ReMix:Tetris "Slavic Roots" 3:19

By djpretzel

Arranging the music of one song...

"A-Type (Korobeiniki)"

Primary Game: Tetris (Nintendo , 1989, GB), music by Hirokazu Tanaka

Posted 2000-02-11, evaluated by djpretzel

Okay, yes, I know - other people have remixed Tetris . . I've heard several mixes, actually, some of which were quite good - if anyone knows the creator of any of these, and can get him/her to contact me, I'll put 'em up . . IN THE MEANTIME . . here's MY version, just released, which is a little different as it attempts to incorporate actual Russian instruments - namely the balalaika - into the song, while at the same time doing the techno thing . . enjoy as always, and be on the lookout for more :)



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on 2015-04-21 14:34:37

This reminds me of those... what are those things called, Animusic? One of those.

Or the Crash Bandicoot soundtrack, they have a similar sound sometimes.

I really like how you expanded outwards from the familiar melody while still hanging on to it at its core. Lots of neat little details and samples, some of the directions are uh confusing but a lot of it works in an eclectic sense. Also I think I've already said this but dang you know your way around a solo and that's awesome.

on 2011-10-06 10:27:04

The beginning makes me think more Medieval than Slavic, but then it picks up speed and I totally hear it. I like how it has a nice bit of upbeatness while trying to infuse a bit of that cultural flavor into it. Not fond of the very end, but that's probably cause I'm wearing headphones when I listen to this. It just sounds like it's too sharp with those buzzes, but I'm not all that bothered by that since it's not there for too long. Overall, fantastic work!

SubNormal J3
on 2011-02-19 19:16:18

0:00 those samples fill the soundscape very well

0:36 interesting hybrid of genres

1:03 unique harmonics set this mix apart from others

2:20 as always, enjoyed the improv

3:11 decimation's a bit too much here

Overall, well done.

on 2009-03-18 14:37:25

ok, pretty generic starting sounds, and a sampled balalaika?! Does anyone else not see the disparity here?

Though the production is super dated on this one, there are a few stand-out moments, most notably the strong counter melody writing, and the super crunchy distorted sound that appears near the end. There is a pretty nice solo section as well, but I think DJP has moved on to bigger and better things. :-)

on 2007-06-06 12:43:14

My, this isn't too bad of a mix, if you ask me... It starts at a good speed, and continues at a pace that keeps the listeners' attention, which I've found to be a feature lacking on some of the other remixes I've heard that otherwise would have been at the top of my list. The implementation of the instruments you chose was well done, nothing taking too much notice, nothing being too subtle to bother with. This song is a good example of how someone can take even the most recognizable theme and make it their own... An excellent mix by any standard, great work!


'Slavic Roots' Tetris (NES), By: DJPretzel:

93% ~~~ A

Great (90-93% Range)


(But on a side note, and one I suppose goes for some other games who use already existing music in their titles... I find it almost funny that a song, originally with a choral section used [Коробе́йники/Korobeiniki] in a Russian song, had to be made usable through midi-grade sound [Therefore, lost all vocals], which then became available in the version best known to Americans [Music A, I believe], then unwittingly 'remixed' into altogether different and almost completely original arrangements that conform better to that societies current musical desires. What once was a song about peddlers is now a catchy song without vocal meaning [Yes, a bit more to both sides of the coin, but that is the basic idea of what the results are]! I'm just glad they chose more classical pieces to base their BGM on, as Tchaikovsky and the Red Army Choir [Yes, I am aware that Tchaikovsky didn't write this particular song and that the Red Army Choir was only one of many who performed this song] liek totly roks mi soks1)

on 2007-04-08 13:36:17

This song is great but at the begining it almost feels like i'm playing zelda, dont ask me why.

but overall the feel of this song is cool.

on 2007-01-11 13:34:48

hi there...

the first time i heard this song with that instrument, it sounded almost the same like

that settlers sound.. lollll :P

but anyway the song sound cool

greetings from the netherlands

on 2006-11-01 12:52:06

This remix was made that long ago? I thought it'd be at least a little later. Um, everyone who's liked it pretty much said all my thoughts. Middle section leads very nicely into the ending. Also some other nice lead-ins.

Frictional Antidote
on 2006-09-12 00:46:46

While I feel the choice of instruments is good and overall flow of the song goes along nicely, it doesn't stand out to me as excellent. Perhaps the fault is in the original melody written by the original composer. I do enjoy the rather original twist put on it. Not going to go on my favorites list, but it is good.

lady zelda
on 2006-03-03 23:13:20

Love this! It starts out slow and majestic like a Medieval dance and then bam you just get drawn in and you can't stop bouncing up and down in your seat. So catchy and the shifts and slight modifications in mood really keep you drawn in. Definitely party material all the way to the end. Keep it up!

on 2005-11-10 22:58:13

Oh I love the demasiado drama in this song. It would be right-perfect for a Tetris movie. Hahaha, i can just see one of the actors playing Tetris skillfully with all kinds of kickbacks and drops against the villian to save his girl.


At first when it's just the balalaika, the way it goes looping back to a whole chord and then a broken one gives me the impression of the Czech word "robot" or "to drudge". Quite and interesting mix when the guitar, bass and drums kick in. Aside from those, can anyone tell me what kind of synth that is in the background? It reminds me of the Yuu Yuu Hakusho soundtrack or maybe just any early 90s anime.

on 2005-07-10 23:08:40

I have to applaud this re-mixer for style, inventiveness, and the ability to take on a hard to re-mix song and make it into something that doesn't drive people bonkers as they're trying to fit tiny blocks into tiny spaces... i found this one quite enjoyable as a mix between accoustic and random techno beats collided well to make an old video game tune something that would make the game's original designers happy... the beginning starts out with a slow intro, but soon afterwards picks up pace to the driving beat behind it (it actually reminds me of belly-dancing music), yet the Russian instrument sound remains strong without and is not wiped out by machine noises which is a definate plus in this case... so if you have ever played Tetris and you haven't heard this one... then you need to...

Corporal Eschebone
on 2005-02-09 20:13:37

Certainly among the best of DJP's early works. The blending of instrumental and electronic is pretty good, and being the sucker for the traiditional Russian sound that I am, I can't help but like this.

on 2005-01-26 16:46:46

Initial impression:

Not impressed. I don't like the fact that you are leaving a prefectly lovely harmony by the wayside.

Second thoughts:

It IS melodious and well-orchestrated, so it's got that going for it, but I still am irked at the harmony choices.

on 2004-07-29 10:03:58

IT very good... I wonder whats the orginal thingy. And u noe wat made me get this... i was watching the simpsons(thats rite 'THE SIMPSONS')... and these is a episode where homer buys all this junk from McBain and must fit it in his Car, so he say :"This is where all the time on the acarde pays off"(or something like that but funnier) and then it plays "this" music(the orginal) and homer fits everything in the car... except him so McBain Takes him I said all that i must have gotten carried :roll:

Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Tetris (Nintendo , 1989, GB)
Music by Hirokazu Tanaka
"A-Type (Korobeiniki)"

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Dance,Drum and bass
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Effects > Lo-Fi
Regional > Slavic
Time > 4/4 Time Signature
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