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Article by: David Hesselbom (Dafydd)
Pictured from: Super Metroid
Created by: Nintendo
First appearance: 1986


Ridley, like Kraid, is one of the recurrent major adversaries in the Metroid series. A bony, dragon-like flying beast (shown here in a drawing from Super Metroid), Ridley has headed many high-profile Space Pirate missions, among them the capture of the last Metroid in the beginning of Super Metroid. He is one of the highest-ranking Space Pirates, believed by some to be the man upstairs himself.

Ridley was originally said to be one of the native inhabitants of planet Zebes, one that was taken in under the Mother Brain's command to become one of the Space Pirates. He has, in one way or another, appeared as a boss in most of the games in the Metroid series. His attacks during these boss battles are pretty much what you'd expect from a dragon-like creature: he breathes fire, flies around, grips Samus in his claws and swipes her with his tail. Ridley also cameos in Super Smash Bros.

Selected game appearances


Super NES


Game Boy Advance

  • Metroid Fusion (2002)
  • Metroid: Zero Mission (2004)




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