ReMix:Metroid "Samus Strut" 2:27

By AmIEviL

Arranging the music of one song...

"Kraid's Chamber"

Primary Game: Metroid (Nintendo , 1986, NES), music by Hirokazu Tanaka

Posted 2000-11-06, evaluated by djpretzel

AmIEvil comes through again with a very soundtrack-ish Metroid ReMix which I took the liberty of naming 'Samus Strut'. Hopefully, he won't kill me for that :) Similar to his wet grass mix, this Metroid track features percussion that heavily relies on a rim shot and not a snare, which keeps it from sounding too upbeat and gives it what I feel is a more laid back, film quality. There's atmospheric whooshes and 'space sounds' that appropriately act as a sonic blanket for the main melody, which is played by a nice distort-guitar. The moving, ultra-low sub-bass is well used as well. Chalk another one up for AmIEvil, whose list is becoming quite long :)



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on 2024-05-23 16:32:18

Almost 24 years later and still a great track. Nice and moody, the sounds especially makes me think of Samus just hanging out in those deep bubbling caverns.

on 2014-09-30 11:10:22

Not bad. For it's time, this is a rather enjoyable little mix that seems to glide the edge of a smooth beat with some nice bass. A bit short, but I think it works for what you have here. Cool.

on 2011-08-01 05:23:44

that funky bassline is keepin me awake! i dont hate it. :D

on 2009-12-09 18:51:17

The first 21 seconds are seductive as both Kraid's Lair and windy ambience creep forward. In general, the arrangement gets some natural, orderly extrapolations in 4/4, but the slower tempo makes it surprisingly tiresome for me. It's also a shame that the bass pulsates so strongly it intrudes on the chill mood set by the percussion (although it better controls itself at 1:04).

Not as balanced as I'd prefer, but at least the beat stays as sexy as Samus's prostitute-like outing.

on 2009-06-22 08:51:46

I'm a huge fan of the Metroid score, and I see this mix as a long, hard look at what makes it so great. And when I say long, I don't mean in the mix's length, as this is yet another AmIEvil mix that is petrified of outstaying its welcome.

By playing around with the time signatures, this mix really shows off the original piece's complexity in its simplicity, which is what I love. It shines some new light on it and musically examines it at a magnified level. However, besides the variance in time signature, there is little to no actual difference in terms of arrangement, which I can live with. It's been given a more refined pace, a cleaner sound and a hell of a lot of bass. You could do worse to a classic.

on 2008-12-13 18:33:06

I really like this one. Great build up, feel, and samples for its time.

My only draw back is that it is too short :P

on 2008-12-13 18:17:50

This feels like music you'd play when a gang of 5 people in suits come walking through a dark alleyway in a black and white movie all brandishing guns, with slow-mo and the cameras panning from right to left, cutting to fuller shots from a farther distance to get a larger view of them to ultimately fully appreciate the awesomeness (hate to glorify em) of these 5 contract killers coming to put a hit on some tied up individual.

If you understood that, i deserve a medal. lol.

The ambient wind sets up the scene, then they come in with the intro of the main melody, and they unload when the second part of the melody hits. I guess that does sound a little sexual, prolly because there's this huge buildup going on in the intro that finally gets released a bit with the second part of the melody. And the terms that one can use for firing bullets are too ambiguous.

Awesome. OCR needs a competition to make fake movie scenes for all of AmIEvil's works... they're that friggin cinematic. Love the bass, sometimes I wish it were slightly quieter but it would lose a lot of energy without that intensity. The time sig change along with note duration changes really lend itself to the whole badass theatrical imagery for me.

L. Adam Bell
on 2007-07-25 01:26:57

I don't really like the synth at the beginning—I think it's a little high and grating. The minimalist beat's nice, though, as is the opening electronic ambience. The offset time signature makes the melody feel a little weird, but props to AIE for giving the track his own unique flava. It feels a little short, too, though I'm not really sure why. Synths used are serviceable, but nothing outstanding.

My rating: 2.5/5

on 2007-07-23 17:46:45

For the first half of the remix it sounds like an ambient and chilled out Korn track, and without the faux aggression Korn attempts, it works way better. It has a very sinister groove going on, and the bass is super intense. The changeup halfway through is just what it needed before going back to the main section, and though I'd have liked the track to be longer, I'm not sure what really more could be done. Increasing the intensity would be good for a huge climax, but I think that part of the mystery in this is what makes it so appealing. You just see glimpses of it.

Not normally my style, but this really speaks to me.

Hella great.

on 2004-12-28 22:11:07

It's so strange hearing such a familiar song with a different time signature but this is still outstanding.

I love the bassline AmIEvil's got going here

Strangly at 1:04 it doesn't sound like it's in a different time signature but that makes it good

I'm still loving the bassline

But at 1:26 the bassline get's sloppy, the melody here is great though

1:47 the transition there is cool but the melody just seems off, its got a 3/4 time sig melody in a 4/4 atmosphere, that's just too weird for me but this is still a psycho, funky, kick-ass song!

on 2004-09-14 07:57:30

I have nothing but praise for this remix. The tune is just so upbeat even though it was taken from Metroid. The mix is perfect to listen to at any time during the day. I really liked how the mix transitioned at around 1:05s, from a slower tune to a more up beat tune.

There also seems to be some background water drop effect type things that really keep the pace of the tune very well.

So, for my 2nd review of remixes, I will give this one a...


Al Capwn
on 2004-06-22 05:30:35

I love tha song !!!

....but my neighbors hate it lol

Tha bass on this hits so hard i can be a few rooms over and still feel it in my chest

Good work on making such a kick ass remix

on 2004-06-08 13:35:33

this. song. is. awsome. it has the perfect intro and all the sound effects and intrustruments blend together thoroughly. it also for some reason reminds me of an evil demon from hell taking over the world, but thats beside the point. the point is that this song is a five star and definitly desirves being on this site.

Patrick Bateman
on 2004-05-20 01:47:23

AmIEvil is incredible. 'Nuff said.

The bass line makes me want to get a really good quality stereo (or better head phones...). 1:02 is awesome with the drums fading in and then 1:05 couldn't be more perfect. The melody is just soooooo well done!

Between this remix, "Hipccordian" (Zelda II), and "RiverofTime AmIEvil" (Zelda 64), I can't understand why he's not getting paid. I feel like I'm listening to professionally produced and engineered music. I'm blown away... Keep it up!

Riddler Sensei
on 2004-05-19 23:56:33

I have a habit of configing my car's audio setup for a fuller bass...I blew a fuse the first I time listened to this in my car.

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Primary Game:
Metroid (Nintendo , 1986, NES)
Music by Hirokazu Tanaka
"Kraid's Chamber"

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Arrangement > Minimalist
Time > 4/4 Time Signature
Time > Duration: Short
Time > Tempo: Moderate
Time > Tempo: Slow

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