ReMix:Final Fantasy VIII "Eyes on Me (Not Faye Wong)" 4:13

By FFmusic Dj, Rydia of Mist

Arranging the music of one song...

"Eyes On Me"

Primary Game: Final Fantasy VIII (Square , 1999, PS1), music by Nobuo Uematsu

Posted 2001-01-30, evaluated by djpretzel

Okay, okay. ffmusicdj is hard to keep up with with all his great FF ReMix submissions :) This is our second FF8 ReMix, and the first one was his too - this should illustrate a point! This is special because it's a vocal track, but - like my own Lunar ReMix (uhhhh . . hehe) - the vocal has been redone instead of manipulated or removed entirely. Yeah, Faye Wong (what a hotty) has been replaced with the very talented vocal skillz of 'Rydia of Mist' a friend of ff's that does a VERY respectable job here. The vocal processing on this track sounds a lot like the processing Prievert used on his Xenogears mix 'Broken Mirror' in that the singer floats above the mix in a warbly sort of ethereal wash, where the kick and bass dominate the midrange and lowend. Again, I sense a touch of Front 242 in some of the rhythms, and again, I like what I hear :) Very pretty, very processed, very powerful - big props to ffmusicdj AND Rydia for a great co-op.



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on 2009-10-01 07:38:07

I didn't get why the vocals were soooooo far back. I got the sense this was more Ears on Me (Not Faye Wong), since I struggled to hear anything. I'm left pretty confused why the beats sound like they are right next to me and the other half of the song sounds like it is two floors above me. The result takes away from the cohesion that is pretty much essential for something like this. It's important for a strong beat not to feel slapped on, and I feel this comes closer to that than succeeding as a whole.

Does the concept work? Yeah. Could it have been better executed? Definately. There were a few odd decisions that keep this from greatness. It's a shame because both the vocals and the beats sound decent enough; just in their current state they don't sound like they are part of the same song.

on 2009-01-19 14:11:03

I'll echo the general reviews that the singer is a bit too buried for this to really shine, and i'm not digging the bass sound, but otherwise it's pretty effective, especially considering the date. The mix title is a bit silly.

I think someone needs to record a metal version 'Eyes on Me (NotMetallica)'.

Nice layered electro percussion and SFX, it's cool to hear how FFDJ's more recent stuff has evolved. :-)

on 2005-10-27 09:42:57

So Faye Wong did the original, and "Rydia of Mist" sings in this one? If that´s so, congrats for singing very good, and to FFMDJ for picking her. The song itself has some very good beats to it, gave the EoM track a more updated body. Kewl MDJdude and Rydiadudette.

Chris McGee
on 2004-12-30 18:59:26

This is a nice song, but it could really do with a little eq. That bass drum desperately needs to be quieted or at least changed to a better sample.

on 2004-11-13 20:56:19

I like it, though I agree the bass beat was drowning it out at first.

I tried fidddling with my equalizer, reducing the lowest bass a bit, and it brought out the rest of the song better on my cheapo pair of speakers.

I wonder if, on a high-quality sound system with proper subwoofers and such, this would sound much better.

on 2004-08-26 21:55:36
I actually found an official remix of this song that's techno and uses the original singer's voice.

Is that the 'Almighty Mix'? If so, do you happen to know the CD it comes from? Google has been uncooperative in my search for that.

on 2004-08-08 18:35:44

I actually found an official remix of this song that's techno and uses the original singer's voice. I like it better than this one because, as pointed out several times, the pounding beat is drowning out the lyrics. Nice try, though.

on 2004-08-02 17:01:16

I didn't like this as much as the original. The vocals were beautiful, maybe more so that Faye Wong, but unfortunately I couldn't hear them. They were drowned out by the overly loud thud-thud-thud beat.

It was as if the artist wasn't sure whether he should place emphasis on the song or the vocals, and made the two equally quiet while keeping the beat the most noticeable aspect. In some ways it seems like the song was rushed and left half-complete without playing around with the volume.

I was also only partially interested in the fast beat because the vocals sounded rushed, in parts where several words came out all at once and was even more inaudible.

I think this is a good idea for a remix since it sounded nice, but I think it needs improvement before I could fully enjoy it.

DJ Clikk
on 2004-02-15 12:26:16

ok, now that i have more time to do this. rydia of mist's voice is very beautiful in this song...ah, i could sit here and listen to it for hours on end..

the only problem i found with this song was that it is kind of hard to hear her voice..and since her voice is so beautiful that's a big deal..still a very good song, a nice electro-vocal work. 8/10

DJ Clikk

on 2003-08-17 22:15:30

This is a great song that I can easily see playing in the clubs. Top stuff

Captain Pringle
on 2003-08-16 22:04:17

I totally agree with those who would like the main beat turned down a bit, because I think Rydia's vocals are absolutely great, and I wish they weren't so drowned out by the heavy beat. Still a great song though. :)

Action Jackson
on 2003-04-11 20:18:13

Quite good, save for the fact that the beat takes precedence over the vocals, which, though spot on, are drowned out.

on 2003-04-06 03:44:10

Very good indeed. What can I say...sweet, romantic songs sung to a pounding beat do it for me. :P

I would like to hear a mix with the vocals a little further forward. The singer appears to have a very nice voice...but it's hard to tell.

on 2003-03-10 17:23:45

*Dances around in his chair*

I'm with robochar. Thsi was really well done for Eyes On Me. The point of this site, I thought, was not to make the songs identical to their original counterparts. This changes the mood completely while keeping the idealistic optimism of the vocals clear throughout. I could see this made into an FF8 music fact, I suggest it to anyone who has the skill and the will. :twisted:

on 2003-01-30 19:58:18

wow!!! I would think that a very quite song like this would sound horriable with techno...but it sounds wonderful!!! And the vocals are really good!!!

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Primary Game:
Final Fantasy VIII (Square , 1999, PS1)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu
"Eyes On Me"

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