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"Mimigas aren't your enemies! Mimigas are harmless!!"


Article by: Polo
Pictured from: Cave Story 3D
Created by: Daisuke Amaya (Studio Pixel)
First appearance: 2004


Curly Brace is a robot who beams with empathy. She acts as a surrogate mother to orphaned Mimigas, critters native to the island of Cave Story, despite suffering from amnesia. Anyone on the Mimigas' side consequently gets her full support, while those out to slaughter them receive no mercy. She'll lend a hand to protect anyone important to her, even when it means putting her life on the line. It's no surprise, then, that Curly is the biggest booster of game protagonist Quote, who's out to stop horrible events from unfolding on the island.

Although her memory is imperfect, Curly maintains her potential to explore the cave-riddled island for answers to her past and more. She carries a machine gun as her starting weapon, although she can handle other firearms with equal proficiency. Thanks to her air tank, she can stay submerged in water indefinitely. Compared to Quote, Curly has a less sturdy constitution and requires more time to rest up after a trying battle or a shock to her systems. Nevertheless, Curly's resolve never falters, and she has Quote's back as much as he has hers. Little does she know just how intertwined their destinies are...

Selected game appearances



Nintendo 3DS

  • Cave Story 3D (2011)



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