ReMix:Final Fantasy "Prelude (Refractive Mix)" 6:13

By Pasq242

Arranging the music of one song...


Primary Game: Final Fantasy (Nintendo , 1987, NES), music by Nobuo Uematsu

Posted 2000-11-02, evaluated by djpretzel

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. People, this is a GREAT one. Fans of the Final Fantasy series should stop reading right now and just download. Well, I guess while you're downloading, I'll give you SOME impressions. It's awesome. Starting off with a beautiful ambient wind sound, newcomer Pasq242 brings in snippets of the arpeggios we all know and love . . he builds them . . . finally, the acoustic-sounding drums come in, and you think "Damn" . . . then, after keeping you waiting, anticipating, he brings in the bass. I just love this arrangement - it's a classic in my books. The drum breakdown, the processing, the usage of the original NES-type synth sound. When a ReMix is this long, I need it to be worthwhile, and with this one, I ASSURE you, it is. Bravo.



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on 2021-03-15 17:02:21

Now that's a Prelude ReMix and a half... I echo absolutely every praise about this track. For a remix from 2000, this is really, really, REALLY good. The juxtaposition of groovy drums against airy leads like dealyed piano and synths is what sells this remix for me. I didn't expect the transition into jungle/breakbeat part at all, but it works surprisingly well! And those chungs later on are a nice addition too! A track worth checking out, especially considering it's age!

on 2015-12-02 19:31:58

Damn, that intro delayed piano is actually quite beautiful. The chip instrument that follows has some weird velocity issues, but it's definitely a comforting addition to the piano. Another 15 old mix and the only thing I really have a huge gripe with are the drums. Even production values aside there definitely could've been a little more variation, hell even turning them down a little would've helped.

The jungle breaks changeup at 2:51 comes as a sudden, but pleasant development.

It doesn't change a whole lot from there aside from a few more low end synths appearing. The chugging rhythmic one in particular muddies up the mix a tad. But overall, this is great. I'd definitely listen again. :D

on 2014-09-02 17:37:24

Despite it's age, I've really taken a liking to the arrangement and sound of this one. Kicking it into a different gear after the third minute for a bit was a nice touch that I liked and I love the atmosphere of this entire mix. I honestly never loved the prelude theme itself, but this is a nice step up that I can get behind.

on 2010-05-29 17:53:11

Light and wispy in the beginning, then it starts to kick my butt a little throughout the rest of the song.

on 2010-04-07 15:12:51

Very nice. I don't know how I've missed this song for so long. It's a great take on a great theme. I wonder if it really needs to be as long as it is, but this makes for great ambiance to me.

on 2010-04-02 13:56:27

I really love the different parts that the mix goes through. From the soft intro to the sharp drums was a really nice contrast. The soft arpeggios throughout the mix keep the mix grounded. Bam! Suddenly the drum breakdown brings me back up with a well placed boot to the head. And then the mix gets a little bit "dirty", and I really like the juxtaposition (the chugs, or whatever they are - they get powerful @ 4:01). And then with the ending fade out everything comes back together and fits really nicely.

on 2010-04-02 02:50:42

this is nice...

on 2010-04-02 02:42:18

I personally found the drums to be a little overbearing, and the repeating rhythm of the drums seemed at odds with the song in general. this was a problem I had mainly in the beginning, but i did still notice it. it didn't kill it, and that's my only real complaint. well, that and the fact that, the intro, while nice, seemed at odds with the rest of the song.

ella guro
on 2009-12-02 07:03:52

Would've liked to have heard another mix by this guy! I've had this one for a long time. I think this mix perfectly captures the feeling that I always got from the prelude music. It even makes me tear up slightly when I hear the delayed piano intro brings me back to a time when I used to feel a really emotional response to any video game remixes of a tunes I knew. I kinda take that for granted now.

The only thing I'm not so much a fan of is the drums, they're a bit too bright and happy for this kind of mix I think, but that's relatively minor complaint. This mix probably isn't QUITE as good as I remember it being, but it still holds up very well. The delayed piano is still perfect, it keeps the rest of the mix grounded in the kind of reserved sadness it needs.

on 2009-05-12 02:15:38

A very nice mix to the prelude theme. the piano sound reminds me of a day at the beach for some reason. the drums are just too sooo coool. Great job

on 2009-03-17 11:56:41

Stunningly beautiful intro.

The synth that comes in afterward is a little too loud for the mood setup, at least that soon.

Great drum sound, but I wish the loop was varied up a bit more early on. For being a 1xx era remix this is fantastic though, there are transitions, some creative synths, and a lot of layered percussion. The sections where the piano comes in are where it really takes off for me though. The drum and chugs added to that are extra good, awesome juxtaposition.

Basically this is only rough because of it's age. If this was done nowadays, it'd be the prelude to end all preludes. Even though Mustin's opinions of late have been ridiculous (:), he's right in that this is one of the top 3 preludes ever.

on 2006-08-14 23:23:36

I think this song is well done, and I enjoyed the drum solo. It's nice to hear different styles then what this theme is usally done in. A very nice remix. ^^

on 2006-06-05 12:10:31

Wow, this one has really grown on me. When it comes to music from a game like the Final Fantasy series I'm usually disappointed if the remix is not orchestral, but this really captivated me.

The twinkling piano interlude is priceless and the wind sound effect creates a nice tone and mood instead of coming off as gimmicky. I really dig the inclusion of the beta sounding main riff, which has enough alterations done to it to truly make it this piece's own.

This is probably the most unoffensive song I've ever heard off of this site, as I could find myself listening to this on repeat for hours while working and not be hindered by it. Just great stuff all around. An "A" grade for sure.

on 2005-11-13 03:17:26

The whole thing was great!!!!

I liked the echoey parts... and it was overall great..


on 2005-10-05 11:28:02

The drum solo is okay, but where this piece really shines is the combination of trance with the original NES Prelude chiptune. It's definitely worth a slot on the playlist.

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Final Fantasy (Nintendo , 1987, NES)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu

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