ReMix:Final Fantasy "Medieval Kaoss" 3:35

By MkVaff

Arranging the music of one song...

"Gurgu Volcano"

Primary Game: Final Fantasy (Nintendo , 1987, NES), music by Nobuo Uematsu

Posted 2000-11-17, evaluated by djpretzel

Whoa - a lot of great drum + loop work from resident favorite QuasiKaotic - he really starts cuttin' it up at about 2'30" . . . you just gotta hear it, 'cause it's badass and good and shit. Yeah. It's funny to hear such excellent drum programming surrounding a peppy lil fun melody from an the original Final Fantasy, but that's what ReMixin' is all about - mixing things you wouldn't expect and making it work, and Quasi does that to great effect here. I also love the way the background 'strings' are very muted and echo the main melody line. But my favorite part is the mad drum shitz that QK dishes out - mean shtuff.



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on 2015-04-17 10:30:30

Dude, that drum work and staccato beats at times sound like they're straight out of SF3 or some other classic McVaffe ReMixes. He's always had a good knack for hitting those sweet drum beats. Not bad.

on 2010-10-10 23:14:48

OK, I'm going to come out and say this before I say anything else here: THIS IS THE FINAL FANTASY IX FOR PSX VERSION OF MOUNT GULUG, NOT THE ORIGINAL FINAL FANTASY FOR NES!!!!! Makes me angry when people mix up the original game when doing a remix... The song remixed here is a remix OF a remix. Moving on, this song is absolutely epic. If you look at it from a standpoint of the original Final Fantasy, this song is WAY out of line for the remix. However, if you look at it as its real "Final Fantasy IX" root, it shows that he can make an already epic song more epic, simply by making it staccato. The MAIN melody, used in both versions, is there. The INTRODUCTION makes it Final Fantasy IX root, while the way it sounds IS Final Fantasy I. What McVaffe did: Take a remixed song from the creators and turn it into a slightly cooler version of the original root. Props, and a download.

P.S. I signed up to post this, this was the first that made me WANT to post...

P.P.S. 9/10. This is a great rating from me, because I usually despise remixed songs from games, I almost always find them disgraceful sacrilege against the original. 9/10 is a great rating, and the ones I have downloaded are rare exceptions to this rule of sacrilege. Props to anyone who made the ones on my computer.

on 2009-12-02 13:09:34

Starts out a little sparse, but I have heard alot worse... yeah this is some cool 'Vaffe stuff, drum sequencing is awesome, those drum solos are wicked :D

Everything is pretty clean, it never gets crowded.

Pretty awesome stuff, but its McVaffe, which means it'll have awesome stamped all over it.

on 2009-09-27 02:15:29

This is the song that drove me crazy in May of 2001. Hearing it again brings a smile to my face. 3 this song and McVaffe. This song never gets old.

on 2009-06-30 01:40:15

I feel like I'm in the thick of an active volcano as soft and sharp illuminations (sparks, lava bursts, and glows) emphasize the ghostly darkness. Certain elements illustrate this preciously: the muted lead supporter (glows), the reverbed synth at 1:16 (ditto), the drum+cymbal quote at 1:26 and elsewhere (lava bursts), and the coital drum loops during the 2:15-2:38 breakdown (sparks galore). Hot stuff.

on 2009-03-21 16:43:00

hehe, the loops are really piled on strong here.

The melodic content is kindof buried by the phat beatz, but I guess it's fine, as it doesn't seem like as much care was put into them. Good matching the beats to the melody of the original tracks, but this one doesn't really keep my interest for long. The fadeout ending is also kindof weak.

Showin' it's age, imo.

on 2008-08-18 10:12:42

I like the staccato melody. A nice reminder of the Nintendo feel for things, but still sounds good. Not terribly too much done to the melody, but that's ok. Drums are good, I think they still stand up after all this time.

Like the solo section, the long notes contrast to the staccato nicely, and it doesn't feel out of place or anything.

Still a good listen after all this time.

on 2007-10-22 01:21:31

The section from 1:17 to 2:15 sounds very much like a dance song I heard way back in '98', kinda nostalgic. High points dude.

on 2006-06-30 10:55:19

I feel as if in a dream when I listen to this song, not that it makes me sleepy, but that it takes me to another place. Ingenius would be too light a word. I think that you, could do professional work. I myself being an amateur animator (still going to college for it) would love someone with your ability. Keep up the good work. :D

on 2006-06-11 14:33:26

Great percussion in this. I love the solo that starts around 2'14. Great work McVaffe. Keep it up!

on 2005-09-16 05:25:24

I´ve always liked the volcano theme, but to make it this funky? That was a surprise, but not a failure.

Nice work, Vaffe.

on 2005-01-13 19:11:23

k this is my bros' favourite song ever

they sing along even though they don't know it

its just so entertaining

great drum solo!!

thanks mcvaffe!

on 2004-12-26 03:57:30

This is my favorite mix on the whole ocremix site yet. The last drum solo gets my grooving like nothing else, and I listen to it at least 2 times a day. Simply great, I cannot believe this guy does this for free !

on 2004-10-04 03:43:19

haha! i love this song, drum programmings great! hell i'd need 3 hands for the main beat, and 5 for the solo part to play this in real life.... i dont really think its possible.... oh well, a guy can dream cant he?

one put down i had was the sound of the drums for example the snare sounds like someone blowing into a microphone... i dunno, hehe could be beat boxing!!

ya wutever. a great mix, keep up the good work McVaffe!

prophetik music
on 2004-09-07 09:26:44

I would have to say that I really enjoyed this song. I'm one for good drum programming once in a while, and this is by far one of the best works i've heard on the site. Great job, McVaffe!


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Primary Game:
Final Fantasy (Nintendo , 1987, NES)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu
"Gurgu Volcano"

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Time > Tempo: Fast

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