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    David W. Lloyd is a software engineer, musician, producer, and graphic designer from the Metro/DC area of the United States of America.

    Mr. Lloyd is the president and founder of OverClocked ReMix, an organization dedicated to the appreciation and preservation of video game music. He has popularized unofficial arrangements of this music by encouraging fans to submit mixes to the website he developed and maintains at He has composed and produced numerous such arrangements himself, under the name of "djpretzel", in addition to original compositions available on his personal website at He has appeared alongside industry professionals like Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall at game music events, and has been interviewed by Salon, Electronic Gaming Monthly, and others for his work with the site. He runs an associated record label, Overclocked Records, to help promote the original and arranged music of artists involved in gaming and computer culture.

    Mr. Lloyd is also an accomplished software engineer with ten years of experience in web-related technologies. His skills include experience in .NET, Java, and PHP software development, relational database design and administration, graphic design and web development using Photoshop and Dreamweaver, and extensive familiarity with Documentum-based software solutions, web services, and XML/XSLT.
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    David W. Lloyd
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    Software Engineer
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    2. Maybe; Depends on Circumstances
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    Bitwig Studio
    Studio One
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    [Plugins]: Kontakt, Omnisphere, Trilian, Battery, Reaktor, Sylenth1, Zebra2, Hive, Alchemy [Libraries]: Spitfire Albion & BML Series, Heavyocity, Impact Soundworks
  • Composition & Production Skills
    Arrangement & Orchestration
    Drum Programming
    Mixing & Mastering
    Recording Facilities
    Synthesis & Sound Design
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    Vocals: Male

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  1. djpretzel

    Album Requests?

    @Pipez The Recruit & Collaborate forum is your best bet ( Basically, staff rarely run albums themselves - most albums are started by artists or individuals interested in seeing X game or concept realized; for more obscure games, that can mean having a smaller scope & staying on top of deadlines, cycling requests out, etc.
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  3. djpretzel

    Don't know if anyone's mentioned it, but ocrmirror is gone.

    @His Infinite Machine This issue has been resolved and the mirror should now be functional; many many thanks to Robert, the mirror's owner, for his assistance.
  4. djpretzel

    Bit Wig Studio?

    I've got Bitwig, but haven't really put it through its paces. It definitely holds its own, and the modularity of the environment is awesome. A couple other bonuses: It loads VERY quickly, It scans & detects new VSTs in near real-time, and... It has best-in-the-industry sandboxing of VST plugins, where a plugin can crash, disappear, then reload itself all while your song is still playing, without crashing the DAW. If I'm just wanting to load a VST quickly to mess around, Bitwig is my go-to now, because of the above. Still wanna wrap my head around it enough to actually make a complete song, but I'm thinking B3 will be a good incentive.
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  6. djpretzel

    OCR01068 - Ninja Gaiden II "In the Atrium"

    I always liked the first verse here, in particular; fits the melody like a glove, angsty-but-still-interesting... good stuff.
  7. djpretzel

    Don't know if anyone's mentioned it, but ocrmirror is gone.

    Because this situation might recur, I'll outline the specifics: PRS for Music ( issued a DMCA takedown for a ReMix by @Beatdrop Dreamhost removed the mix and notified us... ...however, our automated process to synchronize mirrors put the mix right back where it was, and Dreamhost subsequently shut the whole mirror down I am in the process of issuing a counter-claim and checking with Dain to see if there's any reason this company would have issued such a claim; even if there is, our content policy grants us license to publish/distribute and supersedes any subsequent agreements re: exclusivity. In the meantime, the mirror will remain down
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  9. What did you think? Post your opinion of this ReMix.
  10. What did you think? Post your opinion of this ReMix.
  11. What did you think? Post your opinion of this ReMix.
  12. What did you think? Post your opinion of this ReMix.
  13. djpretzel

    Concerning the torrents for the site's remixes

    So this is a great data modeling type question, and the answer is twofold: It makes titling easier/clearer, as the primary game name becomes part of the mix title AND the filename, aiding discoverability in a number of contexts Most mixes are single game, often single source, so more often than not it isn't an issue; we could have mix titles and filenames that begin with "Multiple" or "Various" but that's kind of hideous, and the use case is relatively anomalous as well...
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  15. djpretzel

    Concerning the torrents for the site's remixes

    Yes but that also has some advantages if you lean on Windows' built-in ID3 tag capability, or a similar functionality/utility in other operating systems - we've tagged stuff with game, composer, artist, system, publisher, year, etc., and all of those become sortable in one view... it's just that w/ 3K+ files, unless you've got a beefier machine, it takes a bit to process. A similar request has been made to do "series" torrents, i.e. "GIMME ALL DA ZELDA" - one permutation would be JUST separating out the more mixed games, or more mixed series, as subfolders, with a threshold of 20+ mixes qualifying a game/series for "subfolder status". We don't want to maintain too many torrents, or it defeats the point, but we might put an alternate organization method up for vote at some point this year.