ReMix:Shinobi "Shin Shuriken Jam" 2:59

By djpretzel

Arranging the music of one song...

"Main BGM (BGM 2)"

Primary Game: Shinobi (Sega , 1987, SMS), music by Yasuhiro Kawakami

Posted 1999-12-15, evaluated by djpretzel

The theme from the first stage of sega's classic ninja game SHINOBI, given a tecno-funk update by DJ PRETZEL and FRESH GREENS. rock to the crazy Joe Musashi Beat!! This remix is dedicated to the unveiling of ENN, emuspace, ex2k, and everything else magical on the night of Dec 15th, 1999!



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on 2023-12-10 20:52:09

Gotta fix that youtube link there, webmaster.
Somehow I've never actually listened to OCREMIX #1 until today even though I've been listening to this music for my entire adult life.
It really holds up. Very funky slap bassy. That flute sound is artificial in a way that reminds me of listening to MIDI pieces on my old packard bell win95 machine. I mean that in a good way.

on 2023-03-25 07:05:11

that intro is as etched into my mind as the TMNT series intro. seen it so many times at my cousin's house in the early nineties.

quintessential barebone VG exposition. setting up everything in 60 deliberately cliched seconds, and it's just kind of perfect. aged really well if you ask me.

though the music starts to suck after level 2. seems like the guy ran out of ideas....should've gone 100% leitmotif. didn't matter to me back then, as i rarely ever got to level 3.

"with your girlfriend as hostage, he plans to seize the ultimate power..."

man, that makes no sense at all! unless he gains power in some way by making alex suffer....

well, i suppose that's pretty deep.

on 2023-03-24 22:46:42
16 hours ago, Nase said:

checkout this remix tho!!

no one can do it betta!

Never gave this one the time of day, for some reason, which is weird in retrospect since I like Alex Kidd AND Shinobi...

on 2023-03-24 06:05:34

checkout this remix tho!!

no one can do it betta!

on 2023-03-22 22:04:38

I was born in 2009, and this song actually slaps. 23 years and going strong. Man, was I born in the wrong generation...

on 2015-12-19 00:50:55

Nice! The flute is pretty cool indeed, and the guitar samples at around 1:30 are good too. Not a ground-breaking song for sure, but still, this is a very nice tune, especially for being the first :)

on 2014-06-09 03:27:46

Fun mix, The flute and drum FX are especially cool.

on 2013-10-17 09:39:36

Humble beginnings of a individual that loves video game music.

Age has been kind to this mix as it isn't too jarring to listen to, nor is far from perfect. It definitely brings the funk but the flute (I'm assuming it's a flute) is a bit too loud that it oversteps the beats in the background. Other than that, it's a good head-bobbing song that will cause people to think you're weird for bobbing one's head. Somewhat cover-ish but it still does its own thing that it compliments the original source.

Two things I find a bit weird (but not really due to the possibility of no one thinking of it before), no one has thought to remix this track (the source) ever since this was posted almost 14 years ago. Nor has the main man, DJP revisited this track after improving his craft. Just an observation I had after listening to this, that's all.

on 2012-03-21 14:11:34

IMHO, this just doesn't stand up to the test of stands up and *puts on shades* gets down.

on 2011-12-25 08:05:27

Time to review THE ORIGINAL REMIX!!

It's not a bad song; as Brandon said, it stands up pretty well. There are a few issues that stand out, but all in all it's still a solid mix.

Brandon Strader
on 2011-12-03 03:23:46

The flute is definitely a little high in volume compared to the other elements, and is lacking modern articulations -- although the pitch bend at 0:18 makes it seem like a more "realistic" performance. For being an almost 13 year old mix, it still stands up pretty well. The high end starts getting bad at 1:24, and very bad at 1:28, but is only a brief moment of pain. The arrangement is pretty straight forward and repetitive. It begins to loop the song again at 1:58, right? :lol: For the time, I bet this mix was amazing -- wish I was here back then.

Ivan Hakštok
on 2011-12-02 07:31:50

Didn't expect the flute to come in after the opening bars, though I must say it's just a tiny bit too loud.

I definitely love the bassline, especially the parts where it follows the lead.

The panning transition at 1:30 didn't really sit well for me, just the flanger would've probably been better.

Overall, pretty good for the first ReMix ever :D

on 2011-12-01 23:41:25

Oh boy, track #1. The song that started it all.

For what it is (and especially for the time it was released) it's not a bad jam - the style is fun, and the instruments are very fitting. The flute is convincing enough (though on the dry side), and the vanilla synth adds just the right atmosphere to it.

The drums have a decent beat, though they're a little too machine-like for my tastes. They also don't change that much, which makes them tiring to listen to after a while.

There's a flange in the middle of the track that doesn't rest well with me - particularly because of the hard pan that comes with it. It admittedly is a good way to break the static arrangement, but that panning is too distracting for me.

Otherwise, it's not a bad track. Sure, not up to the bar today, but we all have to start from somewhere. This is certainly not a bad place to start.

It gets a good, solid six ninja stars out of ten.

on 2011-09-08 10:05:48

For being one of the mixes that started it all, I gotta say that it holds up better than some later mixes. It's catchy as hell and a damn good toe-tapper. Seriously, the beat and the flute worked well together, and although there are a few flaws, they're only minor. OCR has come a long way, but this was a great start for sure.

on 2010-11-09 17:12:24

So, this is the mix that started it all. Not a bad mix by any means, but it does have a few production issues (that piercing flute for starters) Not to mention the really hard panned left section in the middle of the track, which while a nice idea, was lacking in execution. However, its got a great drum beat providing a great rhythmic foundation, and a pretty cool bassline as well. My only other issue is that it gets a bit repetitive towards the end, despite the short length of the remix. A flawed but enjoyable mix nontheless :).

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Primary Game:
Shinobi (Sega , 1987, SMS)
Music by Yasuhiro Kawakami
"Main BGM (BGM 2)"

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