ReMix:Mega Man 2 "Flash Fire" 3:12

By A_Rival

Arranging the music of one song...

"Flash Man Stage"

Primary Game: Mega Man 2 (Capcom , 1988, NES), music by Manami Matsumae, Takashi Tateishi

Posted 2000-06-18, evaluated by djpretzel

DAMN . . this one is really great . . you should download it, period. The processing on the synths is extremely well-done, with a very professional filtering / modulation going on that MAKES the mix. This is a great Flashman mix, very definitive, and might just be the best megaman mix on the site . . . you can be the judge of that, listeners, but I will tell you that I was really impressed by it myself . . I hope to hear more from AE



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on 2024-03-23 13:29:11

Still a great track and has me feeling like I'm playing through the level. I think the ending is fitting, hope that wasn't my last life!

on 2015-09-17 21:37:27

I'm having issues where my in-car MP3 player (2013 Dodge Dart) will not play anything more than the first 10 seconds of this MP3 before switching to another song. I've tried downloading fresh copies and I've tried different media (SD micro based) but that doesn't fix it. This is the only mix that it happens to and it plays fine on Winamp, VCL, and other PC based MP3 players.

That being said ... this (and frankly all of AE's work) consistently gets 5 stars from me on every roll through my playlists.

on 2015-08-16 22:06:15

I mean I enjoy the structure, taking the original once through and then getting all weird and 'the end of The Great Destroyer' on it before coming back to the safety of the original melody. But the problem is that when it's covering familiar territory, the shortcomings of the mix really come through. Mainly how those high leads and percussion intermingle strangely in the chorus, and overall it just seems that the melody is being played at a different 'place' then the rest of the song, if that makes sense. Maybe the new beat and the original arrangement aren't meant to be. But then again I like how it all sort of comes together at the end. A lot of conflictions with me and this remix, whatever

on 2014-04-08 16:17:42

Not bad for a refreshed sounding version of Flashman's theme. I can certainly agree that while this isn't the greatest thing since sliced bread, it does have an HD/Remaster quality about it that seems to take the original up a notch or two.

on 2010-08-06 18:10:02

If there are remixes that have stood the production test of time, do no further than AE's work. I remember listening to this in the dorm with Sephfire back in the day. The opening synth is gorgeous. It captures the listener completely! The drum break down is nice and it gives this bad boy a nice dynamic shift. The processing and filtering of the synths is masterfully done. The bass is super perky boarding on the frantic. That's mega man for you :). The song is short and to the point. It's doesn't stray much from the A section, but thats not a bad thing. All around, this mix is bad-ass. Take into account that this was done back in 2000, and.....well.....damn!!!

on 2009-03-22 16:10:31

This feels to me like it legitimately could come out of a SNES speakers. :shock:

While the ending is unsatisfying, I really like this; it has considerable depth and variation, and it seems to just go places.

If Capcom makes mm2hdr, this is definitely a candidate for the soundtrack.

on 2008-02-19 15:17:49

Pretty nice remix of the theme, with good effects and solid production. The old school touches like the the synth toms were a fun touch. The drums were punchy and drove the track well, and the synths were all interesting and varied.

Structure-wise it didn't stray too far from the original, save for a breakdown, and I think with this kind of production and energy, a synth solo would have been awesome, but I'll have to live without. Decent additions I'd say.

Interesting breakdown with the delayed kick, could have gone south, but i think it works pretty well. and the hard kick doubles it up later on.

The ending was somewhat of a cop out, but it certainly could have been worse. As far as time is concerned, this one has aged pretty well, not the most interpretive, but what it does do, it's solid.

on 2005-11-18 03:02:19

AE once again. Sadly, this isn´t the best MMremix out there, but if this was year, I would believe it.

The synths feels almost casual, or maybe they´re just reminding me about an exact same track with these synths. I beginning to think of Noppz´s Wily meets Flash.

Meh, those synths are good, and the beats have the same quality and style as them. And Flashman´s stage music IS cool, no questions.

on 2004-08-23 01:51:33

I liked this remix. The mix is nice and the arrangement doesn't get boring. Always a difficult feat when the source material is so short. Some reviewers were harsher on the song, but in my opinion, if the mix is good, it shows that the remixer had an idea of what he wanted and chose to keep it that way.

Royal Sovereign
on 2004-07-14 15:06:38

I'm not exactly sure which it was about it, but it has to be the dissonant chorus that puts this as but a mediocre do-over of Flash Man's stage in my book. Yes, it does have good points, but is far too "busy" or even noisome to be the true heir of Flash Man's stage.

on 2004-04-09 11:35:11

Well, this is very interesting. About a week ago I made a CD of Mega Man remixes. Now, I just started DLing MM from this site today, so I didn't have any of these songs. That didn't hurt the CD process too bad, since there are many, many great remixes out there. I have, including the bad ones, a large folder of about 300 - 400 MM remixes that i had to choose from. So you can probably guess that a lot of them didn't make the cut. The CD only has 29 tracks.

Anyways, you can probably imagine my surprise when I DLed Flashfire only to discover that I already had it. Titled wrongly, mind you, as a Heat Man remix. Good news though, is that, even though I didn't know that this song was AE's, whose music I enjoy, it did in fact make the cut. And it's track two.

I was just surprised when I discovered I had some OC stuff and never realized it. And i had it a while. I haven't gotten and new MM stuff for well over a year. Anyways, Kudos on your new shiny 10/10.

~Lord Syruss Khalai

on 2003-10-15 23:09:55

This song is good, but I don't think it matches up to Crash Dummy(Crashman Remix) or Soap and Water (Bubbleman Remix)... good song though, this guy is good!

on 2003-04-04 06:14:00

Highly excellent piece, remixing the FLASH MAN theme (For those not paying attention). I personally like it better than StainlessSteel. StainlessSteel's first two minutes were good, because of a little thing called the melody. This mix keeps the melody throughout, and also uses some very cool variations on the main theme. Congrats on another great ReMix, Mr.AE.

on 2003-03-31 10:49:07

What hits me with this remix is that if Heat Man were a Maverick in one of the Mega Man X games, and not in an ancient Mega Man game for the NES, this is how his stage music would sound - and that´s high praise, considering the really high quality of MMX music nowadays.

I love this remix.

on 2002-12-13 17:11:23

I love it. I don't know what to say... I've heard a few remixes and covers of this theme, but this is definitely my favorite. If the NES could have had the audio capabilities we have today, this would be exactly how the original should have sounded... in which case this wouldn't be original at all! Copyright infringement, anyone?! :wink:

Great job, AE.

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Primary Game:
Mega Man 2 (Capcom , 1988, NES)
Music by Manami Matsumae,Takashi Tateishi
"Flash Man Stage"

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