Chiptune: Mega Man Zero 2ロックマンゼロ2

GSF Format, 39 Songs, 0.74MB

Game Boy Advance

  • File: mega-man-zero-2-gba-[GSF-ID9162].rar
  • MD5: 22d7d58505aec011e01017a69abcaaf2
  • Format: GSF
  • Extracted Info: Megaman Zero 2 | Chicken Mob, Ippou Yamada | 2003 Capcom |

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Chiptune Contents

This chiptune archive contains the following subfiles/songs:

1. Title II
2. For Endless Fight II
3. Departure (Intro Stage)
4. Crash II (Midboss Battle)
5. X, The Legend (Guardian Appearance)
6. Resistance Force (Elpis' Inauguration)
7. Momentary Peace (Resistance Base)
8. Labo (Ciel's Room)
9. Instructions (Mission Selection)
10. Ice Brain (South Pole Area)
11. Platinum (Convoy Train)
12. Gravity (Nuclear Plant)
13. Sand Triangle (Forest Stages)
14. Imminent Storm (Suspicious Events)
15. Cyberelf Theme
16. Neo Arcadia II (Failed Siege Stage)
17. Power Bom (Air Fleet)
18. Uneasy (Crisis Theme)
19. Spreading Darkness (Return From Siege)
20. Combustion (Evil Elpis)
21. Cool Water (Computer Facility)
22. Passionate (Transport Factory)
23. Flash Back (Crystal Caverns)
24. Guarder Room (Boss Intro)
25. Strong Will (Boss Battle)
26. Result of Mission II (Area Clear)
27. Melt Down (Neo Arcadia 1)
28. Cool Hearted Fellow (Neo Arcadia 2)
29. The Cloudy Stone (Neo Arcadia 3)
30. Harpuia (Transformation)
31. The End of Legend
32. Silver Wolf Yggdrasil (Neo Arcadia 4)
33. The Dark Elf
34. Supreme Ruler (Final Battle 1)
35. The Last: The Wish Punished (Final Nattle 2)
36. In Mother's Light (Epilogue)
37. Awakening Will
38. Red Time (2 Player Mode Edit)
39. Unknown Beat


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