ReMix:Blaster Master "Amphibian" 4:20

By wRenchpilot

Arranging the music of one song...

"Area 4"

Primary Game: Blaster Master (Sunsoft , 1988, NES), music by Naoki Kodaka

Posted 2001-05-24, evaluated by djpretzel

This ReMix is phat, evil, and very creative. A first submission from wRench pilot, it features some excellent distorted percussion sounds, NICE subtle filtering modulations, and a shitload of momentum. Based off the 'Fred the Frog' stage 4 music, it's very true to the tone of the original in its sinister and ominous mood, only it sounds quite a bit better and the new elements that are added are all thoughtful and add rather than detract. Throughout the four minutes, there are many different iterations of essentially the same theme, but it never grows stale. Also, a little difficult to classify - I'd call this industrial before I called it techno, but I usually file tracks that fit a mood so well under simply 'soundtrack'. A must for any blaster master fans. Oh yeah, I should also mention there's this cool little synth 'oww' sound that resembles a frog burp. Tres cool. Note that Mazedude also did a very worthy ReMix of this track with his 'Japanese Swamp' ReMix.



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on 2013-10-29 22:46:46

Oh man, what a beat ^__^ Love that it carries through the entire track, but especially the little change-up at 2:15.

on 2011-12-28 19:46:19

A strange source to cover, I sense, which I guess makes it appropriate for what seems to be a more aqueous setting.

The mix to me feels rather straightforward like a lot of tracks from 2001; on top of the 15 bar source duration, it's all one build of texture over the top, starting with adding in more advanced drums, then additional melody layers over the top to fill in the space, only for it to hapen all over again at around 2:20. So arrangement-wise, nothing really too creative here.

The production seems to have paled a bit over the years; the drums comes off as awkwardly distorted and there's no enveloping (other than in the ending) done towards the synths to keep themselves interesting, though the amount of sustain/decay placed amongst them was good enough to fill in the space, not to mention the bass was of a very appropriate texture for the track. I can guess it fits the rather frog-like nature of the track significantly :razz:

But yes, an old mix that seems to have had its better days on many fronts, though if you're looking for a good no-brainer Blaster Master arrangement it's worth the pickup.

(And I guess it reminded me that one of these days I MUST arrange the beautiful Area 6, but that's another story :wink: )

on 2009-10-29 00:31:25

I'm definitely not a fan of how this quirky mix went - the intro seems unnecessary to me, and the voice doesn't really serve much of a purpose. Samples probably kill the intended effect the quirkiness was meant to have, and which probably decreases its likability a huge amount for me.

This was a complete miss for me, and I think it's because the quirkiness just wasn't utilized to much effect.

on 2009-05-03 21:24:14

A light, jumpy bass, a humming wilderness pad, and frog croaks usher us into a bog. It feels murky at first, but soon a lot of playful synths start hopping about. Every lead displays its own character: the 1st (0:16, 1:15) is whiny and dopey, the 2nd (0:46, 2:15) is bubble-deep in concentration, and the 3rd (2:45) is a shimmery gold that makes the bog all the more mist-erious. Shakers, cymbals, crashes, and cross-panned industrial tidbits like to emphasize how the percussion is the gearwork driving the mix along. Things end like an airplane landing in the bog, realizing too late that there's no escape. The lead is on high alert as percussion pieces sink in one after another, and then when it's one of the last survivors, it gets swallowed whole by the wilderness.

And let's not forget the frog belches. I've been reading a lot of Naruto lately, and I can't help but picture Gamabunta and Gamakichi doing the two amphibious voice-overs in this mix. The first paints the setting and marks the end of each iteration of the source. The second, which only enters at 0:52 - 0:57+, 1:52 - 1:57+, and 2:22 - 2:27+, is my favorite quirky sound in the mix. It makes a few shrimpy pouts, then it livens up like it's saying "wait, wait, what?... Yeah?..." And then it bounces happily to the beat. So cute.

on 2009-01-15 02:45:50

wow, what is that deep voice? it's like undead Barry White _ seriously I'll wake up in a cold sweat tonight hearing that voice over the synths and awesome drums. good job.

on 2008-09-30 21:39:51

Strange, very strange.

I can see this one some sort of 'Sorcerer's Apprentice' scene. Thousands of frogs, all looking at me...

Nothing really wrong with the mix, it's just a strange thing that is cool in it's own right, but not enough for me to want to keep listening to.

on 2007-05-23 10:43:44

This mix reminds me of a wobbly army of tiny frogs marching along. Pretty strange if you ask me. I like the burping frog.

The drums are pretty sweet, but im not really digging the source itself. These things happen I guess. :-)

on 2006-07-09 21:25:55

Enjoyed this one... Reminds me of "Big Fat F*ck" by Ween.

on 2004-06-23 12:26:12

This Mix rocks, and should be getting more recognition than this. Even though wRenchpilot has only submitted two mixes here, he is a master of creating that evil mood that many of us find encompassing.

Jeff Fries
on 2003-03-20 14:50:00

While I don't like all the choices made here, it sticks to the strength of the original music, and is therefore the best Blaster Master remix by default. What a sharp little tune. One of these days, it's gonna be done right.

on 2002-12-06 01:43:50

Bwuhaha... boy, this one grows on you. When I first heard it ya know, I was quite biased, cause - I remixed the same level. And I did it first! Competition, heh. Anyways, yeah - this one is quite good. The heaviness is great - gives it a relentless sense of marching forward. Deadly, evil, creepy, and musically diverse to make the full song a nice listen as well as a great mood setter for the background. And that growl sample is awesome. That one sound strategically placed where it is throughout seriously adds a TON to the mix for me when I listen. Very cool.


on 2002-06-24 16:13:30

Very outta wack tune in the introduction....I still must say I always liked this level's music from the game. Something about it always just grabbed my attention....or maybe it was the whole game itself. :D

on 2002-06-22 21:09:53

Can you Say "Swampy Evil?" This give the feeling of being in a swamp surrounded by giant frogs. Good remix that could enhance other games (I currently have it for Upper Guk on EQ where there are lots of frogluks (frogmen), and get more feeling for it, I shrink my character). Very creepy. I like it :twisted:

on 2002-05-21 23:20:19

Blaster Master 'Amphibian'

Can't say I particularly care for this mix. I don't care for the samples used, and I don't like the melody itself. Each to his own I suppose.

Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Blaster Master (Sunsoft , 1988, NES)
Music by Naoki Kodaka
"Area 4"

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