ReMix:Final Fantasy IX "Place of Return" 3:35

By FFmusic Dj

Arranging the music of one song...

"The Place I'll Return to Someday"

Primary Game: Final Fantasy IX (Square , 2000, PS1), music by Nobuo Uematsu

Posted 2001-04-15, evaluated by djpretzel

I think we all know when we see the name 'ffmusic dj' that the ReMix at the very least will be good, and will most likely be kickin', so writing these lil' observations for his submissions becomes quite troubling. I almost feel like I could write 'Good or very likely Great Techno Squaresoft Track' for every single track and be done with it. But no! Some inner force motivates me to at least explain a little. Okay then, yes, this is a good techno ff remix from ff9, but it's not of the 'melodies of life' theme, which makes it unique in the first place, and it's actually not straightforward 'dance' style techno but more ambient in form and more 'soundtrack-ish' than a straight dance ReMix would be, if that makes sense. There's very heavy use of synths and LFO's controlling pitch (usually done via a mod wheel or aftertouch) and thick DSP for a very processed feel. If FF is your game then it goes without saying you should download this, but it *is* an innovative track that stands well on its own.



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on 2018-04-27 14:11:05
On 7/30/2009 at 1:35 PM, cremdogz said:

I'm sorry, I need to say it. While yes, I've never liked techno, and while this site has techno which I actually like, I did not like listening to this one bit. Repetitive isn't necessarily bad, it just sounds awful. While I know you are very talented, and I thoroughly enjoyed your Final Fantasy IV Ground Up remix, but this is one of the few remixes on this website which I hate.

Jeez, tell 'em how you really feel. :-D

In any case, yes, it's dated, but it's actually not bad at all. The textures could have been filled out more and the lead selection could (arguably) be different, but I thought this was a nice upbeat interpretation. Good transformation here for its time. Some more clarity to the soundscape would have been nice as well, but it more than meets the bar for early 2001. The second half included some good padding via the light female vox, though it still felt a bit repetitive despite that. I thought this was a good start for Haroon, who showed that he had the right idea on personalizing his stuff from the start.

on 2009-07-30 13:35:35

I'm sorry, I need to say it. While yes, I've never liked techno, and while this site has techno which I actually like, I did not like listening to this one bit. Repetitive isn't necessarily bad, it just sounds awful. While I know you are very talented, and I thoroughly enjoyed your Final Fantasy IV Ground Up remix, but this is one of the few remixes on this website which I hate.

on 2009-06-20 12:05:57

I like this; I'm not sure why, but I like this. It's just trippy enough to make great music for either working or playing a racing game.

Wild Armor
on 2008-10-19 00:01:55

This song sounds like it got lost in The Lost Woods, it seems to just repeat itself. The quality isn't bad at all, I rather enjoyed it very much. Next time there should be a bit more direction in the song.

Potential to make greater things are apparent, I want to see/hear those ideas.

on 2008-10-17 10:28:41

Damn, some harsh comments up in this one;

The song is decent and a lot of different effects and stuff hitting; but it's just the A section. There are a lot of places this could have gone, but it just repeats.

I don't think that the song merited some of the responses it received, but it certainly is within FFmusicDJ's abilities to produce more varied tracks.

on 2005-11-12 05:43:48

Its nice. Very technoey mix.... very, i can barely hear the original..... Its nice though....

on 2005-11-02 14:28:57

Well, this was at least an improvement from Melodies of Techno, this time FFMDJ changed our beloved TPIWRT into a completely techno remix, but alas, it´s repetive. Beats I´m familiar with, synths that has some good sound but isn´t special, and at the middle some nice thing in the back shows up and gives this a more smoother feel,´s clealy not one of FFMDJ´s best remixes.

DJ MadBoy
on 2005-08-21 23:18:48

Techno Ejay 2 is there...loool!!You used Techno Ejay for a good thing...I can't use it for these things...I don't know how to make those melodies and so...

on 2005-01-29 18:13:27

Not amazingly spectacular but still worht listening to if you liked this game. At first I was wary of the remix, but I eventually settled into its good rhythm and sound, I liked it.

on 2004-06-26 11:06:08

I agree that this didn't take much to create, but I think that it came out nice whether or not its repetitive.

It could use more, but I liked it.

on 2004-04-24 01:24:43

I'd agree with Prophecy's first post, this is a lazy remix.

All that has been done is loop a theme FF9 and looped a drum beat in the back, with the odd sound.

There is no change in the bass (wait, can I even hear a bass?!?!), there is no change in the main melody, there is the odd electronic fill in the drums.

The artist obviously does not have much of a knowledge of music, as there is many, many moments in the main theme that just scream for a chord change, yet nothing happens.

on 2003-12-13 01:20:09

:sleepdepriv::tomatoface::banghead: you people are way too critical about FFmusicdj, i mean he is pretty good, obviously not the best, but who is?

i mean Woot man!(sorry i had to say that)

on 2003-01-22 23:26:40

Damn, looks like you got me.

Jason Covenant
on 2003-01-15 23:25:07

Once again I must comment but this time on myself. If you note in my above reply you'll notice a mistake or two. I would like to point them out.

In the first paragraph, "verb in place of a noun", should be replaced by, "noun in place of a verb". Obviouly neither Mr. Saunders or I are perfect.

I have another bone to pick with myself and that's that I spoke at all. Generally when you criticize others you should be able to back up what you are saying with some experience. I have ample amounts but unfortunately I have no way of proving that till some of my songs have been submitted. Then it would be easier to point out discrepencies in other people's music becuase then they would know I was speaking from experience. This is my last reply to this review column.

Jason Covenant
on 2003-01-15 22:26:25

Apparently someone doesn't have a basic command of the English language Mr. Saunders. Prophecy is a noun. Prophesy is a verb. The "y" in prophesy has a long "i" sound. The "y" in prophecy has a long "e" sound. If you look at your response to my review claiming that I am grammatically incorrect you used a verb in place of a noun. I quote you thereof:

"I "Prophecy" that you should spell correctly and use less retarded capitilization if you wish to be taken seriously" -- Mr. Saunders

Although this is an obvious contradiction he does have a point. I'm generally a bit trigger happy on that shift bar. It's an old habit, rather subliminal. I'm glad he pointed this out and I will work to correct this. However, he needs to think before he types as you can see above the blatant contradiction.

I would also would like to apopoligze to "FF Music Dj". I think I was too harsh. I have made over 200 hundred songs myself and I'm new to the concept of amatuer video game remixing. I'm sorry if I offended anyone especially "FF Music Dj". Compared to the people that ususally review most music I have heard I was very nice (trust me). I haven't heard any of your other stuff so it wasn't right for me to judge so quickly. Oh yes and my problem with it not being "dancey" was simply becuase you had a dancy beat. It just didn't fit the lead. The song would have probably sounded nice with a very slow beat and some nice pads. You seem to have nice software and the ability to use it becuase the sound quality was very high. Once again I apologize. I prophesy that I'm very sorry and have been deeply humbled by the experience of finding myself to be so offensive. I think my sincerity on this issue has been represented by the level of effort put into this reply.

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Primary Game:
Final Fantasy IX (Square , 2000, PS1)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu
"The Place I'll Return to Someday"

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