Published 1999 by Enix for PlayStation

Music by Motoi Sakuraba


  • File: valkyrie-profile-ps1-[PSF-ID12093].zip
  • MD5: 50b9cc22a1f43c0231786ed361cc2106
  • Format: PSF (ZIP)
  • Extracted Info: Valkyrie Profile | Motoi Sakuraba | tri-Ace, Enix |

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Chiptune Contents

This chiptune archive contains the following subfiles/songs:

1. Epic Poem to Sacred Death
2. Take a Flight
3. To the Unhallowed Ground
4. Valhalla
5. Requiem to a Predicament
6. All is Twilight
7. Prosperity's Compensation ~ An Introduction
8. In Water, Air, and Light
9. The Road to Glory and Prosperity
10. When a Person Changes
11. Soon We See Shadow and Light
12. Emotion Upset
13. Turn Over a New Leaf
14. Fighting the Shadowy Gods
15. The Key to Singing the Praises of Victory
16. Doorway to Heaven
17. The Counterfeit Self
18. Distortions in the Void of Despair
19. Confidence in the Domination
20. Artifact
21. Blameless Thoughts
22. Ancient Fantasies Eternal
23. Eternal Hydrogen Anxieties
24. Evil Tales and Obligations
25. Clouds of Spray
26. Black Blinding Nightmare
27. Hopeless Resolution
28. Illuminating Magic Links
29. Oblivion's Joy
30. The Name of His People is Fear
31. In the Beginning, There was Light
32. Out of Chaos
33. An Illusion of the Brainstem
34. Hard Chain Reaction
35. Ray of Darkness, Ray of Light
36. Delusional Extremities
37. Ending the Spiral
38. Rise Above the World
39. Eternal Engine of Linguistic Massacre
40. Negative Roots
41. Circulate on a Windup Doll
42. Reflections of Trickery
43. An Inscription on a Tombstone
44. Eternal Spirits Arise
45. Unstable Balance
46. Recurrent Shudders
47. Heads Magic, Tails Curse
48. To the Last Drop of My Blood
49. The Nonsense of Reality
50. Over There
51. A Hollow Heart
52. A Tense Atmosphere
53. A Clash of Personalities
54. Weeping Lilies
55. Tomorrow
56. The Crumbling Id
57. Through a Thin Haze
58. Behave Irrationally
59. Fragments of the Heart
60. The First Unison
61. Systematic Enemy
62. Vestigal Dream
63. Break Down
64. The Neverending Cycle of Reincarnation
65. Turn Over a New Leaf (Rhythm Version)
66. The True Nature of All
67. Becoming Accustomed to Happiness
68. Fantasy and Reality Intermingled
69. Mission to Deep Space
70. Beast of Prey
71. Shiver
72. The Climax of the Tower
73. The Incarnation of the Devil
74. Mighty Blow
75. Nostalgia Into Hope
76. Fanfare
77. Storm
78. Strong Wind
79. Water and Church Bells


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