ReMix:Chrono Cross "Radical Dreamers (Angelic Mix)" 3:19

By Tim Sheehy

Posted 2001-01-07, evaluated by djpretzel

Kaijin has been doing this for a long time, but has just now decided to submit, after he received some well-deserved peer pressure from select members of the #ocremix chat room - good job guys! The professionalism of this piece from Chrono Cross cannot be argued. The sound quality is fantastic - as well it should be, as Kaijin works in MIDI, but from a 72meg soundfont that he has tweaked and perfected over the years. So when I say something sounds 'MIDI-esuqe', I'm definitely NOT referring to pieces like this one. The cymbal only intro is a great example of the beauty of both his sounds and his arrangement. There's also a great backing acoustic guitar that actually sounds decent, which is quite rare for acoustic guitar sounds even on $2000 workstation synths. The drum work is wicked smart, the stereo panned bells fantabulous. What can I say? It would be really difficult to find fault with this ReMix - it's impeccable.



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Sari Uchiha
on 2010-11-16 11:51:22

A very relaxing remix in my opinion, love it!

on 2009-10-01 14:57:46

Really great job here. There isn't really anything that stands out to me, the whole thing's just a very solid piece that's enjoyable to listen to.

on 2009-03-19 08:51:03

A pretty charming track that doesn't stray that far from the original, but still has it's own flavor. I don't think the arrangement would be even close to passable nowadays, but it's still a very enjoyable piece.

on 2008-10-04 22:11:27

This piece still remains pretty good after all this time. It has some faults that show it's age, in that the sound quality (while I'm assuming pretty good for it's time, certainly not the worst I've heard) is a little fake sounding in the woodwinds. I'm also not crazy about the chimes and splash cymbal, ut it could just be me.

Personally, I think Kaijin did a good job speeding up the tempo, and it creates a new feel for the song (a little more uplifting). Not too much interpretation to the source, but that's alright, the style and added stuff does enough to really make it shine on it's own. My favorite part is literally about 3:02-3:05 in the guitar. It just struck me as really cool.

I don't think this surpasses the OST in my opinion (which holds a special place in my heart, and I like the regular tempo more compared to this mix), but still a very good mix. Nice work.

on 2008-05-14 04:47:16

I love the original and this remix does justice to it big time. Instrumentation quality is top notch, and although it pretty closely follows the original, I like the different vibe of this a lot. At 2:15 is where this remix really shines, I just LOVE the mix of bells, choir and acoustic guitar. Excellent still after all these years.

on 2007-02-25 17:46:13

I think the interlacing of the guitar and the woodwinds really makes this one a winner. It's not a raw guitar mix like some of Kaijin's earlier works, it's much more expansive then that.

on 2006-03-21 04:42:04

Almost makes me want to get a PlayStation just to play the game. When it's a system from a company I have such a ... disdain for, you know that means the track in question is made of awesome and win. In huge quantities.

And this was all put together in MIDI? Fuck man, you don't need to remind people you're hardcore.

Easy 7. Easy.

lady zelda
on 2006-03-17 20:43:12

The "dreamer" quality is amazing and it really sets the listener soaring, if you know what I mean, lol. I love the atmosphere developed here, and the woodwind just intensifies it, while staying true to the original track. Keep these coming, Kaijin!

on 2005-11-14 09:25:13

Wow. I've heard this track for the longest time and I've always assumed it was from the game. Today I chekced the track and saw it was from OCR... I'm definitely impressed. More than anything else in this song I love the bells.

on 2005-01-02 11:38:40

I remember hearing this song a long time ago (I didn't download it from here) and never really knew what it was, but I loved it. Although I do like the original better, this is still really good.

Angelus Laminarum
on 2004-09-21 17:04:56

This is my first post, and I must say, in response to this song... GAWD!

Is it right to want to turn a tropical-paradise-sounding song really loud?

This is a definite 10/10, a work of art in my book any day... keep it up, definitely

(though I may be a little late in posting on this one... :roll: )

on 2004-05-24 17:49:14

its a cool song. i think it has a really good beat to it. anyway chronocross rules!!! I think that its one of the best songs but u should listen to inspiration also(chrono cross song)

Geoffrey Taucer
on 2004-05-19 21:07:05

best. damn. remix. period. Seriously, this was one of the first remixes I ever downloaded, and is still easily the best

on 2004-01-04 22:13:26

best remix(or any track at all) ever.

on 2003-07-31 12:17:06

This remix is so damn good, it makes me wanna play Chrono Cross.

Sources Arranged (2 Songs)

Primary Game:
Chrono Cross (Square , 1999, PS1)
Music by Yasunori Mitsuda
"CHRONO CROSS ~Scars Left By Time~"
"RADICAL DREAMERS ~The Jewel That Has Not Been Stolen~"

Tags (8)

Easy Listening,New Age
Acoustic Guitar,Bells,Woodwinds
Time > Tempo: Moderate

File Information

3,264,510 bytes


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