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Article by: Polo
Pictured from: Super Meat Boy
Created by: Edmund McMillen, Jonathan McEntee
First appearance: 2008


What began as an original Flash-based platformer on Newgrounds quickly morphed into a cult hit. Like Alien Hominid before it, Meat Boy garnered such positive reception that it got upgraded to a console game and more. The Meat Boy titles are renowned for their many quirks, including a difficulty level reminiscent of classic platformers, a slew of unlockable characters from other indie games, and music composed by Danny Baranowsky. At the meat of it all stands the red, raw hunk himself, Meat Boy.

When his lover, Bandage Girl, gets kidnapped by the middle finger-flipping Dr. Fetus, Meat Boy sets off on a chase across several worlds to get her back. He moves through levels mainly by running, jumping, and wall-jumping, all the while leaving a trail of slop on every surface he touches. Being what he is, Meat Boy must avoid instant-murder hazards such as saw blades, fire, homing missiles, lava, and salt. Every time he catches up to Bandage Girl, Dr. Fetus swoops in and carries her farther away, and more of the characters' nonverbal hijinks (and facial expressions) come out in cutscenes. No matter the danger, the sweet and tender Meat Boy risks life and limb to rescue Bandage Girl, for what he lacks in skin, he makes up for in guts.

Selected game appearances


  • Meat Boy (2008)

Xbox 360


  • Bit.Trip Runner (2010)
  • Bit.Trip Fate (2010)



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