ReMix:Shadowgate "Dancefloor" 2:30

By AmIEviL

Arranging the music of 2 songs from 2 games ( view all )...

"Entrance", "Get a Weapon"

Primary Game: Shadowgate (Kemco , 1989, NES), music by Hiroyuki Masuno

Posted 2000-12-31, evaluated by djpretzel

What's this? AmIEvil doing hardcore club-a-fied dance tunage? The man of Evil proves his versatility with a kickin' shadowgate ReMix, our first, that is sure to get your rump bumpin' to the old-skool RPG beat. Just listen to them ghetto blaster retro drums that start the whole piece, then the build, then the "I'm gonna tear off your head and shit down the hole" bass drum :) Sorry to be so visceral, but this is a strong mix, and only strong words can accurately describe it. The key change is handled very gracefully, which is rare, and the whole piece ends with another retro drum spunk thang that punctuates nicely. I think what really pushes it over the edge into greatness are the synth sweeps that transition from segment to segment, and I love the reverbed drum chant thing at about 50 seconds, before the first chorus. AmIEvil deserves a lot of acclaim :)



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SubNormal J3
on 2010-11-14 04:40:27

Nice retro style jam. I wish AmIEvil was still around OCR.

0:20 that kick drum means business

2:08 the bass is jamming out

on 2009-12-19 20:51:27
Totally has the Megaman "weapon get!" vibe to it...

No kidding. It starts almost exactly like that.

I'm going to have to say that the drums completely overpower the mix, and I am in no way fond of them. I'm even having a hard time focusing on the melody over them.

There are some badass moments, like the heavy breathing, and when it really breaks down right after that. It has an overall chip feel, maybe something out of a SNES game racing game.

The melodies themselves are not bad, though they aren't really catching my interest. Balance is really the key here.

on 2008-01-23 15:02:37

Totally has the Megaman "weapon get!" vibe to it, but when the synths come in, you can tell it's going to get a little more serious. Throughout the mix, it keeps one foot firmly planted in the late 80's chiptune style, and the other even firmly planted in the mid 90's dance style.

I am pretty certain the bass drum on this would absolutely destroy weaker speakers. Arrangement wise it's pretty well done, and even though it has a super distinct old school vibe to it, it translates decently well to modern times. It doesn't feel quite like shadowgate, but more like an action title, which is a pretty cool changeup, and even the suck-ass abrupt ending can't bring this one down.

Let the head-ripping and hole-shitting commence. :-D

Baruch - Vampire Lord
on 2005-08-23 18:33:10

I love the fact that this song recognzes its NES roots by starting with the low quality bits in the beginning and end. I do agree with the whole Mega Man thing, though. Are we sneaking into a forsaken castle or going for Dr. Wiley? Good remix overall, however. I can still hear the ogre falling off that bridge after the fire filled room (What moron ever pays that shmuck? It's all about use: spear!). Anyway, there is one thing I'm dissappointed with. And that is drose3. How could you not be a fan of Shadowgate?

I pity you. :cry:

on 2005-06-20 17:08:49

Don't be weak by playing this song on low volumes. The true joys of the beat and melody can only be heard in an intensely loud volumes. A good pair of headphones will do this one justice, so load it onto your MP3 player if you want to hear it's true potential.

on 2005-04-08 21:09:43

Haha old school drum beats but it's still got me dancing! Actually if this song didn't have those retro drums it probally would have passed as just "another song" for me.

If you stop hardcore dancing to those drums and listen, you'll find that there's actually a song behind them and it's not too bad either!

amIevil gives us quite a good laugh here so listen to the song! It's worth the download

on 2005-01-13 12:26:16
The intro to this just sounds like megaman 2 weapon You got! weapon

screen. The rest of the remix is good dance music, nice deep and solid.

I agree. This music incases in original song. I appreciate this antiquity. :P

on 2004-08-07 21:27:31

I was surprised when I started listening to Dancefloor. Those beats at the beginning that sound sort of like tom-toms on a drumset were done in a fashion that sounded quite a lot like the BGM from Mega Man 2, after you kill a boss and will get its power. Then, fade in the drums, kickin' it up a notch! The vocals were appropriate, and the melody was a nice touch. It was nicely done, and I recommend it.

on 2004-07-23 02:00:00

This mix is insane, the drums are great, and the synth is great too, though these headphones don't do it justice :(

on 2004-02-02 07:20:36

Trance is cool, and the melody of this song reminds me a lot of Trance music. The percussion is a little unusual, but I like it. Dunno about that change in key near the end, never liked that much in any song, but this song is good. Hehe, that ending's a little funny though. :P

on 2003-10-26 01:03:37

I am absolutely addicted to this remix. Curse that drum beat for being so awesome! :)

on 2003-02-24 19:47:19

Good song that focuses on the stuck in your head tune from Shadowgate. Remains on my OCR best Remixes CD for now.

on 2003-02-24 19:42:12

This song makes me wanna get up and learn how to dance. I was honestly never a big fan of Shadowgate, but this remix is awesome. I really have to watch myself, or I start humming the tune and tapping my foot to the beat. AmIEvil has done lots of great work with all the remixes he/she/they have done. I can honestly say I look forward to whenever AmIEvil releases a new song here. Keep up the good work

on 2002-11-25 10:43:40

This remix is pretty groovy. It has a really electro-house feel to it. Reminds me a lot of Röyksopp's "Position." I love that reversed string build/hit thing at 1:47 or so. Lots of the little details in this thing really raise it up there.

on 2002-11-24 14:11:38

The underlying "drum" beat sounds very Megaman-esque, but on top of it, AmIEvil fits some really good dance music. It's not too repetetive, always gets me tapping my foot, and doesn't slack off anywhere. The only qualm I have with this song is that it's not very long (2:30) and doesn't have any parts that stand out as being really cool - just solid, better-than-average dance all the way through.

Sources Arranged (2 Songs, 2 Games)

Primary Game:
Shadowgate (Kemco , 1989, NES)
Music by Hiroyuki Masuno
Additional Game:
Mega Man 2 (Capcom , 1988, NES)
Music by Manami Matsumae,Takashi Tateishi
"Get a Weapon"

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Time > Duration: Short
Time > Tempo: Moderate

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