Chiptune: Mega Man Zero 3ロックマンゼロ3

GSF Format, 40 Songs, 501.0KB

Game Boy Advance

  • File: mega-man-zero-3-gba-[GSF-ID9106].rar
  • MD5: 6571880c1e095609a371a1d421233b44
  • Format: GSF
  • Extracted Info: Megaman Zero 3 | Ippou Yamada | 2004 Capcom |

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Chiptune Contents

This chiptune archive contains the following subfiles/songs:

1. Title III
2. Neo Arcadia March
3. Forbidden Ark
4. Break Out (Crashed Ship Intro Stage)
5. Darkness Over World
6. Exiled One - Omega
7. Omega Battle
8. Curse of Bile
9. Prismatic (Resistance Base)
10. Visor Eyes
11. Volcano (Agnis Volcano: Blazin' Frizard)
12. Water City (Maritime Highway: Chilldre Inarabitta)
13. Reborn Mechanics (Weapon Recycling Factory: Hellbat Sirt)
14. Old Life Space (Residential District: Deathtance Mantisk)
15. Cre'er and Prier
16. Crash III (Midboss Battle)
17. X, The Legend
18. Final Countdown (Missile Factory 1)
19. Omega Missile (Missile Factory 2)
20. The Dark Elf
21. For Endless Fight III (Twilight Desert: Anubis Necromancess V)
22. Sand Triangle II (Antrey Forest: Hanumachine II)
23. Infiltration II (Ice Frontline Base: Blizzak Stagroff II)
24. Neo Arcadia III (Area X2: Copy X Mark II Battle)
25. Cold Smile (Energy Facility: Kyubit Foxtar)
26. Trail on Powdery Snow (Snowfield: Glacier Le Cactank)
27. Submerged Memory (Sunken Library: Volteel Biblio)
28. High-Speed Lift (Giant Elevator: Tretesta Cerberian)
29. Guarder Room
30. Scrapped Beat (Boss Battle)
31. Result of Mission III
32. Hell's Gate Open (Under Arcadia)
33. Curse of Bile (Stage Version)
34. Judgement Day (Omega Battle 2)
35. Return to Zero
36. Apocalypse Now
37. Cannon Ball (Final Battle)
38. I, 0 Your Fellow (Epilogue)
39. Everlasting Red (Credits)
40. Labo (System-a-Ciel)


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