ReMix:Mega Man 2 "Wind Shear" 3:44

By A_Rival

Arranging the music of one song...

"Air Man Stage"

Primary Game: Mega Man 2 (Capcom , 1988, NES), music by Manami Matsumae, Takashi Tateishi

Posted 2000-07-10, evaluated by djpretzel

AE is a god . . . we thank AE for his mixing skillz! The man loves MegaMan, and it shows, as every second of his MM mixes are bristling with loving attention to detail, great synth modulation, analog sweeping effects, etc, etc. I'm not sure if all of you are aware of what goes into some of this mixing, but from someone that knows a pretty good deal about things, i can say that I'm impressed by AE's work in a large way. This is his sliced, diced, and rockin' take on the Airman theme from MM 2.



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on 2024-03-23 15:58:54

Another great track to follow up his first effort. I prefer the way Flash Fire ended, if only because it usually took a lot of tries to get through a level, but this tune still holds up!

on 2021-05-24 23:30:02
1 hour ago, FRAYDO said:

This was the first OC Remix ever introduced into my life, before I had even known what an OC Remix even was. My uncle would have this on full blast playing in his car, and he had the bass system in place that took full advantage of what this track offers. Forever one of my favorites.

Props for having a great uncle with great musical taste. :-)

on 2021-05-24 22:27:40

This was the first OC Remix ever introduced into my life, before I had even known what an OC Remix even was. My uncle would have this on full blast playing in his car, and he had the bass system in place that took full advantage of what this track offers. Forever one of my favorites.

on 2016-10-29 17:23:53

You think it's going to follow the source closely then it veers off at 0:50 into cool new territory. ^_^ Nice outro from 3:15. :D

on 2015-08-18 20:14:30


Very similar in structure to their first mix Flash Fire, actually. Almost like a 'plus' version of the original, with the source melody almost entirely intact and instead choosing to upgrade the instruments and include an original breakdown in the middle. I sort of wish more liberties were taken with the actual Air Man theme we know and love, but I guess that's not always necessary... The little touches, glitches, sputtering outs of it all do put a little personality that goes a long way I suppose

So yeah! Not bad!

on 2014-04-30 08:30:51

I can totally hear A_Rival's amazing low-fi'ed heavy energy style as soon as this ReMix gets going. The section near the beginning really gets the air and high skies theme going strong. And those glitches near the end do have a stuttering fan vibe in terms of how the volume cuts off a little and then comes back. For a ReMix in the first hundred, this isn't bad at all.

on 2010-08-06 18:15:17

Right out of the gate, you can already start to hear the "AE" style. Very old school and very cool. Very similar in its progression from his first remix, "FlashFire". The synth and syncopated drum breakdown was a nice touch. However, it certainly doesn't come across as a breakdown. The drums are crazy fast and intense, minus the low end. The synth solo is wonderfully done. If that wasn't sequenced, then oh my goodness. If it was programmed, then OH MY GOODNESS! The brief reverses, glitches, and stutters were a very nice addition. The track becomes a little repetitive in the drums, but its not overly terrible. The ending was very abrupt which I wish wasn't the case. However, that aside, this is still a very solid piece.

on 2009-04-15 02:57:03

AE sure had loads of fun with this mix. Here he sprinkles stutter and reverb left and right, maintains the sweeping wind ambience, and even includes a couple of 8-bit basslines from the source, among other things. Some of the leads sound really gummy and chewy (and therefore tasty :P). I also welcome back-and-forth panning sections like 1:41 - 1:43 because they sound awesome on both headphones and speakers.

The mood takes a serious turn at 0:50, but the synths keep the rapidfire pace before it transitions back into the original "open skies" feel. You can almost read AE's thoughts as he worked on 3:05 - 3:24: "Let's cut half the synths first, okay, and then let's throw off the beat a little, yeah, and then the volume gets turned down and blasts back, then we'll finish with some uber-tite rapid percussion!" The ending's kinda creepy, kinda tense, especially when it goes mute all of a sudden. It's like the final blow to really "knock the wind out of me."

on 2008-12-08 12:35:51

Exceptionally classy, especially considering this is a double digit mix. Plenty going on, and even brings in the 'official' drum sound. Panning transitions were excellent, and the energy on this was great. The attention to detail on each part of this really has it rise above. The mass stutters at the end remind me of fan blades; pretty fitting ;-)

AE's reputation as a top-tier mixer is pretty well earned, i'd say. Fantastic work.

on 2008-05-08 02:34:37

Really great remix. Lots of cool stuff going on, synth sounds very cool and smooth, and the various effects used are used with taste. Overall a great remix!

on 2006-03-02 18:16:36
Mega Man 2 'Airman WindShear'

I really like this mix. It's not much more than the NES track (only really beefed up) but it sounds great...

ditto. i mean, this is how this song should b, made almost like its NSF conterpart but adding some tidbits, like the big bass, synths and such. i heard it and was blown by the bass hits. definatly a classic here. A/E has done some pretty badass hits but i think this is one of his best. and I AM saying this because i am a big MegaMan fan.

Goten X
on 2006-01-24 12:40:10
AE is the big man.

He has many wives.

And many pigs.

'Nuff said.

Hmm.... seconded.

I like the sorta skipping effect near the end. Thats pretty cool, I wish I could emulate that someday. I liked the beat, and the instrument does sound close to the original, but I think thats what gives it more of a familiar edge, allowing anybody to sit down and enjoy this. 7/10 :D


on 2005-11-12 11:34:49

This is neat. Airman´s stage wasn´t that hard to clear, but I can still remember how it was jumping from one of the floating heads to the other. This was clearly an updated vesrion, you can hear that there is other synths. But did you really have to take synths that sounds too much like the original?

Eh. It had good beats, that´s a unwrited rule for megamanremixes, AE knew that. Also good idea to put in some natural sounds in this one, the wind...., where was I? Oh yeah, cool remix AE.

on 2005-09-07 21:00:26

AE is the big man.

He has many wives.

And many pigs.

'Nuff said.

on 2005-07-27 13:43:45

This i think was one of ur best remixes ever...ur the best MM remixers but lets see u do some other sure u'd be awesome at it

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Primary Game:
Mega Man 2 (Capcom , 1988, NES)
Music by Manami Matsumae,Takashi Tateishi
"Air Man Stage"

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Time > 4/4 Time Signature
Time > Tempo: Fast

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