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Our second ReMix of RARE's immortal Goldeneye 007 comes from Scott Peeples . . . . AGAIN! Yes, by a huge majority (2 to 0) Peeples is now the reigning 007 ReMix champion, and the good thing about that is, both of his ReMixes ARE in fact damn good. He'd still be the champion by default if they weren't, but they are - hey, he's Peeples, people! (groan . . . sorry). Okay, so what have we got? This is a ReMix of the control level 1 stage, and Peeples ran with the metaphor and did 'Controlled Jazz' which is indeed Jazz that refrains from going too overboard and fancypants - neat concept, eh? So you've got a deep acoustic bass, some great piano comping and . . what's this? Could it BE? A real live saxophone solo from some bloke named 'MUSTIN' . . . who could he be? :) Be sure to check this one out as it proudly wears the Peeples Pedigree of Perfection and does Rare's game justice. Yah.



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on 2011-12-27 19:23:59

Where as Peeples other bond mix is fast moving and funky, this song has a fun, laid back style that you can just sit back and and stealth to. I love the piano, and the light guitar riff. The whole tune has a "cool" vibe that lets you imagine how Bond might be seeing everything as the world goes to hell. An old favorite.

on 2009-12-05 22:04:41

This mix reminds me of so much Valve's Meet the Spy, and it's as suave and sophisticated as Bond himself. I can almost imagine this being played at a bar while Bond asks for a martini shaken not stirred. I do kind of wish I could find more of this 70s, euro, jet-setting, cocktail lounge, cloak and dagger, spy-esque jazz. Definitely an absolute must have for any Bond or jazz afficianados.

on 2009-10-03 23:13:38

So this mix has been around for quite a while - I was never a huge fan of this mix though, as it basically was the original with minor adjustments. The new stuff was nice, but there was too much that was basically ripped wholesale from the original, which bothered me greatly.

on 2008-12-07 23:46:05

Aw man this is cool. This review has taken me over an hour... I got so into this track I had to whip out my keyboard and plink along for a while.

This ain't trying to be a single, this is going for a mood: it shoots for that sneaky, suspenseful, and dangerous spy thing and nails it. Tight, restrained (like the song title says). And that sax is just downright sexy.

This is going on my dark, smokey bar room, poker night mix. Boss.

on 2008-12-04 02:57:52

0:40, anybody else hearing Red Brinstar there?

This is one of those tracks I stumbled upon before getting the torrents. Was on my playlists unchallenged for a while. Understated, great background music when working, and it's got a nice Bond sound.

on 2008-10-10 22:36:30

This is an enjoyable mix. Really laid back, good a good groove to it, percussion is really nice. Nothing at fault, though as some mentioned, it's not something I'd listen to just for listening, it's more of a background piece.

A keeper, though. Nice work.

on 2007-04-25 13:30:41

I'm not digging the guitar samples, but the rest of the instrumentation is pretty damn nice. The piano seems a bit tinny to me, but it works well enough. Sax solo was all about the rhythm and tone, not too much the melody. Nice playing though.

Overall a pretty chilled out BG track, with an underlying edge to it. It gets better as it goes on, taking more creative licenses, and its a pretty good source as well.

Overall pretty fun stuff, I like it.

on 2006-03-03 03:23:34

Some of the mixes way WAY in the back (this one was on page 28), I just don't understand what they're doing there.

I remember this one from way back in early 2002 when I first sat down and listened to mixes from games I had played, and the arrangement here was pretty pimp and laid back. I didn't know who Mustin even was back then, but the sax solo was quality and another good aspect of the track.

Solid stuff, and a good example of the older material here. Goldeneye's a pretty popular game; not really sure why this and the other 007 mixes don't get more commentary.

Vash the Stampede
on 2004-05-08 14:35:34

I love the piano portions and, well just this whole mix!!! Peeples once again comes through in flying colors!!! : BRAVO Scott!!!

on 2003-08-13 12:45:26

I really liked the fact that he didn't stick to the perfectly "Bond" song in this one, and he pulled it off great. I have never heard a James Bond song turned Jazz, and I liked it alot 8) .

The types of instuments I heard really set the whole thing off. The piano is excellent, and the sax really gave it a Jazzy feel. And the guitarr; Beautiful work. Perfect beat with the drums, too.

I like to keep these things short, so, long story short, if you haven't heard it yet, listen to it and love it!

Oh, one more thing: Scott Peeples; Nice job. Keep this up and you should have a contract with any music label you want soon.


AKA: :twisted: Hellbender :twisted:

on 2003-01-31 23:46:20

8O THAT...WAS...THE...BEST...REMIX.......

seriously, that was my favorite song in goldeneye. even though i was paranoid after that bitch wouldnt hack any faster. but anyway. peeples put a whole new edge on bond and the whole plot of the music. i enjoy listening to something that isnt just someone playing with ATARI 2600 sound effects. nice work peeples, make another, what are you waiting for?!?!?!?!

ella guro
on 2002-11-16 20:20:55

Right away the drums are perfect, and so is the bass and so is the instrument doing the bond thang (forget what it's called). However, the piano sounds a bit plain to me...dunno why, but I guess I just expected it be a little "jazzier" and vibrant and less plain. When it gets to the sax solo (which is awesome), the piano part gets better, and the solos after that sound pretty much perfect.

The one main problem I have with this remix is that same one I have with pretty much everything by Scott Peeples. It is very well-arranged and sounds good, but it's just not dynamic or intresting enough for me to keep listening to it over and over. It's just background music that doesn't catch my attention enough for me to get into the groove...

on 2002-07-28 01:05:08

Deep groovy Bond beat. Peeples' "Controlled Jazz" style actually works quite well. Peeples' piano bits and Mustin's sax are both groovy but not outrageous. What are you waiting for? Get it already!

on 2002-05-16 13:54:47

GoldenEye 007 'Controlled Jazz'

Minimalistic jazz of the classic Bond theme and Mustin on sax? sounds like

a winner to me, and my ears agree.

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