Chiptune: Earthworm Jimアースワームジム

VGM Format, 15 Songs, 2.03MB

Published 1994 by Playmates for Sega Genesis

Music by Tommy Tallarico

Sega Genesis

  • File: earthworm-jim-gen-[VGM-ID2226].zip
  • MD5: 95c30a5fe82abc1b48321ffc4af95371
  • Format: VGM (ZIP)
  • Extracted Info: |

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Chiptune Contents

This chiptune archive contains the following subfiles/songs:

1. Earthworm Jim - Andy Asteroids
2. Earthworm Jim - Buttville - The Descent
3. Earthworm Jim - Buttville - The Queen's Lair
4. Earthworm Jim - Ending
5. Earthworm Jim - For Pete's Sake
6. Earthworm Jim - Game Over
7. Earthworm Jim - Intestinal Distress
8. Earthworm Jim - Level 5
9. Earthworm Jim - Lost the Race
10. Earthworm Jim - New Junk City
11. Earthworm Jim - Psycrow
12. Earthworm Jim - Rodeo Jim
13. Earthworm Jim - Snot a Problem
14. Earthworm Jim - What The Heck
15. Earthworm Jim - Who Turned Out the Lights


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