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Article by: Alex Stuart (Linearity)
Pictured from: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Created by: Nintendo
First appearance: 2000


This article is one of two Link biographies. For more information, see the Link bio.

Deku Link is really the hero Link, of the Legend of Zelda series, transformed by a mischievous Skull Kid into a plantlike form (that of a Deku Scrub) by the power of Majora's Mask.

Upon meeting the Happy Mask Salesman, Link learns the Song of Healing from him. This magical tune returns him to his prior Hylian form and transmogrifies the unnatural Deku Scrub form into a mask.

Using the mask at will, Link later becomes Deku Link again to use the expanded abilities that the alternate form grants him. These include projecting bubbles, temporary flight, skipping across the surface of water, and masquerading as one of the true Deku Scrubs in their own domain. However, Deku Link is critically vulnerable to fire and cannot dive into water.

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