ReMix:Final Fantasy VII "Oppressed Swamp Dub" 4:41

By Isopropyl

Arranging the music of one song...

"The Oppressed"

Primary Game: Final Fantasy VII (Sony , 1997, PS1), music by Nobuo Uematsu

Posted 2001-06-23, evaluated by djpretzel

Venturing into more experimental and original territory than Isopropyl's previous FF2 ReMix (which was good nonetheless), this ambient dub has some wild effects that really create a very vivid and expanded stereo image. Like many 'Swamp' ReMixes (yes, believe it or not, we have SEVERAL) it plods along at a slow, deliberate tempo, so it's great for chilln' or freakin' or wallowing in your own interminable sorrow . . . or whatever (it's flexible). Icing on the cake here is the badass distortion with very controlled feedback towards the end - eat your heart out Mr. Hendrix. A very well put together and varied sonic journey through the murky swamps of nobuo . . . er, yeah.



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on 2015-03-26 11:05:23

The build up on this one was a little slower than I wanted at first, probably because of the original, but the ending was just too awesome to pass up. Nice work!

on 2009-10-08 23:11:56

When I first listened to this song the ending scared the shyte out of me but it has since REALLY grown on me. I do kinda wish that the volume was a little more stable but I love the distortion/feedback at the end. It freaks out my house-mates which is always a bonus.;-)

on 2008-12-07 18:22:02

There seems to be a lot of black and white opinions on this mix, but I can say when I first heard it years ago I was right in the middle. I liked the build up (loved it really) but didn't apreciate the distortion because of the extreme shift in volume (not the distortion itself).

Hearing it now is a little slice of heaven. Because I know what to anticipate, it doesn't break the mellow progressive mood. Rather it's like it ignights the mix and spreads like a violent fire carefully paced by the bass drum. Like a heart pumping gassoline.

As with the sunset, if you fixate on the light you'll miss the vista.

on 2008-02-21 22:45:50

I agree with previous sentiments.

Great theme! Poor Ending...

This is the final, so you're probably not going to rework it.

However, for future reference, remember that music is as much about emotion as it is about technicality. Try to have an emotionally satisfying ending, this would make any amazing song all the more, well, amazing!

on 2008-02-21 12:26:54

It took forever for this mix to get going. It was literally a 15 minute intro.

Once the beats got going it it had some nice syncopation going, but the rest was just kind of lame. It sounds like they just recorded themselves playing with distortion at the end.

An experiment that didn't work at all.

Pass. :-(

on 2005-10-18 02:42:03

To compare this remix with the original is like compare a slum with a swamp. Maybe a bad simile, but this wasn't THAT different from the org. I like the swampy synth, really gave out that swamp feel alright, but this remix was more focused on the beats, drums and all the other funny sounds in the back, like the frog for instance, haha. But the melody was almost fogotten, it was played with strings, but the melody is good, I think it deserves a better instrument. Maybe not my thing to say, but still. And last of all, the synth in the end. Let's just say that I have to go and replace my eardrums.

Summary: Nice beats and such, synth good with the name, last synth a little more of chaotic for my taste.

on 2005-09-16 00:50:08

The beginning of this was pretty snazzy, but I can't help but to crank my speakers down when the end shows up.

on 2005-06-24 17:07:31

I like this mix a lot... When I listen to it I sort of picture it as a charater's theme song. The main part sounds like he's just a shadowy character, and when the insane distortions come in, it makes it sound like, well, he's going insane. Really awesome piece if you ask me.

on 2005-01-21 10:17:30

This song is very nice, and mellow in the first two and a half minutes until it hits a wall at the end.

I will have to disagree with the Hon. Pretzel on the "tightly controlled distortion" at the end. It goes on for FAR too long, and IMO should never have been placed. It sounds like an afterthought and doesn't fit. I would have preferred the removal of one instrument at a time or a FADE to this. Possibly leaving only the frog to make one last croak before ending it.

Sorry, the end does not justify the means.


on 2004-08-25 21:42:14

Agreed, not much to like :cry: ... except, well, I like the froggy :P !

on 2004-06-15 03:56:59

I just love this piece. It's off the wall, and yet so... slow and chillin'. Defnitely enjoy this piece even though I have dozens of songs that are hyperactive to an insane level. This is a sort of balance when I'm not feeling in that sugar-induced hyperactive mode. And to top it off, that distortion it goes crazy with near the end is awesome in a way that I never figured crazy distortion would be. An excellent swamp piece by isopropyl, 9/10.

on 2003-12-06 07:40:52
Wow, this may well be my first negative review.

The original song was good enough to put into your car stereo. This sounds like he took the song and started playing with options on his editing program. It's more of a study of options than a remix. The only moments I enjoyed this remix were when the original came through undistorted and free of any other sound effects.

i kinda have to agree with this. the original has a nice hip beat that you could jam out to in your car or whereever. this remix took that away and i am most definitely not a big fan of the distortion in the end.

The Orichalcon
on 2003-11-08 10:52:21

I didn't mind it. At least the beginning. I didn't particularly understand why the author took a piece made to represent a bustling market scene, and turned it into a swamp piece.

But the beginning works. I just love the piece. The original was the first video game music I ever heard. And thus defines the video game scene for me.

From about 1:40-2:10 is alright. Then the delay effect overwhelms the theme a bit too much.

After 3:00 I don't know what the hell happened, but it's possibly the worst distortion I've heard so far in a remix here.

Eric Cartman
on 2003-11-08 10:44:42

I disliked most of this remix. The begining is too slow, didn't change much...just not that great...but I absolutely love about 3:40 on, this may be because I'm an electric guitar whore but I felt it really added to it. All in all this is a good mix but I often find myself skipping to the end as the rest of it is pretty boring.

on 2003-06-22 11:31:30

Wow, this may well be my first negative review.

The original song was good enough to put into your car stereo. This sounds like he took the song and started playing with options on his editing program. It's more of a study of options than a remix. The only moments I enjoyed this remix were when the original came through undistorted and free of any other sound effects.

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Primary Game:
Final Fantasy VII (Sony , 1997, PS1)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu
"The Oppressed"

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