ReMix:Skate or Die "Subcrunch" 2:57

By Subliminal Labs

Arranging the music of one song...


Primary Game: Skate or Die (Ultra Games , 1988, NES), music by

Posted 2000-07-19, evaluated by djpretzel

Now, i ask you - would subliminal labs disappoint, after several great ReMixes already contributed? I think not. Thisis the best contribution yet, taking the original theme from Ultragames' 1980's "radical" skating game and makin' it rock, with some nice distorted guitar chunks and beats! The game itself has a very nostalgic flavor to it . . . it wasn't exactly Tony Hawk, granted, but it was fun for a bit, and watching your little punk fall on his rump always made me chuckle. Grab it, man, or you'll be "undudical" or something like that . . .



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on 2015-10-12 15:49:57

An old favourite. :) It has a nice lift throughout and a brave tension. The chippy backdrop helps? It's pretty cool. c:

on 2015-08-25 21:28:02

I think this sounds fairly 80s-rock. I like that old-school charm on it. The samples don't really hold well today, but I agree with Stevo on the feel I get from this.

on 2015-08-24 09:25:37


Based on the NES version or not you can totally feel the C64 roots in here, and that's always a good thing. I'd agree that this is a bit basic and repetitive, but if you beefed up the production a little this wouldn't be out of place as one of those Kavinsky type modern-80s-throwback Hotline Blood Dragon groove songs. Definitely feels like skating through an 80s version of the future.

on 2014-05-28 12:21:08

There is something about this ReMix, but I really don't know what it is. The production, which is usually where a lot of older mixes start to trip up, is off at points to varying degrees, but it has some old-school vibes that allow me to not completely write it off entirely. Not for me, I'm afraid, but I'm sure there are fans of it.

Level 99
on 2010-12-27 16:49:22

Despite some of the lackluster mixing, I actually really like this. Reminds of a song from a late 80's movie where there's a street chase going on or something (those no good mall cops chasing the rad dude on a skateboard who's just all IN YOUR FACE RADICAL). Doesn't age spectacularly, but I think that adds a bit of charm to this one, can't put my finger on why though.

Needs more C64 synth though. MORE.

on 2010-12-27 16:48:59

Synths are still 3 The guitar and drums now sound a bit strange now that we're used to all these high quality remixes, but I don't get tired of the arrangement between chrous repeats.

on 2009-09-28 13:19:13

My main gripe here is the arrangement as usual with mixes this old - it just doesn't keep things interesting with its repetitiveness.

on 2009-01-20 21:58:30

the opening is awesome, love the synths. kind of retro, then the guitar really livens things up. things were a little repetitive at points, but overall it was a good mix that was very enjoyable. Liked to outro too. Good work.

on 2008-10-25 23:21:09

The background line really stands out in a good way with this one. I think it holds the mix together. Don't know the source, but the rock feel works pretty well with the melody. Kudos on that. Main synth is a bit out of place, but not the worst match-up I've heard. Retro, and enjoyable.

on 2007-05-01 16:53:26

Not quite sure how i feel about this one. THe opening synth has some retro cool, but the guitar sample is decidedly undudeical. The lead synth is decently sequenced, but is a bit loud and lofi.

Obviously old school, but still charming.

on 2006-03-04 21:44:07

Well, it's 2006 now (incase you haven't heard) and this remix is still hot as anything. This was one of the first few mixes I downloaded on this site and a couple years later I'm still enjoying it! Really nice work hear, it's an awsome song! (Thank god I'm not undudical...)

on 2005-10-19 15:08:16

This was a decent old-school cover of the original. Solid stuff for its time, including some beefed up guitar work compared to the SID version. I can see why the guitar isn't prominent here, as it reflects the style of the original. Lead synth at :59 didn't provided a good texture at all, but this was alright.

Mahjong No OujiSama Yoshi
on 2003-11-18 13:52:46

I must say this is a great theme and I'm not easily impressed either. This has got to be one of the most coolest MP3's on this site, however, it doesn't fully grab my attention like some of the other Skate Or Die games' music, even Ski Or Die's music, like the inner tube race was better, plus, what fails to fully make this song memorable is it's guitar! I'm sorry to say but it doesn't grab me out of my seat!

on 2002-07-22 20:15:09

A great remix, with a long intro that suddenly builds into a full tune. The only thing missing is, of course, the infamous "Skate... Or... Die!" 8-bit lyrics from the Skate Or Die 2 title theme. Check it, yo.

on 2002-07-22 18:05:00

I'm 99% certain the original composer was Rob Hubbard. He worked for Electronic Arts for a long time and did a lot of their c64 sid chip music. If I am not mistaken, the original sid chip version of this song was written in assembly language.... talk about hard core...


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Skate or Die (Ultra Games , 1988, NES)
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