Posted 2000-09-23, evaluated by djpretzel

I like this ReMix because it's definitely industrial-flavored, with dashes of techno. When the distortion comes in half a minute through the track, you'll see what I mean. A good example of distortion effects being used to liven up a track, if I do say so myself. Nice first-time submission from COTMM, an acronym for 'Children of the Monkey Machine'. Don't ask me, just check out their site on



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on 2015-12-08 22:03:26

Haha, I love that distorted sine at 1:20.

on 2014-07-14 12:03:57

Well, you have to start somewhere. Honestly, this isn't my favorite piece from CotMM. The distortion at the end was a little too sharp and fuzzy for me in the second half, and the entire track is short to the point where it's tough to really try and nail in an idea. CotMM has gotten so much better since this, so at least we can see the curve, which is cool.

SubNormal J3
on 2010-11-15 02:00:29

Gotta give Cotmm some credit here. This is his first mix for crying out loud. Sure it's not nearly as polished as his post-"PlasticGoddess" arrangements, but it's still worthy of praise. Especially in that it has set the first mark so to speak for industrial/ambient mixes ever since. It's clear what Cotmm wanted to do with this mix. It's just limited by some production issues.

on 2009-12-04 21:29:42

Interesting song - I find the production a huge problem here, and that the song doesn't do much to develop the source until towards the end, but then the song just ends. He has better songs :-( .

on 2009-09-10 22:32:13

All respect to CotMM, but his stuff has never really sat with me all that well, and this one isn't really an exception. I can kind of see what he's going for, but I just can't find myself sitting down and enjoying this. The distortion really sealed the deal for me on it, aside from the over rush feel that CotMM was going for. Sorry man, just not what I'm looking for.

on 2007-01-30 15:53:37

WHile I dig a lot of the distorted synth sounds, this really suffers from a lack of space for each instruments.

The "key change" at the end is a thumbs down.

After a few extra listens, I appreciate the synth tone a lot more, but also dislike the lack of arrangement even more, so with repeated listens, the strengths get stronger, and the weaknesses become more apparant. Kind of interesting actually. :)

on 2005-10-03 16:34:51

DiToRsIoN, uh? Ya can't make more industrial than this. That's good, cauz it's what any industrial listener is looking for ;) Funny, i think i heard sometime that sounded like the SonicKnuckles Lava Reef theme...

on 2004-09-17 14:15:59

Well, CotMM... This was a pretty darn good peice. Except for the fact that you could have picked MUCH better source material. I'd take the trouble to download it, if it weren't for the crappy melody line. You oughta do this same thing with Wicked Child.... THAT I would download! And there aren't enough Wicked Child remixes, anyways.

on 2004-08-25 12:07:22

I don't like CotMM's style, it's a bit to grating for my taste, but what I do like, are their titles. Seriously, the titles to their metroid songs, are great.

on 2004-06-09 09:20:15

I'm not sure why CoTMM is so ashamed of this mix. While it may not be up to the caliber of the rest of his tracks, it's certainly not a bad remix.

Very Banging.

on 2003-12-18 12:57:07
*shhhhhh* *hangs head in shame* yes.. it is a clip of head like a hole :(

Amazed it's taken this long for someone to call me on it. *sigh*

Anyway, the last two years worth of remixes have been trying to make up

for having submitted this one. (:

I knew it! I just got this remix and thought "Wait, was that Head Like a Hole?" and popped onto here to take a look! That's the price I pay for being a big NIN fan :)

Love your remixes btw, good stuff.

on 2003-02-21 13:51:24

*shhhhhh* *hangs head in shame* yes.. it is a clip of head like a hole :(

Amazed it's taken this long for someone to call me on it. *sigh*

Anyway, the last two years worth of remixes have been trying to make up

for having submitted this one. (:

The Tragic Prince
on 2003-02-21 09:59:50

I like this song, but I was just wondering if anyone else noticed what sounded like a speeded up sample of Head Like a Hole. I didn't notice it until I listened to the song on a burnt cd. Just wondering if it was intentional or not, or if it was even noticed by anyone else.

Edit: I heard it 3 seconds into it.

on 2002-07-10 15:08:23

Heh. my very first remix. Oh how I loath thee. I don't think I spent more

than 45 minutes on this little splatter on the wall. I was totally floored to

see it show up on the site less than a week later. And in retrospect,

I'm even more suprised given that DJP isn't very fond the style of many

of my remixes. Anyway, the different 'key' near the end was a sinewave

modulation of the instrument, gives it that nasty offkey sound.. No clue

why i did that.. I probably modulated it by a sine wave of 666Hz because

I figured subconsciously it would make people uneasy. Who knows.

If you enjoy this, then more power to you. But please listen to some of

my other stuff if you don't like this, because this really isn't representative

of my other work.

on 2002-07-10 00:23:47

The first time I listened to this song, I didn't pick it as a favorite. However, after listening to it several times, I've come to like it quite a bit. I love the synth strings and the modulation, and CotMM's classic static sounds are awesome. The use of the melody is outstanding except near the end where he plays it in a different key, which doesn't come out quite as good as the rest. Despite this, it remains a very good piece, which has earned its spot on my playlist.

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