Chiptune: Mega Man Zero 4ロックマンゼロ4

GSF Format, 34 Songs, 2.62MB

Game Boy Advance

  • File: mega-man-zero-4-gba-[GSF-ID9183].rar
  • MD5: 43651db412bfb040a08f45304532af0d
  • Format: GSF
  • Extracted Info: Mega Man Zero 4 | Ippo Yamada, Masaki Suzuki, Luna Umegaki, Shinichi Itakura | Capcom |

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Chiptune Contents

This chiptune archive contains the following subfiles/songs:

1. Title IV (Part 1)
2. Title IV (Part 2)
3. Prologue
4. Caravan - Hope for Freedom (Opening Stage)
5. Nothing Beats (Boss Battle)
6. Holy Land (Area Zero Camp)
7. Elves Dance (Item Recpie / Cyber Elf)
8. Esperanto (2nd Opening Stage)
9. Fragile Border
10. On the Edge (Crisis Theme)
11. Craft
12. Mission Briefing
13. Max Heat (Heat Genblem Stage)
14. Deep Blue (Tech Kraken Stage)
15. Celestial Garden (Pegasolta Eclair Stage)
16. Queen of the Hurt (Noble Mandrago Stage)
17. Showdown (Area Zero Camp Mission)
18. Cage of Tyrant (Neige Rescue Mission)
19. Exodus (Prison Escape)
20. Blaze Down (Sol Titanion Stage)
21. Sleeping Beast (Fenri Lunaedge)
22. Magnetic Rumble (Mino Magnus Stage)
23. Blackheart Beat (Popla Cocapetri Stage)
24. Crash IV (Mid Boss Battle)
25. Straight Ahead (Ragnarok Control Stage)
26. Power Field (Craft Battle)
27. Rust and Dust (Ragnarok Aftermath)
28. Crossover Station (Teleporter Base Stage)
29. Cyber Space (Teleporter Circuit Stage)
30. Ragnarok (Ragnarok Core Stage)
31. Fate - Theme of Weil (Boss Appearance / Mistrust Theme)
32. Falling Down (Final Battle)
33. Ciel d'aube (Epilogue)
34. Promise - Next New World (Ending Theme)


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