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"I am one with the Master Emerald."


Article by: Polo
Pictured from: Sonic Adventure 2
Created by: Sega
First appearance: 1994


On Angel Island rests the Master Emerald, a gem capable of neutralizing the power of the Chaos Emeralds. Its sole guardian is Knuckles the Echidna, the last member of a race whose sworn duty has been to keep the emerald safe from thieves and destruction.

Having adhered to his duty his whole life, Knuckles prefers solitude over company. His focused nature occasionally makes him appear stubborn and arrogant around others, and rarely will he swallow his pride to admit when he's wrong. Serious to a fault, Knuckles often takes others' words at face value, particularly when the Master Emerald is involved. He originally believed Dr. Robotnik's lie that Sonic was the one trying to steal it from him, resulting in a clash between the echidna and hedgehog. Once the truth came to light, the two teamed up to take down the scheming doctor, and since then, Knuckles has been a steadfast (if relatively aloof) ally in Sonic's adventures.

Two spikes adorn both of Knuckles's gloves, adding a visible emphasis to his name. He punches his way through countless obstructions, from walls to boulders to baddies, when clearing a path of his choosing. Similar to a real echidna, Knuckles likes to burrow under surfaces to root out treasures. One of his handier moves is the ability to glide through the air for long distances, from which he can latch onto walls to climb. These tactics and more serve him well in exploration — there have been times when the Master Emerald shattered into fragments, and its ever-vigilant guardian tracked down every piece and reassembled them into a once-again functioning whole. One can expect no less from someone who embodies an entire race's hopes and strengths.

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