Posted 2000-11-23, evaluated by djpretzel

Of all mutagene's Shadow of the Beast ReMixes (he's now mixed the whole trilogy!) I like this one the best. I think it has the best combination of melody + ambient programming. Any fan of anime or Japanese culture in general should be familiar with the classic Kabuki 'Yoooooooo' sound that is used to great effect here. In my own experience, this is the exact sort of ReMix that would be far more difficult with a tracker than with the coolass equipment mutagene has. There's some funkiness towards the end where it seems like you can hear a heart beating or maybe it's a blood rush or something. Probably fits with the whole 'Purified' title in some way. Again, a REALLY clean clear reverb, and brilliant programming make it most definitely worth your time. Props to mutagene for completin' the trilogy!



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on 2015-05-04 14:28:51

While I don't mind sound effects or vocal clips, the "Yoooo" was used a bit too many times for me. But the rest of the mix had a great atmospheric effect and had a bit of mysterious vibe. The ending was a bit of "ehh" and it really would have been better off with just a quicker end and leaving out the cracking noises the got louder before cutting off, which was unneeded. Still, "A" for effect and some good ideas though.

on 2010-10-27 12:26:05

This is like a mental mouth rinse. It sort of leaves the palette clean, or resets it to neutral, which is good after putting up with a loud of noise or some such. Although there's no refreshingly minty feeling afterward.

on 2009-09-21 11:37:34

This mix stands out quite a bit compared to most this old. The voice clip used was kinda irksome though - maybe it would've been better if it were used less? Also, there's too much silence for the last 50 seconds or so of the mix, with a bit of sound. The transition to that silence was also kinda poor - you expect more, and then it ends.

on 2008-12-30 17:36:55

What did happen at the end? This mix has such a low playcount even though I love it just because I end up skipping to the next song when that last 30 seconds or so hits. It really does make me sad.

Still though, the rest of the mix is fun! I like it. It has an awesome feel going for it, and I really dig the ethnic touches. It's definitely a nice little gem here, in need of some polish and to get a bit of dirt rubbed off, but still quite sparkly!

on 2008-12-11 15:12:13

Very cool mix. Sadly underdeveloped. I guess it works if I loop this, but it would be great if it picked up and went places where it stops. I don't mind the long ending in itself, it would be a fine "intermission", but I'm just like "no, it didn't end yet!"


on 2008-12-06 18:50:53

I'm unfamiliar with the original, but I really like this mix. It's very subdued and sets a good mood, and strikes me as one of those songs that I could play on loop for hours and not get bored of. Great job!

The Unsung Plumber
on 2007-12-28 21:00:43

LT nailed it when he said ethereal atmosphere, and the drum work is superb.

Great Halloween mix!

on 2007-12-06 06:46:26

Very interesting take on this one. The ethnic percussion goes well with the more general breakbeat. Nice atmosphere too!

I still feel the melody could be a little more developed and not as repeating. Also the ending is well.. not that fun.

All in all, interesting remix.

on 2007-12-04 15:03:44

The percussion work and sound effects really bring this piece to life. Generally I'm not a fan of the percussion really being the 'lead' in a piece, but it works here. I'm digging this.

Except the ending. What just happened? I don't mind a fade out like that, but it was really sudden. I was expecting like another 2 minutes of mix first.

Still, a keeper for me.

on 2007-04-23 16:54:53

I dig the atmosphere in this, and the beats are cool, but i'm not really feeling the ending. It gets some decent treatment, but it just doesn't seem to make sense in conjunction to the rest of the mix.

on 2006-02-05 12:36:26

I was checking out the originals for this game, and saw that this was an arrangement of "Press Fire" from the MOD pack. This one was short, but sweet with some nice beatwork, a nice melodic lead, cool voice samples and a nice ethereal atmosphere. Nice stuff, Alex. Definitely an underrated old-school mix, I can't imagine why this hasn't gotten more attention.

on 2004-11-18 22:19:13

whoa man, everyone one of your mixes amazes me, they're all so good!

psychopath drums here

you did a mix from all 3 shadow beast games, i gotta listen to the others now

on 2002-06-02 19:36:57

Shadow of the Beast III 'Purified'

Reminiscent of his Shenmue remix, mutagene takes a bit harder

edge here with some pushing drums cut and paste and beat broken

all over the damn place. a definite departure from his normally trip

happy dubfest remixes. I like. give this mix some lovin'. It's good stuff.

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Primary Game:
Shadow of the Beast III (Psygnosis , 1992, AMIGA)
Music by Tim Wright
"Shadow of the Beast III (Theme)"

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