ReMix:Mega Man 2 "Evil Horde Heat Man" 2:34

By Evil Horde

Arranging the music of one song...

"Heat Man Stage"

Primary Game: Mega Man 2 (Capcom , 1988, NES), music by Manami Matsumae,Takashi Tateishi

Posted 2000-10-17, evaluated by djpretzel

This ReMix is REALLY tight - great sequencing, sound choice, and nice movement all add up to another great techno incarnation of the blue one's legendary tunage. I think I could open a whole other site JUST for Megaman ReMixes . . . almost :) You really MUST listen to the drum track here, which is phat and jumps around in a PERFECT way that makes the piece very interesting and not monotonous. Also good filtering effects, a GREAT bassline (and bass sound) and expertly executed synth riffs throughout. A definite must-download from first-time contributor 'The Evil Horde'.



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on 2014-07-27 18:08:29

The title looks like something AmIEvil would have put out. :P Light-hearted playful teasing aside, not a bad mix really. Some parts get a little repetitive and the explosions could have been spaced out a bit to keep it from seeming overdone, but for it's age, it's more of a sign of the times than anything. Not terrible or anything, just not for me.

on 2011-12-27 16:06:12

A more basic 2000 mix, and that can be noted pretty evidently with the sample quality and minimal processing (aside from some minor bass synth filtering and high-shelved drums at the 1 minute mark). It's got energy easily with the choice of sounds and use of expolosions (which I admit does get overdone as time goes on), and for its at-the-time stance I'd say it's a pretty cool take that seemed to age a little more gracefully than some of the other releases that year. Not bad stuff from Evil Horde :)

on 2009-10-11 02:15:02

This is a kinda cool mix, although it relies mostly on the source to carry it. It's kinda short too, so it sounds kinda repetitive. Otherwise, don't really have huge beefs with this one.

on 2009-02-09 10:03:28
Pretty much sounds it's age, although holds together better than many of it's contemporaries.

Gotta agree. The explosions are a nice touch, although they don't save the track when it gets repetitive. If it wasn't so repetitive, it would have aged better. Even so, I'd place it among the better from OCR's early days.

on 2009-01-07 03:52:38

good song selection and good remix

on 2008-12-10 06:32:23

Not too shabby, but not too original either. I liked the explosions, didn't stick out for me. Pretty much sounds it's age, although holds together better than many of it's contemporaries.


on 2008-08-25 18:57:16

I'm not crazy about the explosions. A little to cheesy for my tastes. Drums are pretty sweet, and the bassline is nice, although it needs a change-up somewhere. Sounds are not to great otherwise, sorry to say.

Feels overall a bit repetative. The original stuff that comes in somewhere nearish to the end was a nice change, I would like liked more of that earlier on.

Decent mix after all these years, but not my favorite Heatman mix out there.

The Legendary Zoltan
on 2007-12-12 02:54:17

I personally dig the huge explosions. It's funny that I felt like I could distinguish all the parts and not have any gripes about panning while listening to this on speakers instead of headphones. Not that I'd know all about it, but I think the EQ on this remix is nice. I can hear every part freaking clearly and beautifully. Most of the arranging in this mix has been done to the timbres, drum rhythms, and a bit of dynamics. There is little stringy thingy at 1:42 but other than that the bass line, progression, and melody are all exactly the same. Since this straight-forward interpretation of the source sounds so cool, I think it would have been cool to do some crazy stuff with the melody and bass in a section that gets sandwiched between all this straight forward stuff.

I like this remix.

on 2007-12-06 15:25:37

This is much better than I was expecting for a seven-year old mix. The drums show some great programming, and the bass locks into that groove pretty well. Unfortunately, I think it gets a bit worse after the intro, but some of the synths brought in later have a neat sound. If only this mix canned the explosions and corrected that one note in the melody (I cringe every time it comes up), this is a pretty solid tune.

on 2007-03-21 14:32:48

The drums here are really pretty cool but the rest is a little too weak in my opinion. The synths are lo-fi and the bassline is cool but by the end of the song you are ready to hear something else.

on 2005-11-18 02:55:11


Look over here, it´s the new Heatman! EvilHorde edition!

He uses blasts to frighten everyone to hears it, he´s all steamed up with alot of beats and synths that sure takes the twist out of you! And the bells just makes you jiggle along the rhytm!

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on 2005-01-13 14:00:07

Very Good. But I agree with Jivemaster. The explosion is really high. Heh...Happy work!

on 2002-06-09 02:12:42

This remix is one of my preferred Mega Man remixes. It's frenetic, which I think capture's the game's mood properly. Remixer AE is great at what he does, but I think he could take a lesson in staying power from EvilHorde.

on 2002-06-02 22:58:15

Mega Man 2 'Evil Horde Heat Man'

How come all these Mega Man 2 mixes I'm reviewing are based on in game sound samples?!? I must say that this one from Evil Horde is one of the better ones I've heard using this technique because he also adds in some extra stuff as well to make it original. My first complaint (oh shut up :P) is the explosion sound that is used periodically - its volume should be lower. Another thing - my head had trouble working out all the different things playing in here because all the lead lines are in the centre on top of one another - maybe some panning here Evil? Other than that it's pretty groovy. I liked the radio effects on the drums which occurred sometimes.

Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Mega Man 2 (Capcom , 1988, NES)
Music by Manami Matsumae,Takashi Tateishi
"Heat Man Stage"

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Chiptune,Electronic,Sound FX,Synth
Effects > Lo-Fi
Time > 4/4 Time Signature
Time > Tempo: Fast

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