Wiki: Forum Rules and Posting Policy

The OverClocked ReMix Forums enable discussion and collaboration on a variety of topics, and (alongside the Discord Server) are where most community interaction takes place. Information on using our forum software, Invision Power Board, is available at

This document is considered global for the entire site; certain forums may have additional rules or exceptions not listed in this document that are posted as sticky threads where appropriate. Respect of forum moderators and site resources while using our forums is required at all times.


When making your account name, take the time to think about what you want to be known as. We will seldom change your name later if you request it, so pick your name wisely. Each user should only register a single account, and should not share that account with others. Account profile fields should be filled in accurately or left blank if not applicable.

Account Name Limitations/Restrictions:

  • 25 characters or less
  • No swearing
  • No racism/racist remarks
  • Avoid mimicking another user's name

Once registered, additional privacy and data deletion options will be available via your account settings at

Posting Policy

Before posting a new thread, be sure to review threads in the forum you are browsing to see if the topic has already been raised. Likewise, before replying to a thread, review that thread to see if your question or point has already been raised. Nobody likes answering the same question a hundred times, and duplicate threads will be merged with existing threads or removed.

In general, don't be an idiot, and don't be a jerk. These sound like fairly basic requirements, but unfortunately more detail is often required as to what those terms mean.

Posting Limitations/Restrictions:

  • No off-topic posting; pick the appropriate forum
  • No spamming, flooding, or threadbreaking
  • No trolling/flaming; stay on-topic and avoid personal insults and harassment
  • No illegal material or requests for illegal material, including but not limited to warez, ROMs, copyrighted music, and child pornography


If a moderator contacts you with a warning, respect and follow their advice to prevent temporary or permanent banning. Do not abuse the "Report Post" functionality, but do report anything you believe is a serious violation of these rules to a moderator, rather than attempting to correct the issue yourself.

Second and third warnings may be issued at the discretion of each moderator, but if a user rejects an initial warning and continues to disobey forum rules, they can be temp-banned without secondary notification.

If you wish to discuss a moderator's actions, contact them via private message rather than posting your objection/question/comment publicly.

Warning Offenses:

  • Username and profile field violations
  • Minor to moderate 1st-time posting or signature violations
  • Abuse of the report system

Banning Offenses:

  • Alternate accounts (main account will also receive a warning)
  • Ban evasion
  • Bots
  • Failure to comply with moderator instruction
  • Any attempts to hack the forum software or circumvent its security
  • Minor to moderate 2nd-time posting, profile, or signature violations
  • Extreme 1st-time posting or signature violations (e.g. massive spamming, child pornography)


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