Posted 2000-07-28, evaluated by djpretzel

This is the cool, action-packed intro song that plays during the opening cinema for this classic Genesis RPG that was the last of the series on that platform. It almost didn't make it outside of Japan, as I recall, because SEGA was afraid there was no market for RPGs in America ^^ Anyhow, I did this piece in particular because it lent itself to a rave/techno arrangement, despite having no real melody to speak of. I had a lot of fun with the bass line, doing pitch-bends and modulations, etc. I do want to do some more orchestral stuff, but right now this is what I got . . check it . . .



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on 2018-02-20 11:50:22

Yep, space, fuzzy, and funky are all great ways to describe this early, crunchy pretzel-piece.8)

on 2015-08-28 23:11:21

I was expecting something totally different and spacier with that intro... but it's djp of course its gonna get electro-fuzzy and funky! and that's fine too.

I really like the buildup, how it kept building up even after the opening soundscape. The big 'release' at 1:23 probably isn't as big as intended, but I like the intent behind the arrangement a lot. Oh and now the elements of the beginning are interweaving into the groove! Some of this clashes a little, but the majority sounds really neat! I love love the mood of this song, the spooky dark mysterious with some bittersweet chimes to light the way, but for how long? I also wish this didn't just kind of bounce away at the end as soon as it could, although this IS one of the better 'old OCR' endings so far :v

on 2014-06-09 09:39:30

That bass is terrific for melding with the beat and bells that dance around it. Has a little bit of an ominous tone at some points, which was cool to hear with a rave arrangement like this. A little bit too loud at times, but other than that, it holds up fairly well.

on 2011-05-11 19:00:55

Hey djpretzel. :D

I donwloaded this song back in 2003. Must say this song is lovely for me.:oops:

I just don't know what you did, but every time I hear this song I feel like I'm traveling in time backwards and start to make a journey on my childhood, more precisely in 1994. Really. Maybe it is teh kind of electronic you used in it. The song itself is vry nostalgic for me.

One of my favorite tracks arround here. :)

I would love to see a "Trick Track" remix by of Phantasy Star Online EP2 ;)

SubNormal J3
on 2011-02-19 22:30:22

0:00 a bit loud compared to other mixes

0:30 that bass line is fun

1:10 nice groove going on now

2:05 I really enjoyed this melodic section

on 2009-12-08 19:04:06

OWW! This one's way loud, I got quite a shock when I listened to this for the first time with the speakers all the way up.

The intro's pretty trippy but unfortunately I don't think it transitions very well at all into the actual song. The growling synth bassline is relentless and gives the mix most of its bulk. It grows repetitive toward the end but I guess it's not as bad as some other songs I've heard from this genre :tomatoface: The ending was kinda neat, too.

on 2009-12-01 00:39:14

If there's one thing I had to pick out about the Phantasy Star series I loved most it would have to be the music. 'End of the Millenium' is one of my favorites from PS4, and the overall series. Even before playing any of the games, I had the theme on cassette and would listen to it.

As was stated by zircon, loud. That's my biggest complaint about the song. My speakers aren't turned up high at all, but the music came blaring out. The music blaring out, at least, isn't grating as the volume levels. XD The beginning is very trippy and quiet, then bam, the song is all kinds of groovy. I can't help but bob my head to this as I listen to it.

There are points where this song runs the risk of being too repetitive, but I think Mr. Pretzel did a good job of throwing in just enough variation to keep it from getting boring, without deviating overly much from the original, which wasn't exactly driven by melody anyhow.

This is really catchy and upbeat and I recommend it, especially to those who love their Phantasy Star.

on 2009-09-14 12:04:30

A djp mix! Always a pleasure to hear one of those, even the archaic ones - it seems Dave's mixes from back then standout moreso than most other old ones, which is a testament to his ability.

One thing that caught my ears is that there doesn't seem to be much going on in the midrange frequencies. I do love the driving energy that is brought to the mix after the intro though. I do think that it could've been expanded on though.

on 2008-11-12 20:53:35

This mix is pretty driving. Very catchy, as well. Bass line that comes in at :29 really works well in this setting. I really liked the part around 2 minutes or so with the rising bell.

Panning at the beginning made me a little dizzy when I really tried to listen to it. Overall the song also has a very loud dynamic level that doesn't really change, aside from the very beginning. Some sort of breakdown would have been nice in that regard.

Nice job.

on 2007-04-18 11:44:42

Great synth counterpoint, both in patch and excecution. The high pitch open hat (or something that sounds like an open hat) is killing me though. so piercing. ;_;

on 2006-01-07 08:52:31

Begins very mysteriously, the bells really echoes in eternity. It's first later on it decides to kick off with synth, beats and all the special equipment to make this as much ”millennial” possible. It's a new adjective for me, all I think about hearing this is a pursuit of some sort. This remix doesn't achieve a certain level where the techno (or trance) reaches a climax. The arrangement has its own pace, and it sticks to it until the end....OF THE MILLENIUM.

Sorry, got caught up in the moment. Overall, a decent remix from the pretzel himslef. Give it a listen will ya?

Royal Sovereign
on 2005-05-26 19:35:51

I must regret to say...this mix is inferior to that of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern's. I mean, where did the original melody go?

I'm rather disappointed, as DJ-P usually delivers with such quality.

on 2004-11-18 21:45:25

Wow, sounds like infected mushroom at :29, that's nicee!!

This song sounds like its actually from PSO rather than PS4

It's fastpaced, exciting, you have to download it

on 2003-04-20 11:49:03

Great overall, the blaring problem I see is the volume level. Way too loud..

on 2003-01-09 11:58:04


Hearing the more recent Rosencrantz guildensterN ReMix, which comes in over 800 mixes after this one, I clicked the link provided by DJP for this kicking tune.

Wow. And the reason I haven't downloaded this before is? One of those things where I probably thought I already downloaded and accidentally didn't. Huh.

Regardless, check this tune out. What I liked about the RG ReMix was the "feel" the ReMix had. While this one doesn't "feel" like PS4, it certainly delivers on a different front: The Beats.

The kickin' bass that you loved so much from the intro? Right there, man. And it's TIGHT.

Nice, spacey intro. Love those "chime" noises. The music grabs you and refuses to let you go.

It's blood pumpin', foot stomping, dance floor rushing goodness. Grab this one. :mrgreen:

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