ReMix:Final Fantasy VII "Neoteric Assembly" 2:34

By Tansunn

Arranging the music of one song...


Primary Game: Final Fantasy VII (Sony , 1997, PS1), music by Nobuo Uematsu

Posted 2001-01-05, evaluated by djpretzel

Hey, it's actually been awhile since the last FF7 mix! First-time contributor LousySpy might not be a good spy, but is apparently a pretty damn good ReMixer! I like this one mainly for the ideas . . . it has a moving guitar pattern, and nice bubbly lead, some interesting breaks, and altogether a very unique flow that surprises and impresses throughout. Some of the lines have melodu relationships that one wouldn't expect, but really work well. This ReMixes seems longer than 2 and a half minutes, but in a GOOD way - I suggest you check it out as a nice change-of-pace mix, especially relative to the other FF7 ReMixes, which are also excellent, but quite different.



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on 2024-05-28 15:48:04

Still enjoying this remix! At first the change midpoint threw me off, but after a repeat listen I got over that quick. This tune actually makes me think of the Serpent Trench in FF6, itself also a great source. Regardless, good stuff, great energy ?

on 2010-12-14 23:30:31

I like how DA describes this with bouncy guitars, a very appropriate description. It has this nice, hazy electronic feel. At least until the breakdown at midpoint, and I love how that breakdown was handled; it just gives the track new life and makes it really subdued for a moment to give the rest of the track more room to breath. While it's not quite like the newer stuff of today, I definitely agree with DA that this is still worth checking out.

on 2009-12-03 20:48:59

This one has held up well for it's age. It's very upbeat throughout, through the drums and almost bouncy background guitars. The lead guitar is very far front, a bit too far, but it does have a pretty good sound and isn't unpleasant to listen to. I like the adaption of the source, it still has a bit of mystery, but now it's a happy mystery. The weird synth panning in the background works pretty well, and I hadn't noticed that until now, nice stuff.

Don't let the low ReMix number deter you from checking this out.

P.S. - Downloading this had the track come up as "Final Fantasy 7 Reunion OC ReMix" (rather than Neoteric Assembly) on iTunes. Might want to get that checked out.

on 2009-10-04 18:56:16

This is pretty cool - I remember liking a bunch of LousySpy's mixes, and this is no exception. The only thing I really have a problem with here is that it's too short!

on 2009-01-05 14:36:42

I find this to be an excellent interpretation of the source track. It's mellow and mystical and yet upbeat and full of interesting effects. This is one of those under remixed tracks that is well done. Some of the sound effects sound like cheesy old effects from 80s movies and anime, but they really add another dimension to this piece, which makes it that much more enjoyable to hear.

Skummel Maske
on 2008-04-29 05:01:14

An interesting piece, in some strange way it reminds me of Röyksopp. Although upbeat and "fun", it still maintains the sort of mystical feeling you get from the original. :)

on 2008-04-29 00:36:43

Review 10/1522

This rendition of reunion had some pretty interesting stuff in it however its just not my bag. the guitar and synth at the end were pretty good though. The main strings and drum work here, although quality, just don't agree with my tastes.

Score: 3/10 "Taste Dispute"

on 2007-02-12 12:27:17

I really like the percussion in this, though the synths seem a little weak overall. The synth guitar has a nice texture, but is a bit loud compared to the percussion. It really does give the original a boost of unexpected energy, and it the production was slightly different, it'd be a lot more enjoyable for me, as the arrangement is nice.

on 2005-10-17 02:27:20

Good points: I liked that guitar very much, in the original it was just some harp or strings playing it one note at a time, but you threw in a guitar and some beats in the back to reconnect it. Chill suff.

Bad points: Wasn´t a big fan of that electric guitar, sounded wrong in comparison to the remix.

Teh Anti Bison
on 2005-08-12 19:07:50

This is a nice reunion remix (I think the only 1)

i enjoyed the change up near the middle so it wouldnt stay so repetative and the upbeat tempo. Very well done overall.

on 2004-12-02 13:42:47

Fun. Different. I like. It makes me think more of Costa Del Sol than the Reunion theme though. :) Not bad. The ambience is nifty. The break at the halfway mark was good for variety but I feel if given even more diversity, perhaps in instruments or something simple like that, this would've sounded better. With more drums, like congas or something, this would've been great. It isn't so much the staticness that bothers me because I have no problem with cool-sounding tunes going on forever. It's just the lack of real... spice I guess. It's a spicy tune but I can't seem to taste the flavahs. Maybe this just isn't my style?

As it stands I just got the feeling of it being too bread and butter to listen to more than a couple times consecutively. Still, it's technically quite well-produced. Thumbs up to you n' a pancake too.

on 2003-08-01 20:21:06

This is an excellent remix of the Reunion theme, and possibly one of the funnest FF7 remixes there are. While the instruments don't really relate to eachother well, they are unique and clearly hold their places. Melody is inact and quite strong, which meets my standard for quality. The break in the middle of the song and subsequent build-up is nicely done, and it quite neat. Kinda odd remix, but cool nonetheless. And the new title rocks, BTW. :wink:

Good job, LousySpy! :D

ongaku lady
on 2003-05-25 21:02:52
:o really nice work with reminds me of a newer verion of the game. everything is just tied in together, and it seems lousyspy knows the game really well to compose (remix) such a piece from the game really well...i would like to say, excellent work!
on 2002-12-04 11:29:54

Again this was a nice song at just the right time in the game..So I liked the feel..And the remix is just perfect...Kept all the goods and just made it even better..Great remix..And now I have the mp3 title to this song so I can go and dl it off of KaZaa!

on 2002-05-16 14:06:49

Final Fantasy VII 'Neoteric Assembly'

Fast and upbeat. Definitely interesting. Then it just stops and goes minimal

and builds back up to the same upbeat peppiness. Not bad.

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Primary Game:
Final Fantasy VII (Sony , 1997, PS1)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu

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